Boston University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jennifer A. ArrigoPhysical Geography, Hydrology2005 Guido D. Salvucci (grad student)
Alessandro BacciniPhysical Geography, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Remote Sensing2005 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Wolfgang BuermannPhysical Geography2002 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Abigail CarrollAmerican Studies, United States History2007 Jessica E. Sewell (grad student)
Jiarui DongPhysical Geography2002 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Mark A. FriedlPhysical Geography
Sangram GangulyPhysical Geography2008 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Hunter S. GlanzStatistics, Remote Sensing Mathematics and Statistics2014 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Sucharita GopalGeography
Jiannan HuPhysical Geography2005 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Xiaoman HuangRemote Sensing, Geography, Environmental Sciences Earth and Environment2014 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Dong HuangPhysical Geography2007 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Junchang JuGeography2005 Sucharita Gopal (grad student)
Hideki KanamaruPhysical Geography, Hydrology2003 Guido D. Salvucci (grad student)
Svetlana Y. KotchenovaPhysical Geography2005 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
John B. LevineHydrology, Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences2003 Guido D. Salvucci (grad student)
Weiguo LiuGeography, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence2002 Sucharita Gopal (grad student)
Alexander LotschPhysical Geography, Geophysics, Ecology Biology, Remote Sensing2004 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Douglas K. McIverPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence2002 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Eli K. MelaasPhysical Geography, Ecology Biology, Remote Sensing Earth and Environment2014 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Ranga B. MyneniPhysical Geography
Judy M. OlsonCartography, Map Design and Use, Geographic Information Science, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Mutlu OzdoganHydrology, Physical Geography2005 Guido D. Salvucci (grad student)
Anthony PattGeography
Justin C. PettijohnHydrology, Plant Physiology, General Biophysics2008 Guido D. Salvucci (grad student)
Guido D. SalvucciHydrology, Physical Geography
Arindam SamantaPhysical Geography2011 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Joseph A. SantanelloPhysical Geography2005 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Jessica E. SewellArchitecture, Women's Studies, United States, Geography, Urban Planning
Nikolay V. ShabanovPhysical Geography2002 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Katherine Stebbins McCaffreyAmerican Studies, United States History, Ophthalmology2007 Jessica E. Sewell (grad student)
Pablo SuarezGeography2005 Anthony Patt (grad student)
Yuhong TianPhysical Geography2002 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Manish K. VermaRemote Sensing, Biogeochemistry, Physical Geography2013 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Yujie WangPhysical Geography2002 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)
Rongqian YangGeophysics2003 Mark A. Friedl (grad student)
Wenze YangPhysical Geography2006 Ranga B. Myneni (grad student)