University of Washington, Seattle

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
James Hugh TrexlerSedimentary Geology, Geochemistry, Plate Tectonics1984 Joanne Bourgeois (grad student)
Carolina K. ReidGeography2004 Suzanne D. Withers (grad student)
Jonathan M. GlickGeography, Social Structure and Development, General2008 Suzanne D. Withers (grad student)
Chadwick D. OliverForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Computer Science, Physical Geography
Elise BowditchGeography, Policy Education, School Administration Education Geography2012 Suzanne D. Withers (grad student)
Jackson T. ZimmermanGeography, Public Administration, Environmental Sciences, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2001 Matthew Sparke (grad student)
Richard HeymanGeography2004 Matthew Sparke (grad student)
Dominic CorvaGeography, Latin American Studies, International Law and Relations, Law2010 Matthew Sparke (grad student)
Stephen Young2010 Matthew Sparke (grad student)
Ron J. Smith2011 Matthew Sparke (grad student)
Edgar Horwood
Hugh W. CalkinsGeography Professor of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Edgar Horwood (grad student)
Sarah A. ElwoodGeography, Urban and Regional Planning
Agnieszka Leszczynski Geography2012 Sarah A. Elwood (grad student)
Arnisson A. OrtegaGeography, Cultural Anthropology, Demography2011 Suzanne D. Withers (grad student)
Elana Lynn LeitholdGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography1987 Joanne Bourgeois (grad student)
David Carl MohrigGeology, Geomorphology, Applied Mathematics1994 J. Dungan Smith (grad student), Joanne Bourgeois (grad student)
William E. DietrichGeology, Hydrology, Physical Geography1982 Thomas Dunne (grad student)
Carol Eastman
Carol M.
Carol M.
Carol M. Eastman
Waldo Tobler Geography John Sherman (grad student)
John Sherman
Michael Brown
Kim England
William Louis Garrison
Diane N. FoxCultural Anthropology2007 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
James B. McCarterForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Computer Science, Physical Geography2001 Chadwick D. Oliver (grad student)
Pil S. ParkForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Environmental Sciences2001 Chadwick D. Oliver (grad student)
Charles F. KeyesCultural Anthropology, Geography
Jan R. WeismanCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2000 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Pinkaew LaungaramsriCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Environmental Sciences2000 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Suchada ThaweesitCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies2000 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Eric C. ThompsonCultural Anthropology, Geography2000 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Prasit LeepreechaCultural Anthropology2001 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
R. P. CuasayCultural Anthropology, Asia History2002 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Judith M. PineCultural Anthropology, General Language Anthropology2002 Charles F. Keyes (grad student), Carol M. Eastman (grad student)
Hanh B. DuongCultural Anthropology2006 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Michalis AvraamInformation Science, Geodesy2011 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
Duc T. DaoCultural Anthropology, General Religion2008 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Suzanne D. WithersGeography
Kevin RamseyGeography, Urban and Regional Planning2009 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
Scott B. MilesPhysical Geography, Geography2004 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
James S. PeetGeography2003 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
Charles S. HendricksenGeography, Theory and Methods, Information Science2002 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
Christina H. DrewGeography, Environmental Sciences, Public Administration2002 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student)
Matthew SparkeGeography
Cam HoangCultural Anthropology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Natural Resource Management2009 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Timothy L. NyergesGeography
Natalie B. QuizonCultural Anthropology2011 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Tuyen T. DoanCultural Anthropology, Theory and Methods, Asian Studies, General Religion2011 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Jennifer LeeheyCultural Anthropology, Mass Communications, General2010 Charles F. Keyes (grad student)
Hilda Florence RoseneCell biology, ecology
Joanne BourgeoisGeology, Sedimentology, Paleoseismology, History of Geology
Maria Fanninreproductive geographies, health, feminist theory19982006 Kim England (grad student)
Matthew W. WilsonGIS, critical GIS, mapping, urban, social theory Geography Geography Geography20062009 Timothy L. Nyerges (grad student), Sarah A. Elwood (grad student), Michael Brown (grad student)
Ryan BurnsGIScience, Urban geography, digital humanitarianism, open data Geography20092015 Sarah A. Elwood (grad student)