UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Matthew E. S. BrackenMarine ecology20042005 John J. Stachowicz (post-doc)
Susanne Marie Branderecotoxicology, endocrine disruption, fish
Kristen Elsmore
Kaylee R. Griffithmarine ecology, conservation biology, phycology
Laura Jurgensclimate change ecology, extreme events, ecomechanics, community ecology, benthic ecology, spatial/temporal dynamics, species interactions20092015 Brian Gaylord (grad student)
Helen Julia KilleenPlankton dispersal, connectivity, marine spatial planning
Chris K. Kwanmarine community ecology, intertidal ecology, invertebrate biology2009 John J. Stachowicz (research assistant)
John Largierecological oceanography
Sarah A. MerollaOcean acidification, benthic ecology, phycology, coral reef ecology2018 Tessa M. Hill (research scientist), Eric Sanford (research scientist), Brian Gaylord (research scientist)
Cale A. Miller
April D. RidlonMarine Ecology, Behavioral Ecology20072009 Edwin Grosholz (research assistant)
Matt Robartfisheries science, kelp forest ecology, nearshore transport, community subsidies20072013 John Largier (grad student)
Kirk Sato20082010 Brian Gaylord (research scientist), Eric Sanford (research assistant)
Sadie L. SmallBenthic ecology, phycology, early life history Environmental Science and Policy2018 Steven Gaines Morgan (research assistant)
Daniel Sergio Swezeyocean acidification, evolutionary ecology, conservation science and policy20052013 Eric Sanford (grad student)
Olivia R. Turnross2013 Eric Sanford (grad student)
Catrin A. Wendtmarine ecology, anthropogenic impacts, remote camera systems, community ecology, invasive species, disease ecology20112014 Sarah Amelia Gravem (research assistant)