State University of New York, Buffalo

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Edward J. ArnoldGeography, Finance, Commerce-Business Economics Geography2008 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Solhyon BaekGeography, Theory and Methods, Transportation Geography2012 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Haithem Ben JaballahTheory Economics, General Economics Geography2011 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Thomas Bittner
Vigdis W. BoassonGeography, Finance, Commerce-Business Economics2001 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Marcus I. BursikGeology, Physical Geography
Hugh W. CalkinsGeography
Eric DelmelleGeography, Statistics, Operations Research2005 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Shane E. GrantGeography, Criminology and Penology2002 Hugh W. Calkins (grad student)
HoeHun HaGeography, Environmental Sciences, Geodesy Geography2011 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Daikwon HanGeography2003 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Graham S. HayesGeography2002 Hugh W. Calkins (grad student)
Sungsoon HwangGeography, Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation2005 Jean-Claude Thill (grad student)
Ronald V. KalafskyGeography, Management Business Administration2002 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Jeon-Young KangSpatial Epidemiology, Qualitative Spatial Reasoning, Formal Ontology, Agent-based model Geography Geography, Philosophy2013 Jared Aldstadt (grad student), Thomas Bittner (grad student)
Daejong KimGeography, Geodesy Geography2010 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Shannon KobsGeology Geology2009 Marcus I. Bursik (grad student)
John B. Krygier
Yu-Cheng KuoPhysical Geography, Computer Science Geography2008 Jean-Claude Thill (grad student)
Andrei V. KurbatovGeology, Physical Geography2000 Marcus I. Bursik (grad student)
Gyoungju LeeGeography, Urban and Regional Planning Geography2008 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Gabriel Legorreta PaulinGeology, Physical Geography Geology2007 Marcus I. Bursik (grad student)
Barry LentnekGeography
Eunjung LimStatistics, Computer Science Geography2009 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Yen-Hung LinOperations Research, Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering2010 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Yongmei LuGeographic Information Science, Urban and Regional Studies, Health, Crime Geography2001 Hugh W. Calkins (grad student)
Paul J. MackunGeography, Demography2001 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Alan D. MacPhersonGeography
Bridget L. MandikosGeography, Law2001 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Bettina Martinez-HackertGeology, Physical Geography2006 Marcus I. Bursik (grad student)
Tonny J. OyanaGeography, Public Health, Biostatistics Biology2003 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Wilfried PoppeGeography Geography2010 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Craig RogersGeography, Labor Economics, Black Studies Geography2007 Barry Lentnek (grad student)
Peter A. RogersonGeography
Wahler S. SeinGeography2005 Barry Lentnek (grad student)
Arup K. SenGeography Geography2007 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Jungyeop ShinGeography2005 Barry Lentnek (grad student)
Seth E. SpielmanGeography, Urban and Regional Planning Geography2008 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Yifei SunGeography, Criminology and Penology2001 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Jean-Claude ThillPhysical Geography
Elif Tokar-ErdemirOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Transportation Industrial Engineering2008 Peter A. Rogerson (grad student)
Anneliese L. VanceGeography Geography2008 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Vida VanchanGeography, General Business Administration2006 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Renee M. WillGeography2005 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)
Ikuho YamadaPhysical Geography2004 Jean-Claude Thill (grad student)
Xiaobai YaoGeography, Artificial Intelligence, Information Science2002 Jean-Claude Thill (grad student)
Zhenduo ZhuEnvironmental and water resources engineering
Michael F. ZiolkowskiGeography, Urban and Regional Planning, Higher Education, Management Business Administration, Industrial Engineering2004 Alan D. MacPherson (grad student)