Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ran AnMathematics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2006 Xiaoping Wang (grad student)
Zhanqiang BaiMathematics Mathematics2013 Guowu Meng (grad student)
Qijing BianAtmospheric Chemistry HKUST2011 Alexis Lau (grad student)
Xi-Ren CaoOperations Research, Mathematics
Fang CaoElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2008 Xi-Ren Cao (grad student)
Kwing-Lam ChanMathematics, Applied Mathematics
Beifang ChenMathematics
Songnian ChenTheory Economics, Statistics, Mathematics
Kani ChenApplied Mathematics
Jian-Jun ChengMathematics2004 Jing-Song Huang (grad student)
Yat M. CheungWeb Studies, Design and Decorative Arts, Information Technology, Computer Science Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management2012 James Thong (grad student)
Yik-Man ChiangMathematics
Chi C. ChuMathematics, Finance2005 Yue-Kuen Kwok (grad student)
Xuri CongMathematics HKUST2011 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Chao-Ping DongMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2011 Jing-Song Huang (grad student)
Zhe DuMathematics HKUST2009 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Jin-Chuan DuanFinance, Statistics
Yanhui GaoMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Finance, Marketing Business Administration HKUST2012 Lixin Wu (grad student)
Mordecai J. GolinComputer Science, Mathematics
Qiaolin HeMathematics2007 Xiaoping Wang (grad student)
Kwok W. HoStatistics2005 Inchi Hu (grad student)
Weiyin HongInformation Science, Marketing Business Administration2002 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Liu Hongwei20032007 Kun Xu (grad student)
Inchi HuStatistics
Ji-shan HuMathematics
Yufa HuangMathematics HKUST2010 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Jing-Song HuangMathematics
Kai L. HuiMarketing Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics2000 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Wan Y. HuiMarketing Business Administration2006 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Chi H. Jimmy FungMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Public Health, Asian Studies
Bing-Yi JingMathematics, Statistics
Jin J. KongMathematics, Finance2007 Yue-Kuen Kwok (grad student)
Kwok Y. KuenApplied Mathematics, Mathematics
Samuel S. KwanManagement Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology, Statistics2007 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Yue-Kuen KwokFinance, Mathematics, Statistics
Roger H. KwokMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Public Health, Asian Studies HKUST2009 Chi H. Jimmy Fung (grad student)
Y.K KwokMathematics, Applied Mathematics
Alexis LauAtmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics
Yiu C. LeungComputer Science2007 Mordecai J. Golin (grad student)
Seng Y. LeungMathematics, Finance2004 Yue-Kuen Kwok (grad student)
Kwai S. LeungMathematics, Finance2006 Yue-Kuen Kwok (grad student)
Wei-Ping LiMathematics
Yanting LiIndustrial Engineering HKUST2008 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
K.Y LiMathematics, Applied Mathematics
Jian-Shu LiMathematics
Bingchen LinMathematics2011 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Yuanyuan LinApplied Mathematics2011 Kani Chen (grad student)
Shiqing LingMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics
Shi-qing LingMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics
Hancong LiuIndustrial Engineering2001 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Jiewei LiuApplied Mathematics2011 Xiao-Ping Wang (grad student)
Dongwen LiuMathematics HKUST2011 Yongchang Zhu (grad student)
Chun-Fung LoAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2006 Alexis Lau (grad student)
Ching O. LoMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2010 K.Y Li (grad student)
Siu M. LuiInformation Science, Marketing Business Administration2006 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Guowu MengMathematics
Kwok Y. Michael WongTheory Physics, Statistics
Xianghui NingIndustrial Engineering HKUST2010 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Yujun QinMathematics2004 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Wing K. See-ToFinance, Commerce-Business Economics, Banking Business Administration2005 Kar Y. Tam (grad student)
Yanfen ShangIndustrial Engineering2011 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Qi-Man ShaoMathematics, Statistics
Xiaobei ShenIndustrial Engineering hkust2013 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Lianjie ShuIndustrial Engineering2002 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Binyong SunMathematics2005 Jian-Shu Li (grad student)
Kar Y. TamManagement Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology, Statistics
Wilson H. TangGeotechnology, Statistics, Civil Engineering
James ThongWeb Studies, Design and Decorative Arts, Information Technology, Computer Science
Gerhard W. TrippenComputer Science2006 Mordecai J. Golin (grad student)
Fugee TsungIndustrial Engineering, Statistics
Kaibo WangIndustrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2006 Fugee Tsung (grad student)
Xiao-Ping WangMathematics
He Wang Physics Kwok Y. Michael Wong (grad student)
Xiaoling WangMathematics2003 Chung-Chan Yang (grad student)
Xiaoping WangMathematics
Wenjie WangMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2009 Beifang Chen (grad student)
Haitian WangComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology HKUST2011 Inchi Hu (grad student)
Dexin WangComputer Science2011 Xi-Ren Cao (grad student)
Hoi-Ying WongFinance, Mathematics, Statistics2001 Yue-Kuen Kwok (grad student)
M.Y WongMathematics, Applied Mathematics
Lixin WuMathematics, Applied Mathematics, Finance, Marketing Business Administration
Li-Xin WuMathematics, Finance
Yong XiaoMathematics2006 Xiao-Ping Wang (grad student)
Wei XiaoMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2012 Jing-Song Huang (grad student)
Min Yan Physics Kwok Y. Michael Wong (grad student)
Yuhong YanFinance, Statistics2000 Jin-Chuan Duan (grad student)
Chung-Chan YangMathematics
Yingsi YangMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2012 M.Y Wong (grad student)
Tat-Leung YeeMathematics2001 Ji-shan Hu (grad student)
Xiaoqin YinMathematics2005 Wei-Ping Li (grad student)
Xuerong YongComputer Science, Information Science2002 Mordecai J. Golin (grad student)
Kit-Wing YuMathematics HKUST2010 Yik-Man Chiang (grad student)
Junqing YuanStatistics2007 Bing-Yi Jing (grad student)
Zibing YuanAtmospheric Sciences2006 Alexis Lau (grad student)
Hanghui ZhangGeneral Economics Economics2013 Songnian Chen (grad student)
Junyu ZhangOperations Research, Mathematics2006 Xi-Ren Cao (grad student)
Zhongfeng ZhangAtmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics2003 Alexis Lau (grad student)
Yuanping ZhangComputer Science, Mathematics2002 Mordecai J. Golin (grad student)
Wendong ZhengMathematics, Applied Mathematics HKUST2012 Y.K Kwok (grad student)
Yahong ZhouGeneral Economics2005 Songnian Chen (grad student)
Xianbo ZhouTheory Economics, Statistics, Mathematics HKUST2007 Songnian Chen (grad student)
Wang ZhouMathematics, Statistics2004 Bing-Yi Jing (grad student)
Yongchang ZhuMathematics