The University of Southern Mississippi

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Heather M. Hill19962003 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student)
Stan A. KuczajMarine mammal communication, child language
Heidi LynLanguage evolution, primate models, comparative cognition
Shauna McBrideGIS, bottlenose dolphin behavior and ecology, Photo-ID Psychology2010 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student)
Lance J. Miller2009 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student)
Christina E. Perazio Psychology 20112014 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student)
Courtney E. Smithmarine mammal behavioral ecology, marine resource management/policy, wildlife-tourism interactions, public display Psychology Psychology20162017 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student), Heidi Lyn (grad student)
Christina N. TomsBottlenose dolphin distribution patterns and habitat utilization, population structure, and trophic organization in the Pensacola Bay area Psychology20092011 David John Echevarria (grad student)
Marie Trone19982006 Stan A. Kuczaj (grad student)