University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gariba B. Abdul-KorahAfrican History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Geography2004 Jean M. Allman (grad student)
Jean M. AllmanAfrican History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Geography
Alvin George Anderson1950 Lorenz George Straub (grad student)
Joshua E. BarkanAmerican Studies, Law, Geography2006 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Daphne BerdahlGermanic Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Geography
Luke R. BergmannGeography Geography2012 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Jennifer L. BlechaGeography, Urban and Regional Planning, American Studies, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2007 Helga Leitner (grad student)
John R Borchert
Jan Otto Marius BroekCultural geography
Nathan L. CloughGeography, General Geography2011 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Jennifer L. CreechCinema, Germanic Literature, Women's Studies2006 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Barbara K. DrescherGermanic Literature2001 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Patricia EhrkampGeography, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Sarah A. ElwoodGeography, Urban and Regional Planning2000 Helga Leitner (grad student)
John R. FinneganPublic Health, Biostatistics Biology, Demography, Geography
Theodore K. FullerGeomorphology, Geology Earth Sciences2014 Chris Paola (grad student)
Marion GerlindGermanic Literature, Slavic and East European Literature, Modern History2005 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Gundolf GramlGermanic Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Geography2004 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Yohannes W. GubsaGeography, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Demography2007 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Leila M. HarrisGeography, Women's Studies, Social Structure and Development2004 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Leslie E. HasbargenGeology, Hydrology, Physical Geography2003 Chris Paola (grad student)
Ryan B. HolifieldGeography, Environmental Sciences, Native American Studies2007 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Elisabeth H. KarlssonGermanic Literature, Scandinavian and Icelandic Literature Germanic Studies2008 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Roxanne P. KeraniPublic Health, Biostatistics Biology, Demography, Geography2000 Alan R. Lifson (grad student)
Annamarie K. KiagaGeography, Women's Studies2007 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Sook-Jin KimGeography, Agricultural Economics, International Law and Relations2006 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Wonsuck KimGeology, Physical Geography2007 Chris Paola (grad student)
Lawrence M. KnoppGeography
Hilda E. KurtzGeography, American Studies, Environmental Sciences2000 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Premesh J. LaluAfrican History, General History2003 Jean M. Allman (grad student)
Lindsay J. LawtonGermanic Literature, European Studies, Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Mass Communications, Islamic Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Public Health Germanic Studies2014 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Helga LeitnerGeography
Man LiangCivil Engineering, Geomorphology, Hydrology Civil Engineering Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering2013 Chris Paola (grad student), Vaughan Voller (grad student)
Alan R. LifsonPublic Health, Biostatistics Biology, Demography, Geography
Jorge Lorenzo TruebaCivil Engineering, Geology Civil Engineering2012 Chris Paola (grad student)
Rhonda M. LoverudeMass Communications, Women's Studies, American Studies Mass Communication2011 John R. Finnegan (grad student)
Fred E. Lukermann1953 John Carrier Weaver (grad student), Jan Otto Marius Broek (grad student)
William S. LynnGeography, Philosophy2000 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
David M. MaralackGeography, South African Studies, Sports Management Business Administration Geography2010 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Anant MaringantiGeography2007 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Tatiana MatejskovaGeography, Ethnic and Racial Studies Geography2011 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Moira T. McdonaldGeography, Agricultural Economics, Public Administration, Environmental Justice Geography2010 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Monika A. MoyrerGermanic Literature Germanic Studies2007 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Tafataona E. MusiiwaHistory Economics, Agricultural Economics, African History2002 Jean M. Allman (grad student)
Rajyashree NarayanareddyGeography, Information Technology Geography2011 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Ryan W. NewkirkPublic Health Epidemiology2011 Alan R. Lifson (grad student)
Andrea J. NightingaleGeography, Environmental Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2001 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Chris PaolaGeology, Hydrology, Physical Geography
Derek R. PetersonAfrican History, General Language, Church History2000 Jean M. Allman (grad student)
Yvette L. PyeGeography, Urban and Regional Planning, Black Studies2006 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Robert David Sack1971 Fred E. Lukermann (grad student)
Neil Elliot Salisbury1957 John R Borchert (grad student)
Alda R. SauteAfrican History, Church History2000 Jean M. Allman (grad student)
Samuel J. SchuethGeography, East European Studies Geography2010 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Bongman SeoGeography, Banking Business Administration, Finance2004 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Benjamin A. SheetsGeology2004 Chris Paola (grad student)
Eric S. SheppardGeography
Christopher S. SneddonGeography, Public Administration2000 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Heidi M. SonesonGermanic Literature, African History, International Law and Relations, Cultural Anthropology2002 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Jennifer E. StampeCultural Anthropology, American Studies, Native American Studies, Museology2007 Daphne Berdahl (grad student)
Lorenz George Straubhydraulic engineering
Kyle M StraubGeology Geology and Geophysics20072008 Chris Paola (post-doc)
Nikki StrongGeology, Hydrology, Civil Engineering2006 Chris Paola (grad student)
Christopher StrunkGeography, Latin American Studies, Hispanic American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Geography2012 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Taku SuzukiCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 Daphne Berdahl (grad student)
John B. SwensonGeology, Geophysics2000 Chris Paola (grad student)
Kristin M. SziartoGeography2007 Helga Leitner (grad student)
Michal TalGeology, Physical Geography, Environmental Engineering Geology2008 Chris Paola (grad student)
Arlene TeraokaGermanic Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Geography
Marion Traub-WernerGeography, Caribbean Studies, Gender Studies Geography2010 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
Gabriela I. ValdiviaGeography2005 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)
David A. Van DykeGermanic Literature, Theater2002 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Kyle E. WalkerGeography, General, Public and Social Welfare Geography2011 Helga Leitner (grad student)
John Carrier WeaverGeography
Christina M. WhiteGermanic Literature, Cinema, Women's Studies2001 Arlene Teraoka (grad student)
Daisaku YamamotoGeography, General Economics, Urban and Regional Planning2006 Eric S. Sheppard (grad student)