University of Maryland, College Park

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gulsah AkarCivil Engineering, Transportation, Urban and Regional Planning Civil Engineering2009 Kelly Clifton (grad student)
Jochen AlbrechtGeography, Computer Science, Physical Geography
Anthony D. AmatoPublic Administration, Energy, Geography2004 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Anupam Anand Geography2017 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Nancy K. Beller-SimmsGeography2001 Martha Geores (grad student)
Alicia K. BirkyPublic Administration, Energy, Transportation Public Policy2008 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Kaye L. BrubakerEnvironmental Sciences, Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Physical Geography
Catherine L. CarterGeography2005 Martha Geores (grad student)
Charles ChristianGeography
Kelly CliftonUrban and Regional Planning, Transportation, Geography
Evelyn E. CooperGeography, Public and Social Welfare Geography2007 Charles Christian (grad student)
Katherine C. DelhotalGeneral, Environmental Sciences, Energy Public Policy2007 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Matthias DeutschEnergy, Commerce-Business Economics2007 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Kathryn M. DohertyGeneral, American Studies2000 Clarence N. Stone (grad student)
Jason B. DrakePhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2001 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Ralph DubayahPhysical Geography
Laura Duncanson2015 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Martha GeoresGeography
Jay S. GreggEnergy, Climate Change, Alternative Energy, Sustainability Geography2009 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Elizabeth R. GroffGeography, Theory and Methods, Criminology and Penology2006 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
James M. HarmonGeography, Archaeology Anthropology, United States History2001 Charles Christian (grad student)
Timothy E. HeleniakGeography Geography2009 Martha Geores (grad student)
Constance L. HillGeneral, Administration Education2000 Clarence N. Stone (grad student)
Joshua C. HinkleCriminology and Penology Criminology and Criminal Justice2009 David Weisburd (grad student)
Wenli HuangPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Forestry and Hydrology Geographical Sciences Geographical Sciences20092015 Ralph Dubayah (grad student), Guoqing Sun (grad student)
Qiongyu Huang Geography2015 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Peter Hyde Geography2005 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Claire A. JantzGeography2005 Martha Geores (grad student)
John Jones Geography2002 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Barbara A. KearneyGeography2006 Martha Geores (grad student)
Patricia M. KewerGeography Geography2012 Martha Geores (grad student)
Anja K. KurkiGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Geography2001 Clarence N. Stone (grad student)
Rachel L Lambforest carbon, climate mitigation planning, conservation Geographical Science Geographical Science20162021 George Caleb Hurtt (grad student), Lei Ma (collaborator)
Kristofer LaskoRemote sensing, biomass burning Geographical Sciences Geographical sciences20142018 Christopher O. Justice (grad student), Krishna vadrevu (grad student)
Francis E. LindsayGeography2005 Martha Geores (grad student)
Jami R. Long-OnnenCriminology and Penology, Geography2000 Lawrence Sherman (grad student)
Cynthia M. LumCriminology and Penology, Geography2003 David Weisburd (grad student)
Ronald W. LunaGeography Geography2008 Martha Geores (grad student)
Lei Ma
Suzanne Marselis Geography Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
David M. MazeikaCriminology and Penology, Geography Criminology and Criminal Justice2014 Lawrence Sherman (grad student)
Haewon C. McJeonClimate Change, Energy, Environmental Economics Public Policy2012 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Michael C. MenoesCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2003 Kaye L. Brubaker (grad student)
Birgit E. PetersonPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Environmental Sciences2005 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Jennifer Y. PomeroyGeography Geography2012 Martha Geores (grad student)
Wenlu Qi Geographical Sciences20122016 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Danielle Rappaport Geography Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Femke E. ReitsmaGeography, Computer Science, Physical Geography2005 Jochen Albrecht (grad student)
Jessica H. RobinGeography, Remote Sensing2006 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Fang RongUrban and Regional Planning, Energy, Public Administration2006 Matthias Ruth (grad student)
Matthew J. RubinGeography2003 Charles Christian (grad student)
Richard A. RussoGeography Geography2009 Martha Geores (grad student)
Matthias RuthPublic Administration, Energy, Geography
Catherine A. SchulerTheater, Geography
Derrick A. ScottGeography Geography2013 Martha Geores (grad student)
Marco G. ScuderiUrban and Regional Planning, Transportation, Geography2005 Kelly Clifton (grad student)
Lawrence ShermanCriminology and Penology, Geography
Stacey A. StewartTheater, Women's Studies, United States History, Biography2004 Catherine A. Schuler (grad student)
Clarence N. StoneGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Geography
Guoqing Sun
Anuradha SwatantranPhysical Geography, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Ecology Biology Geography2011 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Hao Tang Geography2014 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Krishna vadrevu
Jacqueline L. WaiteGeography Geography2011 Martha Geores (grad student)
David WeisburdCriminology and Penology, Geography
Amanda S. WhitehurstGeography, Remote Sensing, Conservation Biology, Environmental Sciences Geography2014 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Donn C. WorgsGeneral, Black History, History of Education2000 Clarence N. Stone (grad student)
Sue-Ming YangCriminology and Penology Criminology and Criminal Justice2007 David Weisburd (grad student)
Sarah Zeigler Geography2010 Ralph Dubayah (grad student)
Junming ZhuEnvironmental Economics, Energy, Public and Social Welfare, Environmental Studies Public Policy2013 Matthias Ruth (grad student)