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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Lynne Cahill (Info) University of Brighton computational linguistics. language engineering jonherring 2011‑02‑07
Christine F Cuskley (Info) Newcastle University, UK Origins of language, cultural evolution, sound symbolism, morphological regularity ccuskley 2019‑08‑12
Roger Evans (Info) University of Brighton computational linguistics, language engineering jonherring 2011‑02‑07
Gerald Gazdar (Info) University of Sussex jonherring 2011‑02‑07
Anna Gladkova (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) sandy 2016‑10‑05
Jessica S. Horst (Info) University of Sussex Cognitive development, language acquisition lynnkperry 2007‑12‑09
Ewan Hamilton Klein (Info) Edinburgh semantics, computational linguistics lasersohn 2011‑02‑06
Anu Koskela (Info) University of Sussex lynneguist 2011‑02‑04
Gary Lupyan (Info) UW Madison Language, Categorization, Vision, Neural Networks, Top-Down Effects glupyan 2008‑02‑03
M Lynne Murphy (Info) University of Sussex lexicology, semantics, pragmatics lynneguist 2011‑02‑04
Roberta Piazza (Info) University of Sussex discourse analysis lynneguist 2011‑02‑04
Julia Simner (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) ccuskley 2019‑08‑12
Anna Wierzbicka (Info) ANU sandy 2016‑10‑05
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