University of California, Irvine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Keith ArnoldPhysiological Ecology of Seaweeds; Ecological Energetics; Photosynthetic physiology of kelps Mark M. Littler (grad student)
Felipe S. BarretoMarine biology, speciation, sexual selection, mating systems Biological Sciences - Ph.D.20042009 John Avise (grad student)
Samuel Bedgood Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2016 Matthew E. S. Bracken (grad student)
Matthew E. S. BrackenMarine ecology
Gayle Brenchley
Frederic Briandcommunity ecology, food webs, oceanography1974 Mark M. Littler (grad student)
Diane Michele BridgeDevelopmental Biology Robert E. Steele (post-doc)
Karina Brocco-French Biology2018 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Paul Kwan Chienamino acid transport, invertebrate physiology, heavy metal toxicity Developmental and Cell Biology19661971 Grover C. Stephens (grad student)
Matea Djokic Biology Donovan P. German (grad student)
Laura Elsberry Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2014 Matthew E. S. Bracken (grad student)
Lara A. Ferry-Grahamecomorphology, ecophysiology, biomechanics, fish feeding, ventilation, locomotion19981999 George V. Lauder (grad student), George V. Lauder (post-doc)
Alyssa R. Frederick Biology20152019 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Donovan P. GermanEcological Physiology, Fishes, Microbes
Mark E. Hay Mark M. Littler (grad student)
Amy Henry
Michelle J. Herrera Biology2017 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Newton Z. Hood Biology2019 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Samantha C. Leigh Biology20152019 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Samuel Mahanes Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2017 Cascade J. B. Sorte (grad student)
Donal Thomas Manahanphysiology Grover C. Stephens (post-doc)
Lauren Pandori Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2014 Cascade J. B. Sorte (grad student)
Robert Leslie Prestonmembrane transport, osmoregulation, environmental physiology Organismal Biology19651970 Grover C. Stephens (grad student)
Michael Alan Ricephysiological ecology, aquaculture Developmental and Cell Biology19771987 Grover C. Stephens (grad student)
Nefertiti Smith Biology2019 Donovan P. German (grad student)
Grover C. Stephensphysiology
Brian N. TissotMarine invertebrate and fish ecology Ecology & Evolution19821985 Gayle Brenchley (grad student)
Heidi R Waitemarine ecology, climate change ecology, complex life cycles Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20182023 Cascade J. B. Sorte (grad student)
Piper Wallingford Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2015 Cascade J. B. Sorte (grad student)
Beck A Wehrlephysiology, digestion, herpetology, ecology Biology Biology20202018 Donovan P. German (grad student), Kwasi Connor (post-doc)
Patricia Ann Wheeler Developmental and Cell Biology19711976 Grover C. Stephens (grad student)
Stephen Henry WrightTransport physiology, renal physiology Developmental and Cell Biology19741978 Grover C. Stephens (grad student)