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George Barlow (Info) UC Berkeley shimaje 2009‑11‑09
Jessie Bottcher (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Phoebe Caie (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Christopher E Cornwall (Info) Victoria University seaweed, ocean acidification chrisec 2018‑07‑29
Ashley D. Coutts (Info) Victoria University, Australian Maritime College Biological Invasions, Biofouling Chewitt 2015‑04‑10
Howard Barraclough Fell (Info) Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Victoria University Echinoderm evolution & paleontology, epigraphy ChrisM 2010‑02‑07
Rebeca Focht (Info) Northeastern University AndrewJBrooks 2009‑10‑15
Rebecca Focht (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Steven D. Gaines (Info) UC Santa Barbara Coastal ecology millerlp 2009‑10‑14
Shane Geange (Info) Victoria University marine ecology, fish recuitment, priority effects shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Vanessa Hernaman (Info) University of Queensland reef fish ecology shimaje 2009‑11‑09
Chad L. Hewitt (Info) Central Queensland University, University of Tasmania, NZ Government, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, University of Waikato, Murdoch University Marine invasions, biosecurity, marine ecology Chewitt 2015‑04‑10
Sally J. Holbrook (Info) UC Santa Barbara Population and Community Ecology AndrewJBrooks 2009‑10‑15
Mark Kaemingk (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Chris McDowall (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Lesley McLeod (Info) Victoria University larval ecology shimaje 2009‑11‑09
Daniel McNaughtan (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Paul Mensink (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2010‑12‑22
Keith Michael (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Sonja Miller (Info) Victoria University marine reserves, traditional ecological knowledge shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Ben Moginie (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Conor Neilson (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Philipp Neubauer (Info) Victoria University fish larval dispersal, population modelling shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Maria Jennifer Oliver (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2010‑12‑22
Craig W. Osenberg (Info) University of Georgia, University of Florida, UC Berkeley Population, Community, and Aquatic Ecology jswhite 2009‑11‑07
Alejandro Perez-Matus (Info) Victoria University reef fish ecology, marine biogeography, community ecology shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Nicole E. Phillips (Info) Victoria University benthic ecology, larval biology, invertebrates nphillips 2009‑11‑09
Abigail Powell (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
Carlos Robles (Info) CSULA Community Ecology, Rocky Intertidal Communities CDGARZA 2009‑11‑06
Russell J. Schmitt (Info) UC Santa Barbara Population and Community Ecology AndrewJBrooks 2009‑10‑15
Jeff Shima (Info) Victoria University population ecology, marine ecology, recruitment dynamics, connectivity, larval ecology shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Anna Smith (Info) Victoria University larval fish ecology, recruitment dynamics shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Wayne P. Sousa (Info) UC Berkeley Marine Ecology AndrewDeVogelaere 2009‑10‑15
Stephen Edward Swearer (Info) University of Melbourne Marine ecology, fish biology, otolith chemistry shimaje 2009‑11‑08
Jamie C. Tam (Info) Victoria University Marine Coastal Ecology scrosati 2012‑05‑03
Vincent Wood (Info) Victoria University shimaje 2016‑02‑20
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