Bruno Hildebrand

Philipps University Marburg, Marburg, Hessen, Germany 
"Bruno Hildebrand"

Bruno Hildebrand (1812–1878), economist and one of the founders of the German historical school, was born in Naumburg (Thuringia), the son of a civil servant. He entered the University of Leipzig as a student of theology but soon shifted to history. He very early joined the liberal-nationalist student movement, and since this affiliation made him the object of police attention, he fied to Breslau to escape harassment; however, he was imprisoned there before being allowed to continue his studies. In 1836 the University of Breslau awarded him his doctorate and shortly afterward the rights of Dozent. In 1839 he was promoted to acting professor of history. But Hildebrand’s restless and intensely political nature found the scope of historical study too confining; increasingly his interests and his lectures focused on political philosophy and economics.

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