Rockefeller University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Oswald T. Averybacteriology and immunology, pneumococcus
John C. BoothroydToxoplasma Biology George A. M. Cross (post-doc)
Emmanuelle Marie CharpentierInfection Biology19961997 Elaine Tuomanen (post-doc)
René Dubos Oswald T. Avery (post-doc)
Frank FennerMicrobiology and virology19491949 René Dubos (post-doc)
Max E. GottesmanE. coli transcription termination Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
James G. Hirsch René Dubos (grad student)
Rollin Hotchkiss Oswald T. Avery (post-doc)
Hon S IpInfectious Disease, Virology, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Wildlife Diseases Molecular Parasitology George A. M. Cross (grad student)
Robert A. Lambvirology Purnell W. Choppin (post-doc)
Colin MacLeod Oswald T. Avery (research scientist)
Joseph Mike McCuneHIV pathogenesis, prevention, treatment, and cure MD-PhD Program19761982 Henry G. Kunkel (grad student)
Davorka Messmer2000 Ralph M. Steinman (grad student)
Charles M. RiceVirology
Dennis J. Sawchuk2002 Ralph M. Steinman (grad student)
Ralph M. Steinman19701972 James G. Hirsch (post-doc), Zanvil A. Cohn (post-doc), René Dubos (post-doc)
Igor Tammvirology
Benjamin White Almroth Wright (grad student)