University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John E. BaileyGeology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography2005 Peter Mouginis-Mark (grad student)
B. K. BeamerGeography, Cultural Anthropology2008 Jon Goss (grad student)
Guangxia CaoAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Geography, Physical Oceanography2007 Thomas W. Giambelluca (grad student)
Lan CuoHydrology, Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences2005 Thomas W. Giambelluca (grad student)
Sugato DuttGeography, Public and Social Welfare, Wildlife Conservation Agriculture, Natural Resource Management2013 Lyndon Wester (grad student)
Thomas W. GiambellucaPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Soil Science Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Geography
Jon GossGeography
Jonathan Henick Political Science James H. Spencer (grad student)
Da-Wei KuanGeography, Environmental Management, Cultural Resources Management2009 Jon Goss (grad student)
Bruce A. LindquistGeography2009 Jon Goss (grad student)
Sean M. MarkGeography, Public Administration, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Sustainability, Natural Resource Management2010 Jon Goss (grad student)
Thomas B. McCordGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Bunnarith Meng2008 James H. Spencer (grad student)
Alyssa MillerGeography, Urban and Regional Planning2003 Jon Goss (grad student)
Moira M. MoelionoGeography, Cultural Anthropology2000 Jon Goss (grad student)
Saiful Momen Urban & Regional Planning James H. Spencer (grad student)
Clark S. MonsonGeography2004 Lyndon Wester (grad student)
Aisha R. MorrisGeology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography2008 Peter Mouginis-Mark (grad student)
Peter Mouginis-MarkGeology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography
Orhon Myadar Political Science James H. Spencer (grad student)
Frank A. ParrishPhysical Geography, Oceanography Biology, Zoology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2004 Lyndon Wester (grad student)
Khamla PhanvilayGeneral, Asian Studies, Agricultural Economics2010 Lyndon Wester (grad student)
Stephen SelfGeology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography
James H. SpencerUrban and Regional Planning, Labor Economics, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Ronnie C. TorresGeology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography2001 Peter Mouginis-Mark (grad student)
Lyndon WesterGeography
Supin WongbusarakumGeography2002 Jon Goss (grad student)
Alan D. ZieglerPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Soil Science Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Geography2000 Thomas W. Giambelluca (grad student)
Li ZouGeography2005 Jon Goss (grad student)