California Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thomas J. AhrensGeophysics
Arden Leroy Albee
Clarence Roderic Allen1954 Richard Henry Jahns (grad student)
Charles B. Archambeautheoretical geophysics1964 Frank Press (grad student)
James L. Aronson1966 Gerald J. Wasserburg (grad student)
David Beaty Geological and Planetary Science1980 Arden Leroy Albee (grad student)
C. Wayne Burnhamigneous petrology, geochemistry of mineral deposits Geological and Planetary Sciences1955 James Alexander Noble (grad student), Richard Henry Jahns (grad student)
Ian Campbellpetrology
William Massee Chapple1963 W. Barclay Kamb (grad student)
Robert Webster ClaytonSeismology
Alvin Jerome CohenMineralogy19491950 Linus Carl Pauling (post-doc), Norman Davidson (post-doc)
Max L Coleman
William Compstonisotope geochemistry Samuel Epstein (post-doc)
Charles Hewitt DixGeophysics
Thomas S. Duffy1992 Thomas J. Ahrens (grad student)
Mark A. Fahnestock19841991 W. Barclay Kamb (grad student)
Lori K Fentonaeolian processes; boundary layer meteorology; planetary science; Mars Geological and Planetary Sciences19972003 Arden Leroy Albee (grad student)
Beno GutenbergSeismology
Peter Edgar HareQuaternary Geochronology1962 Heinz A. Lowenstam (grad student)
Lincoln S. HollisterGeology, Plate Tectonics1966 Arden Leroy Albee (grad student), Gerald J. Wasserburg (grad student), Leon T. Silver (grad student), Hugh P. Taylor (grad student)
Benjamin F. Howell1949 Beno Gutenberg (grad student)
Richard Henry Jahnspetrology1943 Chester Stock (grad student), Ian Campbell (grad student)
W. Barclay KambGeology, Geophysics1956 Linus Carl Pauling (grad student)
Michael P. Lamb
Lynton S Landgeochemistry19661967 Heinz A. Lowenstam (post-doc)
Mathieu G. A. LapotrePlanetary geology Geological and Planetary Sciences Geological and Planetary Sciences20122017 Michael P. Lamb (grad student), Bethany L. Ehlmann (grad student)
James Robert Lawrencegeochemistry1970 Hugh P. Taylor (grad student)
Ajay B. LimayeGeomorphology, Planetology Geological and Planetary Sciences2015 Michael P. Lamb (grad student)
Andrew K. MatzenExperimental Petrology, Analytical Chemistry2012 Edward M. Stolper (grad student)
Ryan J McCartyGeochemistry, mineralogy, crystallography, spectroscopy, surface science, Chemical Engineering Konstantinos P. Giapis (research scientist)
Malcolm Thomas McCullochCoral reefs, Coral calcification, Ocean acidification, Paleo oceanography, Isotope geochemistry, Coastal processes, Climate change1980 Gerald J. Wasserburg (grad student)
Jean-Bernard MinsterGeophysics1973 Charles B. Archambeau (grad student)
James Alexander Nobleeconomic geology
Elburt Franklin Osborngeophysics1938 Ian Campbell (grad student)
Frank Press
Frederick Leslie Ransomeeconomic geology
Charles RichterSeismology1928 Paul Sophus Epstein (grad student)
John J. W. RogersGeology Geological and Planetary Sciences1955 Ian Campbell (grad student)
Allan Robert Sanford Geological and Planetary Sciences Geological and Planetary Sciences1958 Charles Hewitt Dix (grad student), Clarence Roderic Allen (grad student)
Robert Phillip SharpGeomorphology
Ronald Lee Shreve1959 Robert Phillip Sharp (grad student)
Leon T. SilverGeology; Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Tectonics1955 Ian Campbell (grad student)
Robert James Stanton1960 Heinz A. Lowenstam (grad student)
Hugh P. TaylorGeology; Stable Isotope Geochemistry1959 Samuel Epstein (grad student), Leon T. Silver (grad student)
Lewis M Wardgeobiology, microbiology, evolutionary biology, astrobiology Geological and Planetary Sciences20122017 Woodward W. Fischer (grad student)
James A. WestphalPlanetary Sciences