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Michael E. Phelps grad student UCLA (Neurotree)
Henry Huang grad student 1990 UCLA (Physics Tree)
 (Quantitation of the physical factors affecting the tracer kinetic modeling of cardiac positron emission tomography data)
Harvey R. Herschman research scientist UCLA (Neurotree)


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Ray Golish grad student 1997-2001 UCLA
Leeta A. Green grad student 1996-2002 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Shahriar Yaghoubi grad student 1996-2002 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Joseph C. Wu grad student 2000-2004 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Manishkumar R. Patel grad student 2001-2007 UCLA (Neurotree)
Sunetra Ray grad student 2002-2007 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Zachary F. Walls grad student 2002-2007 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Ian Y. Chen grad student 2004-2007 Stanford (Physics Tree)
Andreas M. Loening grad student 1999-2008 Stanford (Physics Tree)
David Yerushalmi grad student 2005-2010 Stanford
Adam de la Zerda grad student 2005-2011 Stanford (E-Tree)
Laura Sasportas grad student 2008-2014 Stanford
Amin Aalipour grad student 2015-2019 Stanford
Aaron Mayer grad student 2015-2019 Stanford
Surya Murty grad student 2015-2019 Stanford
David M Huland post-doc 2015- Stanford (Neurotree)
Idan Steinberg post-doc 2016- Stanford School of Medicine (Neurotree)
Sarah Copeland post-doc 1997-1998 UCLA (Physics Tree)
Dongfeng Pan post-doc 1997-1999 UVA School of Medicine
Yajing Yu post-doc 1998-1999 UCLA
Xiaoman Sun post-doc 1998-2000 UCLA
Frank Berger post-doc 2000-2003 UCLA
Jung John Min post-doc 2000-2003 UCLA
Sraboni Bhaumik post-doc 2001-2003 UCLA
Tarik Massoud post-doc 2001-2003 Stanford (Neurotree)
Ramasamy Paulmurugan post-doc 2001-2003 Stanford
Yanjun Wu post-doc 2002-2003 UCLA
Gopalakrishnan Sunderasan post-doc 1998-2004 Stanford
Murugesan Subbarayan post-doc 2001-2004 Stanford
Christophe Deroose post-doc 2003-2004 KU Leuven
Keon Wook Kang post-doc 2003-2004 Stanford
Abhijit De post-doc 2000-2005 Stanford
Pritha Ray post-doc 2000-2005 University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine (FlyTree)
Olivier Gheysens post-doc 2004-2006 Stanford
Jelena Levi post-doc 2004-2006 Stanford
Martin Rodriguez-Porcel post-doc 2004-2006 Mayo Clinc, Rochester
Meike Schipper post-doc 2004-2006
Sandip Biswal post-doc 2005-2006 Stanford (Neurotree)
Sundaresan Gobalakrishan post-doc 2000-2007 Stanford
Zhen Cheng post-doc 2003-2007 Stanford (Chemistry Tree)
Yingbing Wang post-doc 2006-2007 Stanford
Shay Keren post-doc 2005-2008 Stanford
Jinha Park post-doc 2005-2008 University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Cesar Rodriguez post-doc 2006-2008 Florida State
Ricky Tong post-doc 2006-2008 Stanford
Jeffery Tseng post-doc 2006-2008 Stanford
Juergen Willmann post-doc 2006-2008 Stanford
Abhinav Singh post-doc 2007-2008 Stanford
Carmel Chan post-doc 2004-2009 Stanford
Amelie Lutz post-doc 2006-2009 Stanford
Ya-Fang Chang post-doc 2007-2009 Stanford
Kieth Hartman post-doc 2008-2009 Stanford
Elias Sjord post-doc 2008-2009 Stanford
Nadia Withofs post-doc 2008-2009 Stanford
Avnesh Thakor post-doc 2009-2009 Stanford
Anca Dragulescu-Andrasi post-doc 2006-2011 (Chemistry Tree)
Bryan Smith post-doc 2006-2011 Michigan State
Hua Fan-Minogue post-doc 2007-2011 (Microtree)
Nicholas Hughes post-doc 2008-2011 Stanford
Ben Hackel post-doc 2009-2011 UMN
Ken Ito post-doc 2009-2011 Stanford
Cristina L. Zavaleta post-doc 2006-2012 USC (Physics Tree)
Natesh Parashurama post-doc 2008-2012 (BME Tree)
Khun Visith Keu post-doc 2011-2012 Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Laval
Tianyi Krupke post-doc 2011-2012 Stanford
Michelle James post-doc 2008-2013 Stanford (Neurotree)
Dominique Van de Sompel post-doc 2009-2013 Stanford
Karen Ziv post-doc 2009-2013 Stanford
Sarah Bohndiek post-doc 2011-2013 Stanford
Zheng Miao post-doc 2011-2013 Stanford
Eldi Schonfeld Dado post-doc 2012-2013 Stanford
Aileen Hoehne post-doc 2009-2014 Stanford
Sharon Hori post-doc 2009-2014 Stanford
Jesse Jokerst post-doc 2009-2014 UCSD
Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli post-doc 2009-2014 Penn State
John Ronald post-doc 2009-2014
Stephanie M.W.Y. van de Ven post-doc 2011-2015 Stanford
Ohad Ilovich post-doc 2012-2015 Stanford
Uma Kota post-doc 2012-2015 Stanford
Timothy Larson post-doc 2012-2015 Stanford
Saeed Mohammadi post-doc 2012-2015 Stanford
Christoph Pohling post-doc 2012-2015
Tim Witney post-doc 2013-2015 Kings College London (KCL)
Michael Mastanduno post-doc 2003-2016 Stanford
Mehran Jamali post-doc 2012-2016 Stanford
Jos Campbell post-doc 2013-2016 Stanford
Israt Alam post-doc 2015-2016 Stanford
Ophir Vermesh post-doc 2013-2018 Stanford (Chemistry Tree)
Yun-Sheng Chen post-doc 2014-2018 Stanford
Ryan Davis post-doc 2015-2018 Stanford
Prachi Singh post-doc 2015-2018 Stanford
Hui-Yen Chuang post-doc 2016-2018 Stanford
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