Princeton University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
William MacDonough AgarGeology1922 Charles Henry Smyth, Jr. (grad student)
Paul BartholoméOre minerals, experimental mineralogy, layered intrusions19521956 Arthur Francis Buddington (grad student)
Roger Daniel Beckiegroundwater hydrology, groundwater geochemistry Civil Engineering and Operations Research19871992 Eric Franklin Wood (grad student)
Pathikrit BhattacharyaFault mechanics, Experimental and theoretical rock/fracture mechanics, High performance computation in earth sciences, Seismology, Fault zone hydrology, Statistical Seismology Department of Geosciences20122017 Allan M. Rubin (grad student)
Sara CarenaGeology2003 John Edward Suppe (grad student)
David Alexander Crerargeochemistry
Wade T. CrowHydrology, Environmental Engineering, Remote Sensing Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering20012002 Peter R Jaffe (grad student), Eric Franklin Wood (grad student), Eric Franklin Wood (post-doc)
Subarnarekha DeMineralogy2000 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Susannah M Dorfmangeophysics Geosciences2012 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Thomas S. Duffy
Raj Dutta2019 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Armand John EardleyStructural geology1930 Benjamin Franklin Howell (grad student)
Hagar E. ElBishlawiEnvironmental Engineering, Biogeochemistry, Water Resource Management Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
James Brian Evansmechanical properties of rocks at elevated temperatures and pressures
Gregory J. Finkelstein Geosciences2014 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Alfred George Fischermarine sedimentology, marine fossil fauna
Richard Philip Fischer1936 Edward Sampson (grad student)
Alfred G. Fischer
Robert E Garrison1965 Alfred George Fischer (grad student)
Ramon A. Gonzalez MieresGeology2007 John Edward Suppe (grad student)
Robert Bero Hargravesgeology, geophysics1959 Arthur Francis Buddington (grad student)
Richard Leroy Haysedimentary petrology, archaeological geology1952 Franklyn Bosworth Van Houten (grad student)
Harry Hammond Hessplate-tectonics1932 Arthur Francis Buddington (grad student)
Heinrich D. Hollandgeochemistry
Lincoln S. HollisterGeology, Plate Tectonics
Benjamin Franklin HowellGeology, Paleontology Geology1920 Gilbert Van Ingen (grad student)
Peter R JaffeEcohydrology
Glenn Lowell JepsenVertebrate paleontology1930 William Berryman Scott (grad student), William John Sinclair (grad student)
Douglas S. Jones Alfred G. Fischer (grad student)
Sheldon Judsonenvironmental science
Hyun-su KimEnvironmental Sciences, Microbiology Biology2004 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
David John James Kinsman
Luke H. MacDonaldEnvironmental Engineering, Geochemistry, Public Health2010 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
Zhu Mao2009 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
George Burke Maxeyhydrogeology1951 Benjamin Franklin Howell (grad student), Charles F Deiss (grad student)
John C. Maxwell1946 Harry Hammond Hess (grad student)
George Emmert McGillGeology Geology1958 John C. Maxwell (grad student)
James Casey MooreGeology, Geophysics1971 Franklyn Bosworth Van Houten (grad student)
Eldridge M. MooresPlate Tectonics1963 Harry Hammond Hess (grad student)
Thomas A. Mutch Geology1960 John C. Maxwell (grad student)
Satish C. B. Mynenienvironmental geochemistry
Guust NoletGeophysics
Ronald Oxburgh1960 Harry Hammond Hess (grad student)
Ronald James Patterson1972 David John James Kinsman (grad student)
Jeffery S. PaullEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
Bernice R. RosenzweigEnvironmental Engineering2010 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
Alex Ross Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Syukuro Manabe (grad student)
Martin J. S. Rudwick
Edward Sampsoneconomic geology1920 Gilbert Van Ingen (grad student)
Sang-Heon Shim2001 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Frederik Jozef Maurits SimonsSeismology, Wavelet analysis, Inverse theory, Spectral analysis, Satellite observations, Large-scale tectonics, Earthquake Early Warning, Physical and theoretical geodesy
William John SinclairGeology, Paleontology
Sergio Speziale2003 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Camelia Stan2016 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Joseph R. StencelEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry2000 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)
Daniel StolperGeochemistry, Geobiology, Earth history Michael L Bender (post-doc)
John Edward SuppeGeology
William Taylor Thomgeologic investigations of coal, oil, and gas
Tobgay TobgayGeology, Plate Tectonics Geosciences2011 Lincoln S. Hollister (grad student), Nadine McQuarrie (grad student)
Franklyn Bosworth Van Houtensedimentary rocks1941 Glenn Lowell Jepsen (grad student)
Gilbert Van Ingenpaleontology
Karl Mensch WaagePaleontology1946 Erling Dorf (research assistant), Preston Ercelle Cloud (grad student)
Jue Wang2014 Thomas S. Duffy (grad student)
Harold R. WanlessGeology1964 Alfred George Fischer (research assistant)
Kenneth DePencier WatsonGeology1940 Arthur Francis Buddington (grad student), Harry Hammond Hess (grad student)
George P. Woollard1937 W. Maurice Ewing (grad student)
Shangping XuHydrology, Geology, Ecology Biology2005 Peter R Jaffe (grad student)