University of Colorado, Boulder

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Diane F. AltersJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2002 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Marco AntonsichGeography Geography2007 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Naomi N. ArcandEcology, Geography Geography2013 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Jennifer N. ArmstrongAmerican Literature English2010 Martin Bickman (grad student)
Lyndsay B. BallHydrology, Geology, Geophysics Geology2012 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Olga BayshaMass Communications, East European Studies, General Journalism2012 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Susan W. BeattyEcology, Geography
Anthony BebbingtonGeography, General Religion
Neil Hjalmar Bergwater quality (monitoring, management effects), assessment of cumulative watershed effects, in-channel woody debris, surface water hydrology, fish habitat relationships, and snow hydrology1977 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Luiza A. BialasiewiczGeography, Urban and Regional Planning2002 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Martin BickmanAmerican Literature, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Manoela G. BorgesGeography, General, Social Structure and Development2005 Lynn A. Staeheli (grad student)
Michael Bovis1974 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Marco BriziarelliJournalism, Mass Communications, European History Journalism2012 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Thomas Nelson CainePhysical Geography
Andrew CalabreseMass Communications, Cultural Anthropology, Geography
Susan Cannon1995 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Andrew M. CarletonEnvironmental Sciences, Physical Geography Geography Roger G. Barry (grad student)
Thomas R. Carroll1977 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Joseph G. ChampJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2001 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
James A. Clark1974 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Donald Cline1995 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Curtis D. CoatsJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography Communication2008 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Jeffrey Colby1995 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Jeffrey CoxCinema, Comparative Literature, Asian Literature, Geography
Thomas Davinroy1994 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Christof Demont-HeinrichGeneral Language, Journalism, Mass Communications, American Studies2005 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Lee Dexter1986 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Jessica DiCarloDevelopment, political ecology, economic geography, China, Laos, Tibet, Nepal Geography Geography20162021 Emily T. Yeh (grad student), Timothy S. Oakes (grad student)
John C. Dixon1983 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Julian Dowdeswell1982 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Judith Drexler1991 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Monica EmerichJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2006 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Ian A. FeinhandlerGeography, General2006 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Andrew Fox1999 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Shae A. Frydenlund Geography2020 Emily T. Yeh (grad student)
Jonathan W. GodtPhysical Geography, Soil Science Agriculture2004 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Edit K. GoroghJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2002 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Hillary B. HamannBiogeochemistry, Geography, Hydrology2002 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Carol P. Harden1987 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Jason E. HauglandEcology, Geography2003 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Nancy Hoalst-PullenEcology, Geography Geography2008 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Edward C. HollandGeography, Russian and Soviet History Geography2012 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Leona J. HoodJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2001 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Stewart M. HooverJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography
Jason R. JankePhysical Geography2004 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Priya JhaComparative Literature, Asian Literature, Women's Studies, Cinema, Cultural Anthropology2001 Jeffrey Cox (grad student)
Nadezhda ( KanevaJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography Journalism2007 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Gabrielle L. KatzEcology, Geography2001 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Richard B. KhleifMass Communications, General2007 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Natalie R. KochGeography, Asian Studies, General Geography2012 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Kyle KontourJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography Journalism2011 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Matthew C. Larsen1997 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Adam G. LevyGeography, International Relations, European Studies, East European Studies Geography2012 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Rachael A. LibermanJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography Journalism2013 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Andrew M. LinkeGeography, General, Sub Saharan Africa Studies Geography2013 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Michael W. LonganGeography, Information Science, Urban and Regional Planning2000 Lynn A. Staeheli (grad student)
Katalin LustyikMass Communications, Journalism2003 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Bill Mahaney1971 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Frank J. McGillAmerican Literature, Environmental Sciences, Geography2003 Martin Bickman (grad student)
Seth A. McGinnisGeneral, Physical Geography2001 John B. Rundle (grad student)
Thomas Meierding1977 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Brian Menounos1996 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Scott Morris1983 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Daniel Muhs1980 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Alice E. MulderGeography2003 Lynn A. Staeheli (grad student)
Dennis Netoff1977 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
John V. O'LoughlinGeography
Maria O'MalleyAmerican Literature English2008 Martin Bickman (grad student)
Bronwen S. OwenEcology, Geography2005 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Ian Owens1967 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Thomas A. PerreaultGeography, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Anthony Bebbington (grad student)
Eric F. PrestonGeneral, Physical Geography2001 John B. Rundle (grad student)
Donna D. RubinoffGeography, Women's Studies, Mass Communications2004 Anthony Bebbington (grad student)
John B. RundleGeneral, Physical Geography
Anna M. RussoJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2003 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Sandra Ryan1993 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
David Sauchyn1979 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Todd A. SchackJournalism, United States History, Criminology and Penology, American Studies2006 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Mark Schmeeckle John Pitlick (grad student)
Timothy D. SchoechleJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2004 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Anna J. SecorGeography, Middle Eastern History, Women's Studies, General2000 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Michele SpeitzEnglish Literature, Aesthetics, History of Science English2012 Jeffrey Cox (grad student)
Lynn A. StaeheliGeography
Horst Sterr1980 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Michael P. StonehamAmerican Literature, Black Studies2005 Martin Bickman (grad student)
Rebecca Summer1980 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Paul F. TalbotGeography2004 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Colin H. Taylor1967 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Joseph L. TerryMass Communications, Speech Communication, Music, Canadian Studies Journalism2013 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Benjamin J. TheveninJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography Communication2012 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Kristy F. TiampoGeneral, Physical Geography2000 John B. Rundle (grad student)
Daniel C. TrudeauGeography, General, American Studies2006 Lynn A. Staeheli (grad student)
Dana Van KooyEnglish Literature, Theater History English2010 Jeffrey Cox (grad student)
Zala VolcicMass Communications, Cultural Anthropology, Geography2003 Andrew Calabrese (grad student)
Jeff Warburton1985 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Scott A. WebberJournalism, Mass Communications, Geography2003 Stewart M. Hoover (grad student)
Steven Welter1995 Thomas Nelson Caine (grad student)
Frank D. WitmerGeography, Remote Sensing, Military Studies2007 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)
Joy J. WolfEcology, Geography2000 Susan W. Beatty (grad student)
Takashi YamazakiGeography2004 John V. O'Loughlin (grad student)