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Hans H Adler (Info) Columbia, United States Atomic Energy Commission MCA 2018‑09‑17
William MacDonough Agar (Info) Yale, Columbia Geology jandh 2017‑07‑03
Einat Aharonov (Info) Weizmann Institute Mineralogy, Sedimentary Geology, Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Janet Maureen Baran (Info) Columbia jeanl 2017‑09‑25
Hubert Lloyd Barnes (Info) Penn State Geochemistry jandh 2017‑12‑14
Charles Henry Behre (Info) Columbia, Northwestern, University of Cincinnati economic geology jandh 2017‑06‑15
Charles Peter Berkey (Info) American Museum of Natural History, Columbia Engineering Geology jandh 2017‑07‑03
Philip Martin Bethke (Info) Columbia, U.S. Geological Survey Mineralogy jandh 2017‑07‑04
Gerald Patrick Brophy (Info) Columbia, Amherst College Mineralogy, Geology jandh 2017‑07‑04
Andy Joe Broscoe (Info) University of Alberta jandh 2017‑07‑15
Kerry L. Callaghan (Info) UMN, Columbia awickert 2019‑07‑29
Eugene N. Cameron (Info) UW Madison economic geology jandh 2018‑03‑22
Felix Chayes (Info) Carnegie Institution for Science loycvdk 2020‑05‑03
Richard John Chorley (Info) Cambridge, Columbia Geomorphology smudd 2017‑05‑19
James R. Cochran (Info) Columbia Plate tectonics jeanl 2017‑09‑25
Roy Jed Colony (Info) Columbia Geology jandh 2017‑07‑03
Patience Ann Cowie (Info) Columbia, University of Nice, Edinburgh, University of Bergen structural geology, geomorphology, fault mechanics smudd 2017‑05‑27
Wei Du (Info) Columbia david 2019‑01‑30
Thomas Egleston (Info) Columbia jandh 2017‑04‑22
W. Maurice Ewing (Info) University of Pittsburgh, Lehigh University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Columbia geophysics, oceanography jandh 2015‑08‑25
Alfred George Fischer (Info) USC, Princeton marine sedimentology, marine fossil fauna jandh 2017‑05‑11
Paul Werner Gast (Info) UMN, Columbia, NASA geochronology and isotopic geochemistry jandh 2019‑01‑28
Antoine Marc Gaudin (Info) MIT Mineral Engineering jandh 2017‑12‑04
Pierre Gentine (Info) Columbia justiny 2019‑04‑23
Amadeus William Grabau (Info) Columbia, Peking National University geology, paleontology jandh 2016‑05‑03
Arthur Feodor Hagner (Info) UIUC geology jandh 2017‑07‑03
Peter Edgar Hare (Info) Carnegie Institution of Washington Quaternary Geochronology jandh 2017‑07‑14
Bruce Charles Heezen (Info) mapped the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. jandh 2018‑10‑22
Clarence Luther Herrick (Info) Chicago, Univ. of New Mexico, Denison University geology, natural history, biology, neurology jandh 2016‑02‑25
Heinrich D. Holland (Info) Harvard, Princeton geochemistry jandh 2015‑12‑15
Robert Stroud Houston (Info) University of Wyoming mfonstad 2019‑12‑15
Arthur David Howard (Info) Stanford jandh 2016‑02‑25
John Imbrie (Info) Brown jandh 2017‑11‑20
Bryan Isacks (Info) Columbia, Cornell tectonic topography and seismicity, glacial geomorphology jandh 2016‑02‑26
Douglas Wilson Johnson (Info) MIT, Harvard, Columbia Geography jandh 2016‑02‑25
Alison R. Keimowitz (Info) Vassar, Columbia geochemistry pq 2015‑11‑06
William Crowley Kelly (Info) University of Michigan Geological Sciences jandh 2020‑04‑03
James Furman Kemp (Info) Columbia, Cornell jandh 2017‑04‑22
Paul Francis Kerr (Info) Columbia Mineralogy jandh 2017‑07‑03
Philip Krieger (Info) Columbia jandh 2017‑07‑03
James Robert Lawrence (Info) Columbia geochemistry jandh 2019‑03‑29
Lea McIlvaine Luquer (Info) Columbia optical mineralogy jandh 2017‑07‑03
Stephen Marshak (Info) UIUC Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Cecilia M. G. McHugh (Info) CUNY Geology, Physical Oceanography, Paleontology pq 2017‑03‑24
Mark A. Melton (Info) Chicago, Columbia geomorphology smudd 2017‑05‑19
Jin Meng (Info) Columbia Paleontology jandh 2017‑07‑15
Kenneth G. Miller (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Peter Hale Molnar (Info) MIT, CU Boulder global plate tectonics jandh 2016‑02‑26
Walter Wilson Moorhouse (Info) University of Toronto petrography, Precambrian geology, Precambrian fossils, and volcanic rocks jandh 2017‑07‑05
Alfred Joseph Moses (Info) Columbia Mineralogy jandh 2017‑07‑03
John Strong Newberry (Info) Columbia geology, paleontology jandh 2017‑04‑22
Jack Oliver (Info) Columbia, Cornell jandh 2016‑02‑21
Sidney Paige (Info) U.S. Geological Survey Engineering Geology jandh 2017‑12‑14
Guido Paparoni (Info) Columbia Geology, Materials Science Engineering, Mineralogy pq 2019‑01‑19
Frank Press (Info) Caltech jandh 2016‑02‑01
Irwin Remson (Info) Stanford, Drexel Hydrogeology jandh 2019‑02‑15
Heinrich Ries (Info) Cornell jandh 2017‑04‑22
Austin Flint Rogers (Info) Stanford Mineralogy jandh 2017‑07‑03
William F Ruddiman (Info) UVA paleoclimate jandh 2018‑10‑22
Heather M. Savage (Info) Columbia jandh 2019‑04‑21
Roy Walter Schlische (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Stanley A Schumm (Info) Colorado State, Columbia smudd 2017‑05‑17
George C. Selfridge (Info) University of Utah, Columbia, U. S. Geological Survey jandh 2017‑07‑03
Samuel James Shand (Info) Stellenbosch University, Columbia Petrology jandh 2017‑07‑08
Josslyn B. Shapiro (Info) Columbia geochemistry pq 2015‑11‑06
Arthur Newell Strahler (Info) Columbia Geomorphology smudd 2017‑05‑17
Lynn R. Sykes (Info) Columbia Geophysics pq 2016‑02‑09
Arthur Fay Taggart (Info) Columbia Ore Dressing jandh 2017‑12‑04
Lucien Marcus Underwood (Info) Syracuse, Columbia natural history jandh 2019‑01‑28
Nicholas J. van der Elst (Info) UC Santa Cruz, United States Geological Survey jandh 2019‑04‑21
David Walker (Info) Harvard, Columbia experimental petrology jandh 2018‑03‑26
John F. Wehmiller (Info) University of Delaware Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Kevin T. Wheeler (Info) Columbia Geochemistry pq 2019‑01‑19
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