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Edward Wilber Berry (Info) Johns Hopkins Paleontology jandh 2017‑06‑04
Milton Nunn Bramlette (Info) UCSD microscopic petrography, stratigraphy jandh 2019‑12‑19
William Bullock Clark (Info) Johns Hopkins geology jandh 2017‑05‑31
Ernst Cloos (Info) Johns Hopkins Geology jandh 2017‑05‑30
Joanna Crowe Curran (Info) UVA, Texas State, San Marcos Physical Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences pq 2017‑03‑24
Shawn E. Dalton (Info) Johns Hopkins General, Environmental Sciences pq 2017‑05‑25
Lincoln Dryden (Info) Bryn Mawr College Stratigraphy, heavy mineral deposits loycvdk 2020‑05‑17
Thomas Dunne (Info) UC Santa Barbara, University of Washington geomorphology, hydrology smudd 2017‑05‑17
David Elliott (Info) Johns Hopkins fold and thrust belt structure jandh 2017‑05‑04
Wallace Gary Ernst (Info) Stanford, UCLA metamorphic petrology jandh 2017‑05‑11
Hans Peter Eugster (Info) Johns Hopkins, ETH Zürich geochemistry jandh 2017‑05‑16
Gordon Grant (Info) United States Geological Survey, Johns Hopkins hydrology, geomorphology smudd 2017‑05‑17
Ulysses Sherman Grant (Info) Northwestern, UMN jandh 2017‑05‑16
Mike J Kirkby (Info) Cambridge, USGS, Johns Hopkins, Cambridge, Bristol University, University of Leeds geomorphology, Hydrology smudd 2017‑05‑27
Andrew Cowper Lawson (Info) UC Berkeley Geology, Mineralogy jandh 2014‑04‑05
Edward Bennett Mathews (Info) Johns Hopkins Mineralogy, petrography jandh 2017‑05‑31
Earle F. McBride (Info) UT Austin Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Gautam Mitra (Info) Rochester Geology, Hydrology pq 2017‑03‑24
James D Myers (Info) University of Wyoming jandh 2017‑12‑03
Richard P. Nickelsen (Info) Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Bucknell University Structural geology, tectonics jandh 2017‑06‑03
Charles T. Prewitt (Info) Johns Hopkins Geology, Mineralogy pq 2017‑03‑24
William Scott Reeburgh (Info) UC Irvine, University of Alaska Biogeochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Environmental Sciences pq 2016‑05‑16
Gregory D. Ruiters (Info) Johns Hopkins Geography, Urban and Regional Planning, Public Administration pq 2017‑05‑25
Andrew D. Sawyers (Info) Johns Hopkins Geography, Environmental Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning pq 2017‑05‑25
Hans-Ulrich Schmincke (Info) GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Ruhr University Bochum, Johns Hopkins Physical volcanology loycvdk 2020‑05‑05
Edmund Maute Spieker (Info) Ohio State geology jandh 2020‑11‑12
Charles Kephart Swartz (Info) Johns Hopkins Paleontology, geology, mineralogy jandh 2017‑05‑31
Frank McKim Swartz (Info) Penn State stratigraphy, structural geology jandh 2017‑05‑31
William Taylor Thom (Info) U.S. Geological Survey, Princeton geologic investigations of coal, oil, and gas jandh 2017‑06‑09
Harold R. Wanless (Info) University of Miami Geology pq 2017‑03‑24
Aaron C. Waters (Info) Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz volcanology, igneous petrology, mineral resources, lunar geology, and the tectonics, geology, and geomorphology of the Pacific Northwest jandh 2016‑04‑10
George Huntington Williams (Info) Johns Hopkins petrography jandh 2014‑04‑05
M. Gordon "Reds" Wolman (Info) Johns Hopkins Geomorphology, hydrology, environmental science smudd 2017‑05‑17
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