The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ki Che Angela LeungAsia History, History of Science, Medicine and Surgery
Kee L. Billy SoAsia History, Biography
Kan-kam Chan2004 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Hok-lam ChanAsia History, History of Education
Leung K. CheAsia History, History of Science
Lau Y. CheungAsia History
Wai H. Chu
David W. FaureAsia History, General Religion
Chaojian HanAncient History, Asia History2011 David W. Faure (grad student)
Wu HuAsia History, History of Education2000 Hok-lam Chan (grad student)
Jao T. IArt History
Tsung-i JaoArt History
Jong H. KangTraditional Chinese Medicine, Cancer2013 Angela Wai-Ching Wong (grad student)
Mok Kar-leungArt History, Fine Arts
Harold M. Kar-leungArt History
Billy K. L. SoGeography, Asia History, History of Science, Medicine and Surgery
Chun K. Lai Mathematics2012 Ka W. Lau (grad student)
Ka W. Lau2010 Hing K. Lee (grad student)
Fung H. LauArt History2012 Harold K. Mok (grad student)
Chi-Kwong LeeArt History, Asia History, Biography2004 Jao Tsung-i (grad student)
Hing K. Lee2001 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Ou Fan Leo
Mok K. LeungArt History, Asian Studies
Tsz W. LingTraditional Chinese Medicine, Cancer Cultural Studies2012 Ou Fan Leo (grad student)
Irene B. LittigAsia History, Medieval History2000 So Kee Long Billy (grad student)
Lung-kwong LoChurch History
So Kee Long BillyAsia History, Medieval History
Billy K. Long SoAsia History, Law
Huilin Lu2004 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Yina Mao2010 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Kao May-chingArt History, Fine Arts
Yip H. MingAsia History, History of Science
Harold K. MokArt History
Kam-yuen NgAsia History2003 Lau Y. Cheung (grad student)
Xiaoshui Peng2006 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Ho Pui-yinAsia History
Tsung-i RaoArt History
Xiaoyu Sun2011 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Jao Tsung-iArt History, Asia History, Biography
Frank VigneronArt History
Angela Wai-Ching Wong
C. K. Wong
Anhui Wu2006 C. K. Wong (grad student)
Jeremy A. YellenLabor, class and the social and political history of modern Japan
Kwok-keung Yeung2000 Angela Wai-Ching Wong (grad student)
Wing K. YiuAsia History2013 Ho Pui-yin (grad student)