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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Andrew H. Altieri (Info) Brown GeoffreyTrussell 2009‑10‑14
David M. Baker (Info) Carnegie Institution of Washington, Smithsonian Institution, The University of Hong Kong Coral Reef Ecology, Biogeochemistry thedmbaker 2010‑03‑26
Denise Breitburg (Info) Smithsonian Institution Marine Ecology Kgedan 2011‑06‑12
Justin Edward Campbell (Info) Smithsonian Institution Fourqurean 2015‑03‑31
Brian S. Cheng (Info) U Mass Amherst climate change, invasive species, ecophysiology, estuaries, predation bscheng 2009‑10‑15
Maxwell Stanford Doty (Info) University of Hawaii phycology jebyrnes 2009‑11‑07
James G. Douglass (Info) Smithsonian Institution seagrass, community ecology, biodiversity d0uglass 2009‑11‑09
J Emmett Duffy (Info) Virginia Institute of Marine Science biodiversity, food webs, evolutionary ecology emmett 2009‑10‑15
Keryn Bromberg Gedan (Info) George Washington University Marine ecology mbertness 2010‑03‑14
Kristin Hultgren (Info) Seattle University evolutionary ecology, decorator crabs, synalphid shrimp, marine symbioses jebyrnes 2009‑10‑14
Dean S. Janiak (Info) Smithsonian Institution Benthic Ecology dsj4 2009‑11‑30
Maggie Dorothy Johnson (Info) Scripps Oceanography Ocean acidification, macroalgae mdjohnson 2012‑08‑27
Davd I Kline (Info) Smithsonian Institution Jochrome 2023‑06‑02
Nancy Knowlton (Info) Smithsonian Institution cjstarger 2010‑10‑14
Diane Littler (Info) Smithsonian Institution Phycology jebyrnes 2009‑11‑07
Mark M. Littler (Info) Smithsonian Institution jebyrnes 2009‑10‑15
Bryan N. Nguyen (Info) George Washington University, Smithsonian Institution nguyenbn 2015‑10‑15
Valerie J. Paul (Info) Simthsonian, Ft. Pierce Lab/University of Guam Chemical Ecology dwginsburg 2009‑10‑16
Nicholas D. Pyenson (Info) Smithsonian Institution Vertebrate Paleontology, Functional Morphology, Paleobiology jfparham 2013‑09‑04
Andrea M. Quattrini (Info) Temple University david 2015‑07‑08
Gregory M. Ruiz (Info) Smithsonian Environmental Research Center alchang 2009‑11‑09
Ross Whippo (Info) UBC, Smithsonian Institution, University of Oregon Marine Biodiversity, Subtidal Community Dynamics, Invertebrate Grazers Whippo 2011‑07‑29
Robert B. Whitlatch (Info) University of Connecticut altmans 2009‑10‑16
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