University of California, Los Angeles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alice Louise AlldredgeBiological oceanography; ecology of marine gelatinous plankton; marine particulate matter and marine snow, biogeochemical cycling William Hamner (grad student)
M. James Allen Marine fish ecology and fisheries, contaminant levels in fishes, taxonomy1970 Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student)
Richard F. Ambrose Richard Vance (grad student)
Sean Sumner Andersonecological restoration, sustainable fisheries, ecological fragmentation19952003 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student), Graham E. Forrester (grad student), Jack Malone (collaborator), Richard Vance (grad student)
Michelle L. Anghera2004 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Anna R. ArmitageCoastal and Wetlands Ecology19972003 Richard Vance (grad student), Peggy Fong (grad student)
Perla C. Atiyah2009 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Paul BarberEvolution of conservation of marine biodiversity, Coral reefs, Evolutionary and population genetics, Natural selection and adaptation.
George A. Bartholomewcomparative animal physiological ecology
Maddalena BearziEcology Biology, Oceanography Biology2003 William Hamner (grad student)
Sarah Joy Bittickmarine community ecology, seagrass ecology, tropical macroalgae20112017 Hannah Louise Stewart (research assistant), Peggy Fong (grad student)
Katharyn E. Boyer2002 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Karleen A. Boyle2002 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Sara Briley20082009 Peggy Fong (research assistant)
Sarah Brysonmarine community ecology Biology 0123 Biology 01232012 Richard Vance (grad student), Peggy Fong (grad student)
Matthew S. Buffleben2009 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Theodore (Ted) Holmes Bullockneuroethology, sensory systems
Joshua L. Burnam2005 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Donald George ButhFish systematics, parasitology Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student)
Kyle C. Cavanaugh
Valerie A. Chan Environmental Science and Engineering2014 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Samantha H. Chenglarval dynamics, marine biodiversity, marine speciation, conservation science, human well-being, social-ecological systems, evidence synthesis2010 Paul Barber (grad student)
Natasha C. Christensen2002 A Whitman Miller (grad student)
Yong J. Chung2006 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Rachel J. Clausing Biology2014 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Gretchen C. Coffman2007 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Risa A. Cohen2003 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Heather M. Colemanpollution ecology20012003 Bill Hamner (research assistant)
Guarino Rinaldi Colli1996 Donald George Buth (grad student)
Clayton Cook Leonard Muscatine (post-doc)
Catherine A. CrouchOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology2002 William Hamner (grad student)
William R. DawsonPhysiological Ecology1953 George A. Bartholomew (grad student)
Paul A. Dehnel1954 Theodore (Ted) Holmes Bullock (grad student)
Al EbelingEcology of Fishes Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student), Carl Leavitt Hubbs (grad student)
Melissa Evanson2009 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Felicia Federico2009 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Stacie FejtekPhycology, kelps Institute of the Environment and Sustainability2012 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Donna M. Ferguson Environmental Health2014 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Graham Andrew FerrierChemical Ecology, Marine predator-prey interactions
Lisa S. Fongmarine ecology, community ecology20092015 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Peggy FongMarine ecology of coastal ecosystems.
Thomas K Ford OBEE20022005 William Hamner (grad student)
Allison Fritts-PennimanPopulation genetics2010 Paul Barber (grad student)
Robert Gilbert Environmental Health Sciences2009 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
David W. GinsburgMarine environmental biology, management, and policy20082009 Jenny A. Jay (post-doc)
Kaylee R. Griffithmarine ecology, conservation biology, phycology20122013 Peggy Fong (research assistant)
Bernard HalletMarine Geology, Sedimentary Geology1975 Ronald Lee Shreve (grad student)
Patricia M. Halpinmarine ecology, rocky shores, fisheries, disturbance ecology,
Patricia Halpin
Bill Hamner
William HamnerMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Ecology Biology George A. Bartholomew (grad student)
William M. Hanna2004 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student), John A. Dracup (grad student)
Edmund (Ted) Schofield Hobson, Jr.1967 Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student)
Abril R. Iñiguezmarine biodiversity & speciation, population & conservation genetics2010 Paul Barber (grad student)
Jenny A. JayMicrobial Source-Tracking, Aquatic Chemistry
Julianne E. KalmanFish systematics, parasitology2006 Donald George Buth (grad student)
Tonya L. Kane Biology 01232012 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Sara M. Kappus Biology 01232012 Richard Vance (grad student)
Peter Kareiva
Rachel L. Kennison2008 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Will Kingpopulation and community ecology; intertidal biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology20122014 Van Savage (research assistant)
Sara KochLarval biology, population connectivity, adaptation2009 Paul Barber (grad student)
