Pennsylvania State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stephanie A. Lessard-PilonAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2010 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Kyle M. BeckerAcoustics Physics, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography
Panagiotis MichalerisMechanical Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering
Demian SafferHydrology, Marine Geology, Geology
Leon H. SibulAcoustics Physics, Operations Research, Marine and Ocean Engineering
Michael L. BilletMechanical Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Hannah Reich Department of Biology20162020 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Arunima SenAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2013 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Erin L. BeckerAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2010 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Sharmishtha DattaguptaAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2006 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Jason F. FloresAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2005 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
John K. FreytagAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2003 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Istvan A. UrcuyoAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2000 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Christopher L. RoweEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology William A. Dunson (grad student)
William A. Dunson
Edwin L. CooperFisheries, ichthyology
Charles R. FisherAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps
Todd C. LaJeunesse
Denice Heller Wardrop
Denice Heller WardropWetland ecology, ecological indicators
Kira Turnham Department of Biology2016 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Derk C. BergquistAutotrophic symbioses, Hydrothermal Vents, Methane Seeps2001 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
James T. McFaddenFisheries1961 Edwin L. Cooper (grad student)
Roger W. SchwenkeAcoustics Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Leon H. Sibul (grad student)
Kevin J. FarrellMechanical Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2000 Michael L. Billet (grad student)
Christian R. BrackbillAerospace Engineering2000 George A. Lesieutre (grad student)
Fuh-Wen ShiueAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2001 George A. Lesieutre (grad student)
Hao KangAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2001 George A. Lesieutre (grad student)
Julien E. BernardMarine and Ocean Engineering, Acoustics Physics2002 George A. Lesieutre (grad student)
Charles M. TraweekAcoustics Physics, Operations Research, Marine and Ocean Engineering2003 Leon H. Sibul (grad student)
Joseph T. SzefiMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2003 George A. Lesieutre (grad student)
Erik CordesDeep-sea ecology, cold-water corals, hydrocarbon seeps20002004 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Christian M. CovielloElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Leon H. Sibul (grad student)
Breea W. Govenar2005 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Iliana B. Baums Biological Science20012006 Margaret W. Miller (grad student)
Kevin A. ZelnioPopulation Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Deep-Sea Biology, Systematics, Science Communication20042008 Charles R. Fisher (grad student)
Megan S. BallardAcoustics Physics, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography2009 Kyle M. Becker (grad student)
Daniel T. Pettay2011 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Jorge H. PinzonBehavior, Alcoholism20082011 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Jessica B. MoonTheoretical Ecology, Spatial Statistics, Wetland Ecology
Rachel M. LauerHydrology, Marine Geology, Geology2013 Demian Saffer (grad student)
John Everett Parkinsoncoral symbiosis; molecular biology; Symbiodiniaceae Biology Biology20092014 Iliana B. Baums (grad student), Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Aliana BritsonWetland Ecology, Biogeochemical Cycling
Drew Wham Department of Biology20102016 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Allison Lewis Department of Biology2018 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Caleb Butler Ecology2019 Todd C. LaJeunesse (grad student)
Sheila A. KitchenGenomics, coral, symbiosis20162018 Iliana B. Baums (post-doc)