Georgia Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Richa AgarwalOperations Research, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Industrial Engineering2007 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Douglas S. AltnerOperations Research2008 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Deron E. BurkepileCommunity ecology, coral reef ecology, trophic ecology2006 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Huseyin DemirCivil Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering2007 Paul A. Work (grad student)
Ozlem ErgunOperations Research, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Industrial Engineering
Mark E. Hay
Jessica L. Heier StammIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research2010 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Amanda L. Hollebone2006 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Lori M. HoughtalenIndustrial Engineering2007 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Cynthia E. KicklighterWorms, worms, worms2003 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Gultekin KuyzuSystem Science Engineering2007 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Jeremy D. LongAlgae/herbivore interactions2004 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Wendy E. Morrison2010 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Maciek A. NowakOperations Research2005 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
Okan O. OzenerIndustrial Engineering, Transportation2008 Ozlem Ergun (grad student)
John D. Parker2005 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Douglas B. Rasher Biology2012 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Sebnem Seker-ElciCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Limnology Biology2004 Paul A. Work (grad student)
Tiffany A. StephensMarine ecology, Phycology, Seagrasses, Nutrient cycling, Ecophysiology Biological Sciences20102011 Mark E. Hay (research assistant)
Alan E. Wilson2006 Mark E. Hay (grad student)
Paul A. WorkCivil Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering
Ji-Xun ZhouMechanical Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering