University of South Dakota

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katherine Bauer-SandersCurriculum and Instruction Education, Elementary Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2003 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)
Floyd BoscheePhysical Education, Mathematics Education
Bonni F. BoscheeCurriculum and Instruction Education2006 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)
Sherrie BosseTechnology of Education, Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, Sciences Education
Mary T. BowneEarly Childhood Education, Elementary Education2006 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)
Vicki L. CaldwellAdministration Education, Women's Studies2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Chia-Chang ChangPhysical Education, Technology of Education2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Chun-Hsien ChenAccounting Business Administration, Adult and Continuing Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Chwan-Yi ChiangAdult and Continuing Education, Educational Psychology Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Chris P. ChristensenAdministration Education2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Eldon CliffordEducational Psychology Education, Special Education, Mathematics Education2008 Dale Pietrzak (grad student)
Marcy A. DrewEarly Childhood Education2008 Sherrie Bosse (grad student)
Kelly DuncanGuidance and Counseling Education2003 Dale Pietrzak (grad student)
Karen D. HazenReligious Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Chris P. Christensen (grad student)
Tracy L. HeilmanEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2004 Dale Pietrzak (grad student)
David L. HelgelandHigher Education, Industrial Psychology, Pharmacy2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Daniel J. HoesingTechnology of Education, Secondary Education, Teacher Training Education, Higher Education2004 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Gretchen A. HoffmanPersonality Psychology2004 Dale Pietrzak (grad student)
Thomas B. HokansonHigher Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Pei-Hung HsiaoPhysical Education, Recreation2002 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Ophelia L. HsuCurriculum and Instruction Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Recreation2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Geralyn JacobsElementary Education, Mathematics Education
Julie J. JacobsenPhysical Education, Mathematics Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Maribeth F. JorgensenSocial Sciences Education, Guidance and Counseling Education CPE-Counseling2012 Kelly Duncan (grad student)
Jennifer A. KampmannAdministration Education, Higher Education Curriculum & Instruction2012 Sherrie Bosse (grad student)
Ju-I KaoHigher Education2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Ming-Feng KaoPhysical Education, Educational Psychology Education, Recreation2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Cindy A. KatesMusic, Industrial Psychology2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Samuel D. KerrAdministration Education, Higher Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Kathy J. KnipperElementary Education, Teacher Training Education2007 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)
Craig D. KonoAdministration Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Alexis M. LarsonElementary Education, Mathematics Education2005 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)
Fen M. LeeAdministration Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Jen-Huei LeeRecreation, Guidance and Counseling Education, Secondary Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Chun-Huang LiangRecreation, Public Health, Health Education2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Dennis MaasjoAdministration Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2002 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Jackie E. McNamaraElementary Education2003 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Katherine G. MeinkCurriculum and Instruction Education2004 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Alberta K. MooreAdministration Education2002 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Alan L. NevilleAdministration Education, Educational Psychology Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Craig S. PetersAdult and Continuing Education, Community College Education, Higher Education2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Dale PietrzakEducational Psychology Education, Special Education, Mathematics Education
Renae D. ReljicGuidance and Counseling Education, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Dale Pietrzak (grad student)
Stephen J. SchulteAdministration Education2004 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Debra L. SchwietertTechnology of Education, Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, Sciences Education2008 Sherrie Bosse (grad student)
Jessica H. ShenLanguage and Literature Education, Early Childhood Education, General Language2001 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Hong-Yu ShihAdministration Education2000 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Robert A. SlabaAdministration Education, Technology of Education, Secondary Education2002 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Douglas R. TillmanCounseling Psychology, Spirituality CPE-Counseling2011 Kelly Duncan (grad student)
Marlene A. UhingAdministration Education2002 Floyd Boschee (grad student)
Joanne V. Wounded HeadSpecial Education, Early Childhood Education2005 Geralyn Jacobs (grad student)