University of Georgia, Athens

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kristin Berger Boggs
Stuart Ross Borrettsystems ecology, marine ecology, ecosystems, networks2005 Bernard C. Patten (grad student)
Brian BowenEvolution, Ichthyology, Marine Ecology John Avise (grad student)
Anya L. BrownCommunity Ecology, Coral-algal interactions Odum School of Ecology20132018 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
James E. (Jeb) Byersinvasive species, ecosystem engineers, parasites
Changsheng ChenMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Environmental Sciences
Alan Covichdisturbance and food webs
William K. FittEcological physiology, Coral reefs
Rebecca E. Forkner Institute of Ecology1998 Mark D. Hunter (grad student)
Alyssa M. GehmanMarine invertebrate ecology, parasite ecology20102016 James E. (Jeb) Byers (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Hamman Odum School of Ecology20102017 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
R. Daniel HarrisEcosystem Engineering, Benthic Ecology Ecology2012 James E. (Jeb) Byers (grad student)
Daniel Hawkins Odum School of Ecology20172020 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
James Timothy Hollibaugh
RajReni Kaul20082011 Alan E. Wilson (grad student)
Dustin W. Kemp William K. Fitt (grad student)
Carrie Keough James E. (Jeb) Byers (grad student)
Bill McDowell James E. (Jeb) Byers (grad student)
Craig W. OsenbergPopulation, Community, and Aquatic Ecology
Michael L. Pace Odum School of Ecology Karen Porter (grad student)
Shane E. Paterson2000 James W. Porter (grad student)
Bernard C. Pattensystems ecology; marine ecology
Lauren Pintor James E. (Jeb) Byers (post-doc)
James W. Porter
Karen PorterLimnology, Planktonic Food Webs, Microbial Loop, Microbial Ecology
Virginia Schutte James E. (Jeb) Byers (grad student)
Daniel Thornhill William K. Fitt (grad student)
Jennifer I. Tougas2001 James W. Porter (grad student)
Mark E. WarnerEcological physiology, Coral symbioses19921998 William K. Fitt (grad student)
Lianyuan ZhengMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Environmental Sciences2001 Changsheng Chen (grad student)