California State University, Northridge

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maria S. Adreani
Larry G. Allenfish ecology
Dawn M. BaileyMPA, predation, Channel islands, Catalina2010 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Kylla M. BenesMarine ecology, phycology Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Anya L. BrownCommunity Ecology, Coral-algal interactions Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
John F. BrunoMarine ecology2009 Pete Edmunds (grad student), Steve Dudgeon (collaborator)
Nathaniel T. BrunsIchthyology, pinnipeds, marine biology, genetics
Elizabeth H Burnsmarine ecology, marine biology, ichthyology, bioacoustics Biology Biology20182023 Larry G. Allen (grad student), Michael P Franklin (grad student)
Robert C. Carpenterbenthic ecology, physiological ecology
Russell P. DauksisFish Ecology
Steve Dudgeonintertidal ecology, genetics
Aaron Dufault
Aaron Dufault Pete Edmunds (grad student)
Pete Edmunds Barbara Brown (grad student)
Alexis C EstradaMarine Ecology Biology20152019 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Janna Lynn FierstEvolution20002004 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Caitlin R. FongEcology Biology2016 Robert C. Carpenter (post-doc)
Michael P Franklin
Jennifer GowanEcology of algal/coral interactions20102012 Andrew J. Brooks (grad student)
Justin D. HackittFish Ecology
Nick HaringBenthic ecology, Ocean monitoring19992002 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Annaliese Hettingerclimate change, biomechanics, larval biology, ocean acidification20032006 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Maureen Ho20132016 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
George JarvisMarine ecology, ecology of fishes Biology20162019 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Maggie Dorothy JohnsonOcean acidification, macroalgae20082011 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Rebecca KordasIntertidal ecology20032006 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Stacy Annette KruegerMarine Algal Ecology20062008 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Jenna Marie KrugRecruitment, population dynamics20062009 Mark A. Steele (grad student), Graham E. Forrester (research assistant)
Janet E. KublerPhysiological Ecology1991 Steve Dudgeon (collaborator)
Sarah C. Leemetacommunity ecology, marine ecology20012001 Pete Edmunds (research assistant)
Joshua C ManningMarine Ecology Biology Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Sarah A. MerollaOcean acidification, benthic ecology, phycology, coral reef ecology20172018 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student), Pete Edmunds (research assistant)
Alexandra MeyerPopulation genetics, ichthyology Biology2014 Larry G. Allen (grad student)
Hannah R. Nelson2016 Pete Edmunds (grad student)
Jacqueline L. Padilla-GaminoCoral reproduction and ecophysiology Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Brian Penafish ecology, ichthyology Biology20142017 Larry G. Allen (grad student)
Abigail Kierstead PorayBenthic Ecology, Phycology20062009 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Leah Reidenbach Biology20142016 Janet E. Kubler (grad student)
Carly A. RyanMarine Evolutionary Ecology20062010 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Barbara Diana Sanchezpollution, age, growth, fecundity in fish Biology20082015 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Kathryn C. Scafidimarine ecology, invasion biology, trophic ecology Biology20172020 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Samuel Scoma Biology20142018 Janet E. Kubler (grad student)
Zoë Rose ScottInvasive Species, Marine Ecology and Evolution Casey P. terHorst (grad student)
Jayslen Serrano Biology2017 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Christin Tara SlaughterEvolutionary Biology20002002 Steve Dudgeon (research assistant)
Lareen SmithMarine Evolutionary Ecology20092013 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Brenton T. SpiesMarine Ecology, Estuarine ecology, Fish biology, Community Ecology2010 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Melissa I. Spitleralgal ecology20062009 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Griffin S. SrednickMarine Ecology, Community Ecology, Kelp Forest Ecology, Invertebrate Ecology Biology2014 Mark A. Steele (grad student)
Mark A. SteeleMarine Ecology, Ecology of Fishes20062009 Clare Wormald Steele (collaborator)
Hannah Louise StewartMarine Ecology, Biomechanics19961999 Robert C. Carpenter (grad student)
Casey P. terHorstCommunity Ecology, Evolution20012004 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Jesse TootellFish ecology20112013 Andrew J. Brooks (grad student)
Lauren Michele ValentinoOcean Acidification
Maria Christina VasquezPhenotypic plasticity, physiological responses to multiple stressors20072009 Steve Dudgeon (grad student)
Steven V. Vollmerevolutionary ecology1999 Pete Edmunds (grad student)
Maya Zeffmarine ecology Marine Biology20212023 Nyssa J. Silbiger (research scientist)