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Mauricio Barahona (Info) Imperial College London networks, data science, biomaths & comp bio, stochastic processes, applied dynamical systems jandh 2021‑01‑31
Evelyn Martin Lansdowne Beale (Info) Imperial College London jandh 2021‑04‑08
Nicholas H. Brummell (Info) UC Santa Cruz Astrophysics Physics pq 2016‑02‑09
Peter Cargill (Info) University of St Andrews MikeLockwood 2022‑04‑05
Sydney Chapman (Info) Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge, University of Manchester, Imperial College London, Oxford jandh 2015‑12‑17
David Roxbee Cox (Info) University of Leeds, Imperial College London Logistic regression; survival modeling qirk 2016‑10‑16
Amr S. Elnashai (Info) UIUC Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics pq 2016‑03‑28
Philip E. Gill (Info) UCSD Mathematics pq 2016‑02‑19
Constantine Kotropoulos (Info) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MargaritaKotti 2013‑02‑26
Ari Laptev (Info) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Imperial College London LaurentL 2024‑04‑15
Roderick Joseph Alexander Little (Info) University of Michigan Biostatistics Biology pq 2016‑03‑18
Denis J. McConalogue (Info) UCL, Delft University of Technology jandh 2022‑10‑25
Daniel R. Moore (Info) Cambridge pgaraud 2020‑06‑15
Mathew J Owens (Info) Imperial College London MikeLockwood 2022‑04‑05
Demetrios T. Papageorgiou (Info) NJIT, Imperial College London Mathematics, Fluid and Plasma Physics pq 2016‑05‑16
William G. Penney (Info) Imperial College London david 2009‑11‑17
Ioannis Pitas (Info) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MargaritaKotti 2013‑02‑26
Rak-Kyeong Seong (Info) Imperial College London Mathematical Physics rakkyeongseong 2020‑10‑12
George Frederick James Temple (Info) Imperial College London, King's College, Oxford jandh 2016‑12‑09
Maria Theologitou (Info) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MargaritaKotti 2013‑02‑26
Sebastian Johannes van Strien (Info) Delft University of Technology, Amsterdam, University of Warwick, Imperial College London Dynamical Systems jandh 2017‑08‑08
Gerald James Whitrow (Info) Imperial College London mathematics, cosmology, science history jandh 2016‑11‑04
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