University of California, San Diego

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michel Achard1993 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Farrell AckermanLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Raúl AranovichSyntax, Morphology19901996 S.-Y. Kuroda (grad student), John Chapman Moore (grad student)
Eric BakovicPhonology
David A. BarnerLanguage Development, Conceptual Development
Nicoleta BatemanLinguistics Language
Elizabeth A. BatesLanguage, Aphasia, Development, Gesture, Cognition, Crosslinguistic Jeffrey L. Elman (collaborator)
Nathalie BélangerEytracking, Deaf readers
Leon Bergen
Benjamin K. BergenMental simulation in language understanding
Klinton BicknellBehavior Cognition Language, Computational, Electrophysiology, Learning & Memory, Motor Control, Vision Science Linguistics and Cognitive Sci2011 Roger Levy (grad student)
Lera BoroditskyRelationships between mind, world and language. How we create meaning, imagine, and use knowledge. How the languages we speak shape the ways we think
Jeremy Boyd Farrell Ackerman (grad student)
Catherine Caldwell-HarrisLanguage processing, repetition blindness, cross-cultural Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student), Jeffrey L. Elman (grad student)
Chrissy C. CamblinCognitive Neuroscience: Language Marta Kutas (research assistant)
Lucien Carroll Linguistics Linguistics20062015 Eric Bakovic (grad student), Gabriela Caballero (grad student)
Eugene Homer CasadCognitive Linguistics Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Shannon K. CaseySyntax, psycholinguistics2003 Robert Kluender (grad student)
Luz M. ChungBilingualism, sociolinguistics2006 Ana Celia Zentella (grad student)
Emily Clem
Rebecca I. Colavinmachine learning, language Linguistics2013 Roger Levy (grad student)
Kenneth William Cook1988 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Heidi W. CowlesSyntax, psycholinguistics2003 Robert Kluender (grad student)
Sarah C. Creelpsycholinguistics, temporal perception
William D. Daviessyntax, Choctaw, Javanese, Madurese1981 David M. Perlmutter (grad student)
Aintzane Doiz-Bienzobas1995 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Gabriel R. Doylemachine learning, language Linguistics2014 Roger Levy (grad student)
Begona Echeverria linguistic anthropology, language and ethnicity, bilingual communities, language ideology, and political discourse and in Catalonia, Spain, and the United States2000 Kathryn A. Woolard (grad student)
Eric Elliott1999 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Gilles FauconnierLanguage and cognition, semantic theory, pragmatics and meaning construction
Kara D. Federmeierelectrophysiology, language, memory, hemispheric differences Cognitive Science20002002 Marta Kutas (grad student), Marta Kutas (post-doc), Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student)
Naja Ferjan RamirezGeneral Language, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology Linguistics and Cognitive Sci2013 Rachel Mayberry (grad student)
Victor S. FerreiraLanguage production, discourse
Heatherbell Fong1988 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Shinichiro FukudaSyntax Linguistics2009 John Chapman Moore (grad student), Ivano Caponigro (grad student)
Marc GarellekPhonetics
Dedre Gentnerlearning, analogy, similarity language Acquisition Psychology1974 Don Norman (grad student), David E. Rumelhart (grad student)
Raymond W. GibbsPsycholinguistics David E. Rumelhart (grad student)
Linda Isaacson Godson2003 Maria Polinsky (grad student)
Tamar H. GollanSecond language acquisition, bilingualism
Grant GoodallLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology
Monika GosinBilingualism, sociolinguistics Ethnic Studies2009 Ana Celia Zentella (grad student)
Gustavo Guajardo Linguistics2017 Grant Goodall (grad student)
Joseph D. Hankinsolitical economy of language, including linguistic nationalism, language and gender, and especially the rhetorical and symbolic aspects of political transformation in contemporary eastern Europe and post socialism generally. Her work focuses as well on th
Douglas A. Harrell2007 Gilles Fauconnier (grad student)
Bruce Hawkins1984 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Arturo E. HernandezCognitive Neuroscience of Language19961997 Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student), Marta Kutas (post-doc)
Ryan HickersonPhilosophy2003 Wayne Martin (grad student)
Dieter HillertLanguage
Eric Hoenes del Pinal linguistic anthropology, language and ethnicity, bilingual communities, language ideology, and political discourse and in Catalonia, Spain, and the United States Anthropology2008 Kathryn A. Woolard (grad student)
Lynn Hou Communication Linguistics20162018 Carol Padden (post-doc), Ryan Lepic (collaborator)
Amy L. HubbardSecond language acquisition, gesture20092010 Karen Emmorey (post-doc)
Michael Israel1998 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Roderick Jacobs1972 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Florian Jaegercomputational psycholinguistics Psychology2006 Victor S. Ferreira (post-doc)
Bethany Keffala
Andrew KehlerLinguistics Language
Laura KertzLinguistics Language Linguistics2010 Andrew Kehler (grad student)
Cynthia Kilpatrick Linguistics20032009 Eric Bakovic (grad student)
Boyoung Kim2015 Grant Goodall (grad student)
Jonathan W. Kinglanguage, electrophysiology Marta Kutas (post-doc)
Robert KluenderSyntax, psycholinguistics1991 Jeffrey L. Elman (grad student)
Fumiko Kumashiro2000 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Toshiyuki Kumashiro2000 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
S.-Y. Kuroda
Nayoung KwonSyntax, psycholinguistics Linguistics Linguistics2008 Robert Kluender (grad student), Maria Polinsky (grad student)
