Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Walther Oskar Ernst Amelungclassical archaeology; art history
Leo Baeck Wilhelm Dilthey (grad student)
Emily Greene Balcheconomics; sociology1896 Georg Simmel (grad student)
Ursul Philip Boissevainclassical literature/ancient history1878 Theodor Mommsen (research assistant)
Harry BresslauGerman history; scholar of state papers and historical diplomas (literary muniments) Leopold von Ranke (research assistant), Johann Gustav Droysen (research assistant)
Carl Jacob Christoph Burckhardtart history; cultural history; history of the renaissance; Italian history Leopold von Ranke (research assistant)
John William BurgessU.S. constitution; law; U.S. history Johann Gustav Droysen (grad student), Heinrich Rudolf Hermann Friedrich von Gneist (grad student)
Carl Adolph CorneliusHistory1850 Leopold von Ranke (grad student)
Hans Delbrückmilitary history
Johann Gustav DroysenClassical history; great men1831 August Boeckh (grad student)
William Edward Burghardt Du Boissociology; stratification; race; African-American studies1892 Heinrich von Treitschke (grad student), Gustav von Schmoller (grad student), Adolph Wagner (grad student)
Ernst Ludwig Dümmlermediaeval history1852 Leopold von Ranke (grad student)
William Archibald DunningU.S. south Heinrich von Treitschke (grad student)
Wolfram Eberhard Ferdinand Lessing (grad student)
Carl Einstein Heinrich Wölfflin (research assistant)
Adolf Erman
Otto FrankeChinese history
Edwin Francis Gay1902 Gustav von Schmoller (grad student)
Felix Gilbertearly modern European history1931 Friedrich Meinecke (grad student)
Adolph Goldschmidtart history, medieval art
Ernst Hans Josef Gombrichart history Heinrich Wölfflin (research assistant)
Henri GrégoireByzantine history Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff (grad student)
Moritz Hauptphilology Karl Lachmann (collaborator)
Paul HinschiusLegal history, canon law
Hedwig Guggenheimer HintzeFrench constitutional history1924 Friedrich Meinecke (grad student)
Otto Hintzehistory of public administration; German history; economic history18801895 Heinrich von Treitschke (post-doc), Gustav von Schmoller (post-doc), Julius Weizsäcker (grad student)
Hajo Holborndiplomatic history; modern German history; Weimar1924 Friedrich Meinecke (grad student)
Hans Kauffmannart history1922 Adolph Goldschmidt (post-doc)
Stephan KuttnerMedieval law19281930 Eduard Kohlrausch (grad student)
Karl Leo Heinrich Lehmannart history1922 Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff (grad student)
Max Albert Wilhelm Lenzearly modern European history; church history1874 Heinrich von Treitschke (grad student)
Friedrich Meinecke18th-19th century German intellectual and cultural history1896 Heinrich von Sybel (post-doc), Heinrich von Treitschke (research assistant)
Bruno Meissner
Ulrich MIddeldorfart history1924 Adolph Goldschmidt (grad student)
Karl Otfried MüllerClassical philology, archeology, history1817 August Boeckh (grad student)
Carl Wilhelm Nitzsch1842 Leopold von Ranke (research assistant)
Hermann Pabsthistory Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl (research assistant)
Ämilius Ludwig RichterLegal history, canon law
Hanns Rückertchurch history1924 Karl Holl (grad student)
Hans Heinrich Schaeder Assyriology19191922 Bruno Meissner (grad student)
Wilhelm Adolf Schmidthistory, German history1834 August Boeckh (grad student), Leopold von Ranke (grad student)
Gustav Schnuerermedieval history Heinrich von Treitschke (research assistant)
Rudolf Schöll1871 Theodor Mommsen (post-doc)
Georg Simmelsociology Heinrich von Treitschke (grad student)
Werner Sombarteconomics; sociology; historical economics; social movements1888 Adolph Wagner (grad student), Gustav von Schmoller (grad student)
Robert Stupperichchurch history1936 Hanns Rückert (grad student)
Ulrich StutzLegal history, canon law18881892 Paul Hinschius (grad student)
Vasily Vasilievsky Johann Gustav Droysen (grad student), Theodor Mommsen (grad student)
Friedrich Adolf Julius von Bernhardimilitary history Heinrich von Treitschke (research assistant)
Heinrich Rudolf Hermann Friedrich von Gneistlaw; British constitution
Leopold von Ranke
Friedrich Carl von Savignylegal history; Roman law; historical jurisprudence
Gustav von Schmollereconomics; sociology; social policy
Heinrich von SybelFrench history; German history18341838 Leopold von Ranke (research assistant), Friedrich Carl von Savigny (research assistant)
Heinrich von TreitschkeGerman history
Adolph Wagnereconomics; public finance; agrarianism; academic socialism
Georg WaitzGerman history1836 Leopold von Ranke (grad student)
Kurt Weitzmannart history, medieval art, byzantine art1929 Adolph Goldschmidt (grad student)
Julius WeizsäckerMedieval Germany1859 Leopold von Ranke (grad student)
Rudolf Wittkowerart history, Italian art, Baroque art1923 Adolph Goldschmidt (grad student)
Wolfgang H. J. YourgrauHistory and Philosophy of Science1932 Wolfgang Köhler (grad student), Erwin Schrödinger (research assistant)