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William T Jackson (Info) University of Maryland Medical School (Microtree) Virology, Autophagy ltgmcs 2019‑04‑09
Madushani Dharmarwardana (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) oes 2019‑04‑09
Shaobo Li (Info) UT Dallas (Chemistry Tree) oes 2019‑04‑09
Sakya Singha Sen (Info) CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India (Chemistry Tree) deb112ray 2019‑04‑10
Tom Curran (Info) Roche Institute of Molecular Biology (Cell & Gene Therapy Tree) Biology, Cancer Research, Neuroscience jandh 2019‑05‑03
Zhuangchai Lai (Info) Nanyang Technlogical University (Chemistry Tree) Transition metal dichalcogenides, 2D nanomaterials strongchai 2019‑05‑03
Andrea Eveland (Info) Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (Plant Biology Tree) plantman 2019‑05‑06
David Cheng-Hao Wang (Info) Stanford (Neurotree) Neurobiology davcwang 2019‑05‑09
Sarosh Khalid-Khan (Info) Queen's University at Kingston (Neurotree) ryankirkpatrick 2019‑04‑09
Michael Tracy (Info) Stanford (Bronchopulmonary Tree) 2019‑05‑10
Lizhong Li (Info) Cornell (Physics Tree) SR830UM 2019‑05‑22
Carl A. Gottlieb (Info) Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Chemistry Tree) laserkelvin 2019‑05‑22
Robert G. Nagele (Info) Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (Neurotree) KTBush 2019‑05‑24
Louise Ringuette (Info) Université de Montréal, Montreal (Philosophy Tree) BrynWJ 2019‑05‑24
Julien Brisson (Info) Université de Montréal, Montreal (Philosophy Tree) public health ethics, HIV/AIDS BrynWJ 2019‑05‑24
Marie-Chantal Fortin (Info) Université de Montréal (Philosophy Tree) Bioethics, clinical ethics, transplantation, organ donation BrynWJ 2019‑05‑24
J. Dhineshkumar (Info) IISc Bangalore (Chemistry Tree) Vigyaanik 2019‑05‑24
M. S. Shashidhar (Info) CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India (Chemistry Tree) Synthetic and mechanistic / bio-organic chemistry related to cyclitols; neighboring group effects; organic reactions in the solid state Vigyaanik 2019‑05‑25
Axel Dente (Info) Universidad Nacional de Cordoba - Argentina (Physics Tree) HoracioPastawski 2019‑05‑25
Santosh Kumar Singh (Info) IISER Pune (Chemistry Tree) Vigyaanik 2019‑05‑19
Aseshkrishna Datta (Info) HRI Allahabad (Physics Tree) srakshit 2017‑02‑28
Ryan H Kirkpatrick (Info) Queens University (Neurotree) eating disorders, eye movements, social cognition ryankirkpatrick 2019‑04‑09
Suratna Das (Info) IIT Kanpur (Physics Tree) Cosmology suratna 2017‑02‑28
Klaas Breur (Info) Amsterdam (MPROTree) fullercd 2020‑06‑02
Hak-Soon Im (Info) Graduate Theological Union (Theology Tree) General Religion, Social Psychology, Theology pq 2016‑03‑01
Shu-ou Shan (Info) Caltech (Chemistry Tree) Macromolecular machines; protein sorting and localization; molecular recognition and regulation by novel GTPases; protein and nucleic acid structure and function jandh 2012‑06‑02
Christopher K Belous (Info) Purdue University Northwest (HDFS Tree) Couple & Family Therapy, Sexuality, Queer Studies chrisbelous 2020‑06‑02
Nadia Livingstone (Info) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (MPROTree) fullercd 2020‑06‑01
Oliver J. Gurney-Champion (Info) Amsterdam (MPROTree) fullercd 2020‑06‑01
Emily Elliott (Info) LSU (Neurotree) echris 2017‑02‑27
Adam Runions (Info) Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (Computer Science Tree) Plant modeling, morphogenesis, computer graphics, geometric modeling ARunions 2017‑02‑27
Christine Lightcap (Info) Thomas Jefferson Univeristy (Chemistry Tree) williams91010 2019‑04‑08
PEI-I Tsai (Info) UCSF (Neurotree) peiitsai 2017‑02‑27
Partha Konar (Info) Physical Research Laboratory (Physics Tree) srakshit 2017‑02‑27
Alessandro Aliprandi (Info) Université de Strasbourg (Chemistry Tree) mrkronic 2019‑05‑26
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