Princeton University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katie K. Arkemacommunity ecology, marine ecosystem services, kelp forest ecology19962000 Stephen Wilson Pacala (research assistant)
Rebecca Asch
Marissa Leanne BaskettTheoretical population biology, marine conservation biology20012006 Simon Asher Levin (grad student)
Kai M A Chanecosystem services, ecosystem-based management, invasive species19972003 Simon Asher Levin (grad student)
Anping Chen2009 Stephen Wilson Pacala (grad student)
tyler coverdaleMarine Ecology Ecology and Evolution Robert M. Pringle (grad student)
Jeanne L. DeNoyer2011 Stephen Wilson Pacala (grad student)
Anthony R. Ives1988 Robert (Bob) M. May (grad student), Henry S. Horn (grad student)
Glenn Lowell JepsenVertebrate paleontology1930 William Berryman Scott (grad student), William John Sinclair (grad student)
Juan E. Keymerphysics and evolution of biological complexity20052007 Ned S. Wingreen (post-doc), Robert H. Austin (post-doc), Simon Asher Levin (grad student)
Heather M. Lesliemarine ecology, coupled social-ecological systems science, design and evaluation of marine management strategies20042007 Simon Asher Levin (post-doc)
Jonathan M. LevineCommunity Ecology
Donald A. Ludwig
Robert Helmer MacArthurCommunity Ecology, Theoretical Ecology
Stephen Wilson Pacala
Malin L. PinskyMarine ecology, molecular ecology, climate change, conservation biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences20112013 Simon Asher Levin (post-doc), Jorge L Sarmiento (post-doc)
Sulagna RayPhysical Oceanography, Climate Change Geosciences20152017 Andrew T. Wittenberg (post-doc)
James Regetz2004 Stephen Wilson Pacala (grad student)
Stuart A. Sandincoral reef community ecology and trophic dynamics19972002 Stephen Wilson Pacala (grad student)
Elwyn L. SimonsVertebrate paleontology, primate evolution Glenn Lowell Jepsen (grad student)
William Gary SprulesAquatic Ecology1970 Robert Helmer MacArthur (grad student)
James R. WatsonConnectivity, network theory, oceanography, mathematical biology Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20112013 Simon Asher Levin (post-doc)
Miguel A. Zavala2000 Stephen Wilson Pacala (grad student)