Stony Brook University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Franco AmatiCognitive Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics2010 Susan E. Brennan (grad student)
Young-ran AnPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition Linguistics2010 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Andrei AntonenkoSyntax, Semantics, Morphology, Psycholinguistics; Phase Theory, Binding Theory, Long-distance phenomena, Architecture of the Grammar, Word-order and Movement
Mark AronoffMorphology, orthography, sign languages, language origins
Yukiko Asanosemantics, syntax Linguistics2012 Richard Larson (grad student)
Melissa M. Baese-BerkSpeech production, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive neuropsychology, Acoustic phonetics Psychology20112012 Arthur Gary Samuel (post-doc)
John Frederick BailynSlavic Linguistics, Russian Syntax, Syntax, Musical Cognition
N F. BailynLinguistics Language, Modern Language
Michael BeckerPhonology, morphology, learning, modeling, acquisition
Christina Y. BethinSlavic linguistics, phonology
Marianne L. BorroffPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition2007 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Ellen BroselowPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition
Yiya ChenPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition2003 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Sungeun Chosemantics, syntax2000 Richard Larson (grad student)
Yejin ChoiComputer Science, Linguistics Language
Barbara Citkosemantics, syntax2000 Richard Larson (grad student)
John E. DruryPsycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience
Justina Ohaeri Ekeocha Susan E. Brennan (grad student)
José Alberto Elías-ulloaProsody (syllable weight, metrical stress, intonation) and the interaction with segmental phenomena
Song FengComputer Science, Linguistics Language Computer Science2014 Yejin Choi (grad student)
Daniel L. FinerSyntax, semantics, language acquisition
Anna GeisherikSlavic linguistics, phonology2005 Christina Y. Bethin (grad student)
Thomas GrafMathematical linguistics, syntax, phonology, psycholinguistics
Jeffrey N. HeinzPhonology, Computational Linguistics
Robert D. HobermanMorphology, phonology, Semitic linguistics (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic)
Joseph HoffmanSpeech and Language Pathology
Marie K. HuffmanPhonetics, phonology
Jiwon HwangPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition Linguistics2011 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Joy JanzenTESOL, Literacy, Teacher Education
Hijo KangPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition Linguistics2012 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Martin U. Kappussemantics, syntax2000 Richard Larson (grad student)
Dorit KaufmanLanguage acquisition and attrition, language education
Hyun-ju KimPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition Linguistics2012 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Mi R. KimPhonetics, phonology Linguistics2011 Marie K. Huffman (grad student)
Vladimir V. KonovalioukSlavic Linguistics, Russian Syntax, Syntax, Musical Cognition2005 John Frederick Bailyn (grad student)
Anna K. KuhlenCognitive, social, and neural processes of interpersonal interactions Psychology Susan E. Brennan (grad student)
Richard Larsonsemantics, syntax
Ivana LaTerzasemantics, syntax Linguistics2014 Richard Larson (grad student)
Yu-an LuPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition Linguistics2012 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Jonathan E. MacDonaldSyntax, semantics, language acquisition2006 Daniel L. Finer (grad student)
Franc Marusicsemantics, syntax2005 Richard Larson (grad student)
Ruiqin MiaoPhonology, phonetics, second language acquisition2005 Ellen Broselow (grad student)
Margo E. Mullady-DelliCarpiniLinguistics Language, Language and Literature Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2005 Kamal Sridhar (grad student)
Roksolana Mykhaylyksemantics, syntax Linguistics2010 Richard Larson (grad student)
Francisco OrdóñezSyntax of Spanish, its varieties and other Romance languages (Catalan, French, Italian and Occitan dialects)
Igor V. PustovoitLinguistics Language, Modern Language2000 N F. Bailyn (grad student)
Lori RepettiRomance linguistics, phonology, dialectology
Eriko SatoJapanese linguistics, pedagogy, translation studies, second language acquisition1996 Richard Larson (grad student)
Rosalia Scafidi-IannoneRomance linguistics, phonology, dialectology Romance Languages and Literature2012 Lori Repetti (grad student)
Tatiana V. ScottSlavic Linguistics, Russian Syntax, Syntax, Musical Cognition Linguistics2012 John Frederick Bailyn (grad student)
Annette ShidelerEnglish as a Second Language Teaching K-12
Chih-hsiang Shusemantics, syntax Linguistics2011 Richard Larson (grad student)
Kamal SridharLinguistics Language, Language and Literature Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education
Yunju SuhPhonetics, phonology2009 Marie K. Huffman (grad student)
Maria B. Vassilievasemantics, syntax2005 Richard Larson (grad student)
Mark J. VolpeMorphology, orthography, sign languages, language origins2005 Mark Aronoff (grad student)
Julia WeisenbergMorphology, orthography, sign languages, language origins2009 Mark Aronoff (grad student)
Hiroko Yamakidosemantics, syntax2005 Richard Larson (grad student)
Jiwon YunSemantics, prosody, computational linguistics, cognitive science
Sonia G. ZervakosModern Language, Language and Literature Education, Educational Psychology Education2005 Kamal Sridhar (grad student)