Alice Kwan Environmental Science and Engineering Program1996 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Leila G. Lackey Environmental Science & Engineering 0349 School of Public Health2012 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student), Suzanne E. Paulson (grad student)
Kevin D. LaffertyInfectious disease, conservation Environmental Health Sciences19931994 Richard F. Ambrose (research scientist)
Erik S. Larsen2007 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Barbara (Bobbi) E LeungIchthyology Zoology Boyd Wallace Walker (research assistant)
Jonathan P. Lilien2001 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Cindy J. Lin2002 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Travis Longcore Geography Geography19951999 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student), Melissa Savage (grad student)
Shelley L. Luce2003 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Spencer D. MacNeil2001 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Jack Malonemarine ecology
Gina Masequesmay2001 A Whitman Miller (grad student)
George I MatsumotoBiological Oceanography Integrative Biology19851990 William Hamner (grad student)
Kristin M. McCullyCoral reef ecology, science education20042006 Richard Vance (research assistant)
Douglas Meffert Environmental Science and Engineering Program1996 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
A Whitman Miller2000 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Irene T. Miranda2007 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
A. Kimo Morrismarine biology, invertebrates, parasitology, oceanography, environmental sciences Biology20002006 William Hamner (grad student)
Leonard Muscatine
Ranjan Muthukrishnan Biology 01232013 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Monique R. Myers2003 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Chad E. Nelsen Environmental Science and Engineering2012 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Kenneth Stafford Norrismarine mammalogy, conservation, natural history1951 Raymond Bridgman Cowles (grad student)
Daniel K. Odell
Randal Orton1989 Donald George Buth (grad student)
William F. PerrinOceanography, Animal Physiology1972 Kenneth Stafford Norris (grad student), Carl Leavitt Hubbs (grad student)
Petra S. Pless2001 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Daniel J. PondellaFish systematics, parasitology2001 Donald George Buth (grad student)
Donald W. Pritchard1951 Roger Randall Dougan Revelle (grad student)
Charles Rairdan Environmental Science and Engineering Program1998 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Kevin Raskoffdeep sea biology, gelatinous zooplankton, biological education19932000 William Hamner (grad student)
Richard H. RosenblattIchthyology1959 Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student)
Sarah E. Rothenberg2007 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Raphael Sagarinhistorical ecology, intertidal ecology, biogeography20042006 Richard F. Ambrose (post-doc)
Jameal F. Samhourimarine ecology, coral reefs, food webs, ecosystem-based management20012007 Graham E. Forrester (grad student), Richard Vance (grad student)
Melissa Savage
Russell J. SchmittPopulation and Community Ecology Richard Vance (grad student)
Arent (Barry) Schuyler Environmental Science and Engineering Program1996 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Ben Schwegler Environmental Science and Engineering Program1999 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Marta ShocketDisease ecology, thermal biology, global change Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology20192021 Van Savage (post-doc)
Craig S. Shuman2003 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Jayson Ryan SmithMarine ecology, conservation biology, seaweed ecology19992005 Peggy Fong (grad student), Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Sonja N. Smithseagrass, carbon cycling, cross-ecosystem subsidy Peggy Fong (research assistant), Daniel T Blumstein (research assistant), Barney A. Schlinger (research assistant)
Daniel J. Smith
Brenton T. SpiesMarine Ecology, Estuarine ecology, Fish biology, Community Ecology
Eric Stein Environmental Science and Engineering Program1995 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Lei L. StelleEcology Biology, Oceanography Biology2001 William Hamner (grad student)
John S. Stephens JrEcology, Systematics and Taxonomy of Fishes Boyd Wallace Walker (grad student)
Mark Sudol Environmental Science and Engineering Program1996 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Daniel P. Swenson2005 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Mitzy L. Taggart2002 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Christina M. TellezFish systematics, parasitology Biology2014 Donald George Buth (grad student)
Robert K. Trench1969 Leonard Muscatine (grad student)
Richard Vance
Forrest B. Vanderbilt Environmental Science & Engineering 03492013 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Matthew W. Vandersande2006 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Boyd Wallace WalkerFish Systematics and Taxonomy
Piper Wallingford Colin Kremer (post-doc)
Matthew J. Wartian2006 Peggy Fong (grad student)
Virginia Weis Leonard Muscatine (grad student)
Peter M. Williams1960 Edward D. Goldberg (grad student)
Brandon K. WinfreyEnvironmental Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife, Energy, General Environmental Health Sciences20132016 Richard F. Ambrose (post-doc)
Stephen Henry WrightTransport physiology, renal physiology
Kyonga Yoon Environmental Science and Engineering Program2006 Richard F. Ambrose (grad student)
Louis D. ZeidbergEcology Biology, Oceanography Biology, Zoology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2003 William Hamner (grad student)