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David R. Barclay (Info) Dalhousie University Acoustics Physics, Physical Oceanography, Marine and Ocean Engineering pq 2016‑05‑13
Iain R. Caldwell (Info) University of Hawai'i at Manoa (Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology) Ecology, Conservation, Behaviour ircaldwell 2015‑11‑24
Roger Doyle (Info) Duke a84dcs 2017‑05‑08
Jonathan A.D. Fisher (Info) Dalhousie University ppetrait 2017‑07‑24
Christian Haak (Info) Dalhousie University history of marine science pq 2015‑10‑19
Kira Krumhansl (Info) Dalhousie University ljmcoleman 2018‑04‑24
Carol Lalli (Info) McGill jclements 2013‑04‑22
S. Bruce Martin (Info) Dalhousie University craigbiggio 2021‑07‑09
Ian A. McLaren (Info) Dalhousie University population biology, evolutionary biology mebracken 2009‑10‑20
Eric L. Mills (Info) Dalhousie University history of marine science mebracken 2009‑10‑20
Vilis Nams (Info) Dalhousie University ircaldwell 2015‑11‑24
Peter S. Petraitis (Info) Penn Ecology sdudgeon 2009‑11‑08
Gordon A. Riley (Info) Dalhousie University plankton dynamics mebracken 2009‑10‑19
Robert E. Scheibling (Info) Dalhousie University jclements 2013‑01‑21
Jonathan H. Sharp (Info) University of Delaware Oceanography jandh 2019‑05‑17
Peter John Wangersky (Info) Dalhousie University and University of Victoria biological and chemical oceanography mebracken 2009‑10‑20
Boris Worm (Info) Dalhousie University biodiversity, population dynamics, fisheries sonjansmith 2016‑01‑13
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