University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peter A. AbramsTheoretical Ecology Crawford (Buzz) S. Holling (grad student)
Emily M Adamczyk2015 Mary I. O'Connor (grad student), Laura E. Wegener Parfrey (grad student)
Laura Marie AndersonMarine botany20102012 Patrick T. Martone (grad student)
Kathryn M. AndersonBenthiC Ecology2010 Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
John Baldwin1970 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Joanna Bernhardt Mary I. O'Connor (grad student)
Sarah Joy Bittickmarine community ecology, seagrass ecology, tropical macroalgae Zoology2017 Mary I. O'Connor (post-doc)
Norah Brown Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Gary P. BurnessZoology Biology, Ecology Biology2000 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Iain R. CaldwellEcology, Conservation, Behaviour Zoology20062012 Amanda Vincent (grad student)
Sander CalisalMarine and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Emily CarringtonBiomechanics, intertidal ecology John Gosline (post-doc)
Natalie Caulk Zoology20132015 Mary I. O'Connor (grad student)
Kai M A Chanecosystem services, ecosystem-based management, invasive species Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator)
Francis Choi
Cathryn L. Clarke Murrayinvasive species, recreational boating, conservation, ecosystem services, experimental ecology, Thomas Therriault (grad student), Evgeny Pakhomov (grad student)
David Costalago"Marine ecology", "Trophic ecology", "climate change", "fisheries ecology", "marine mammals"
Theraesa A. CoyleCommunity Ecology, Population Modeling, GIS, Ecosystem Services
Bruce Crawford
Ryan N. CrimLarval ecology Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Charles-Antoine DarveauZoology Biology, Entomology Biology, Genetics2005 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
T Jonathan Davies
Stephen DeClerke Jonathan B. Shurin (post-doc)
Kyle W. DemesSeaweed ecology, macroalgal calcification, functional morphology20092013 Michael H. Graham (grad student), Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Mark W. DennyBiomechanics, intertidal ecology John Gosline (grad student)
Robert E. DeWreedeSeaweed ecology
Stefan Dick Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Robin ElahiMarine ecology Mary I. O'Connor (post-doc)
Sandra M Emrymarine ecology Zoology2016 Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Nann A. Fangue Department of Zoology Patricia Schulte (grad student)
Andrea Frommel Jon N. Havenhand (post-doc)
Jessica Garzkezooplankton ecology, food web ecology, global change biology, trophic ecology, planktonic food webs, metabolic theory of ecology, ecological stoichiometry, metabolism, fatty acids, stable isotopes Zoology20152012 Mary I. O'Connor (grad student), Evgeny Pakhomov (collaborator), Brian Hunt (collaborator)
Alyssa M. GehmanMarine invertebrate ecology, parasite ecology Department of Zoology20162021 Christopher D. Harley (post-doc)
Dana Haggarty Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Christopher D. Harley Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator)
Amelia V. Hesketh Zoology Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Peter W. Hochachka
Brian Hunt
Catriona Hurd Paul J. Harrison (post-doc)
Jennifer P. Jorvemarine ecology, phycology Botany Department20082015 Christopher D. Harley (grad student), Patrick T. Martone (grad student)
Francis JuanesFisheries ecology, biaocoustics, predator-prey Fisheries Centre1993 Carl Walters (post-doc)
Gary Andrew Kendrick Botany19831986 Michael William Hawkes (grad student)
Sarah Catherine Klaincoastal communities, west coast fisheries, marine socioeconomics, sea turtle migrations, Kai M A Chan (grad student)
Terrie Klingermarine ecology Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Nicole S. Knighttrophic interactions, biogeography, macroecology, physiological ecology, metabolic theory, biodiversity Zoology20122015 Mary I. O'Connor (research assistant)
Rebecca KordasIntertidal ecology20072012 Christopher D. Harley (grad student), Theraesa A. Coyle (collaborator)
Avery M KrugerEcological phylogenetics Botany2020 T Jonathan Davies (grad student)
Karen J.M. Lee Christopher D. Harley (research assistant)
Donald A. Ludwig
Kevin C. K. MaMarine Ecology; Biological Invasions; Ecology; Oceanography; Biogeography Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability20072008 Kai M A Chan (research assistant)
Megan E. MachInvasive Species, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Services20072011 Kai M A Chan (grad student)
Bita Maghsoodi2005 Bruce Crawford (grad student)
Marc Mangel1978 Donald A. Ludwig (grad student)
Russell Markel Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Patrick T. MartoneBiomechanics, Phycology Botany Department2011 Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator), Sandra Lindstrom (collaborator)
Rebecca Goldman MartoneMarine Ecology, Conservation Biology2009 Sarah Catherine Klain (collaborator), Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator), Gerald Gurinder Singh (collaborator), Kai M A Chan (post-doc), Christopher D. Harley (post-doc)
Grant B. McClellandAnimal Physiology Biology, Nutrition, Recreation2000 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Kristen Drewes MilliganCoastal ecosystems Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Thomas W MoonMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology1971 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Thomas F. Mumfordphycology Botany Robert F. Scagel (post-doc)
Jackie Ngai Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Sandra Nichols Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Sarah Nienhuis Christopher D. Harley (grad student)
Mary I. O'Connormarine ecology19982001 Christopher D. Harley (research assistant)
Peter M. OstafichukMarine and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2004 Sander Calisal (grad student)
Evgeny Pakhomovstable isotopes, marine pollution,
Maria L. Palomares
Riley A Pollomconservation biology, fisheries, chondrichthyans, marine ecology, extinction risk Zoology20132016 Amanda Vincent (research assistant)
Sherri A. RodgersSeaweed ecology2005 Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
James L. RupertGenetics, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Anne Katherine SalomonApplied Community Ecology and Conservation Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Rhea D. SandersCoastal Ecological biogeochemistry
Patricia Schulte
Ricardo A. Scrosatiintertidal ecology Department of Botany19921987 Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Ricardo A. ScrosatiRocky intertidal ecology19921997 Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Jennifer Coyle Selgrathlandscape ecology, resilience2006 Amanda Vincent (grad student)
Frank Shaughnessyphycology, seagrass ecology Botany1994 Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Jonathan B. Shurin
Matthew Siegle2012 Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student), Mary I. O'Connor (grad student)
Gerald Gurinder SinghIntertidal ecology, conservation science2008 Christopher D. Harley (grad student), Kai M A Chan (grad student)
Nicola Smith Zoology20072010 Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
George N. Somerobiochemical adaptation; ecophysiology Peter W. Hochachka (post-doc)
Natalie Staflpika foraging ecology and thermal ecology20112013 Mary I. O'Connor (grad student)
Tiffany A. StephensMarine ecology, Phycology, Seagrasses, Nutrient cycling, Ecophysiology Botany2016 Patrick T. Martone (post-doc)
Adrian C. StierPopulation Ecology; Community Ecology, Conservation Ecology Mary I. O'Connor (post-doc)
Andrea V. Sussmann1996 Ricardo A. Scrosati (collaborator), Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Richard Svanbäck Michael Doebeli (post-doc), Dolph Schluter (post-doc)
Emily C.Y. Tang Christopher D. Harley (research assistant)
F. J. R. Max TaylorMolecular Biology, Zoology Biology, Genetics, Paleontology
Patrick L. Thomspon Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Sheila J. ThorntonZoology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Amanda VincentMarine conservation, seahorse biology, trade
Carl Walters
Matthew A. Whalencommunity ecology, biodiversity Botany Department2017 Patrick T. Martone (post-doc)
Ross WhippoMarine Biodiversity, Subtidal Community Dynamics, Invertebrate Grazers20112013 Mary I. O'Connor (grad student)
Laura F. Whitephycology, marine ecology Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student), Sarah Nienhuis (collaborator)
Christopher Michael WoodComparative Physiology Zoology1971 David J. Randall (grad student)
Spencer A. Wood20042009 Jonathan B. Shurin (grad student)
Alex S.J. Wyattbiogeochemistry, coral reefs, isotope ecology, internal waves, mesophotic coral ecosystems, trophic ecology, upwelling Anya M. Waite (grad student)