Benjamin C LangPhonetics, multilingualism, cognitive science Linguistics Linguistics2020 Marc Garellek (grad student), Will Styler (grad student)
Ronald W. LangackerCognitive linguistics1966 Robert B. Lees (grad student)
Margaret LangdonNative American languages
Jeff Lansing1992 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Leslie LeeLinguistics Language Linguistics2013 Farrell Ackerman (grad student)
Ryan Lepic Linguistics2015 Farrell Ackerman (grad student), Carol Padden (grad student)
Roger Levymachine learning, language
Susan Jean Lindner1981 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Ashley E. LucasBilingualism, sociolinguistics2006 Ana Celia Zentella (grad student)
Linda Manney1993 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Tracy Cameron Mansfield1997 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Wayne MartinPhilosophy, Linguistics Language
Dominic W. Massarospeech, reading, language learning19681970 Norman H. Anderson (post-doc)
Rodolfo Mata
William Rufus Matthews1978 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Rachel MayberryLinguistics Language
Stephen H. McCulloughVisual system, Language processing Cognitive Science2010 Karen Emmorey (grad student)
Richard P. MeierLinguistics Linguistics Edward Klima (grad student)
Daniel MichelSyntax, psycholinguistics Linguistics and Cognitive Sci2014 Robert Kluender (grad student), Grant Goodall (grad student)
Hope Morgan Linguistics2017 Sharon Rose (grad student), Rachel Mayberry (grad student)
Alicia Munoz SanchezLinguistics Language, Language and Literature Education2003 Sharon Rose (grad student)
Pamela MunroNative American languages, syntax Margaret Langdon (grad student), Ronald W. Langacker (collaborator)
Savithry Namboodiripad Linguistics2017 Grant Goodall (grad student)
John Newman1981 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Masuhiro Nomura2000 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Evan Norris1986 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Bozena Pajak Linguistics Linguistics20072012 Eric Bakovic (grad student), Roger Levy (grad student)
Yonghahk A. Parkmachine learning, language Computer Science and Engineering2013 Roger Levy (grad student)
David M. Perlmuttersyntax, Relational Grammar, Russian, ASL
Laura-Ann PetittoLanguage & Development Elizabeth A. Bates (post-doc)
Page Piccinini2016 Marc Garellek (grad student)
Keith RaynerEye Movements, Reading, Visual Cognition, Language Processing
Erik D. ReichleReading, eyetracking1997 Keith Rayner (grad student)
Sally Ricecognitive linguistics, language documentation1987 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Hannah RohdeLinguistics Language Linguistics2008 Andrew Kehler (grad student)
Douglas W. RolandLinguistics Language, General Psychology Jeffrey L. Elman (post-doc)
Adela Ros linguistic anthropology, language and ethnicity, bilingual communities, language ideology, and political discourse and in Catalonia, Spain, and the United States2001 Kathryn A. Woolard (grad student)
Sharon Rose
Lisa Rosenfelt2013 Robert Kluender (grad student)
Johanna Rubba1993 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Ned T. SahinAutism, Language, Intracranial EEG, fMRI2008 Eric Halgren (post-doc)
Leslie Saxonsyntax, Dene languages, language documentation19791986 Sandra Chung (grad student), S.-Y. Kuroda (grad student)
Nitya Sethuraman2002 Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student), Ronald W. Langacker (grad student), Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student)
Scott Seyfarth Linguistics2016 Farrell Ackerman (grad student)
L. Robert R. Slevcpsycholinguistics, music cognition2007 Victor S. Ferreira (grad student)
Michael B. Smithcognitive grammar1987 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Ricardo Maldonado Soto1992 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Arthur Spears1977 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Rupert Staschsemiotic and linguistic anthropology, ethnography of interaction, Korowai
Hariklia Statha-Hariklas1977 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Susan Steele1973 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Joseph P. StembergerLinguistics Linguistics Jeffrey L. Elman (grad student)
Diane Swickexecutive control, language Marta Kutas (post-doc), Stephen L. Foote (grad student)
Alexis Takizala1977 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Robin L. ThompsonSyntax, psycholinguistics Linguistics and Cognitive Sci2006 Robert Kluender (grad student)
Anne Thyme Farrell Ackerman (grad student)
Katherine E. (Katie) TravisLanguage Development, Neuromorphology Neurosciences Neurosciences20052011 Jeffrey L. Elman (grad student), Eric Halgren (grad student)
David Harold Tuggy1981 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Melanie A Tumlinpsycholinguistics20072009 Sarah C. Creel (grad student), Marta Kutas (grad student)
Mieko UenoSyntax, psycholinguistics2003 Robert Kluender (grad student)
Jyotsna VaidBilingualism - cognitive and neuropsychological aspects, Writing systems, Word recognition, Creativity, Cerebral laterality 19831986 Elizabeth A. Bates (post-doc)
Ezra L. Van EverbroeckLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence2007 Maria Polinsky (grad student)
Karen van Hoek1992 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Claude Vandeloise1984 Ronald W. Langacker (grad student)
Matthew S. WalenskiSyntax2002 John Chapman Moore (grad student)
Nicole Y. Y. WichaLanguage, Electrophysiology, Bilingualism Cognitive Science19952002 Elizabeth A. Bates (grad student), Marta Kutas (grad student)
Kathryn A. Woolard linguistic anthropology, language and ethnicity, bilingual communities, language ideology, and political discourse and in Catalonia, Spain, and the United States
Kathryn D. ZarembaLinguistics Language Linguistics2011 Rachel Mayberry (grad student)
Ana Celia ZentellaBilingualism, sociolinguistics