University of Wisconsin, Madison

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Steven A. AckermanAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Amanda S. AdamsAtmospheric Science Physics2005 Gregory J. Tripoli (grad student)
Horacio A. Aguirre-VillegasClimate Change, Alternative Energy, Agricultural Engineering Biological Systems Engineering2014 Douglas J. Reinemann (grad student)
Richard Allen Anthes1970 Donald Ray Johnson (grad student)
Min-Suk BaeEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 James J. Schauer (grad student)
Ralf BennartzAtmospheric Science Physics
Erica BickfordAtmospheric Sciences, Transportation Environment & Resources2012 Tracey Holloway (grad student)
Anakewit BoonkasameApplied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences Mathematics2012 Paul Milewski (grad student)
Kurt F. BrueskeAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Reid A. Bryson
Marcus L. BukerEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Matthew H. Hitchman (grad student)
Roger ByrnePhysical Geography, Geography, Palynology, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics, Geochemistry Geography1973 William M. Denevan (grad student)
Christopher Cardona-CorreaBotany Biology, Climate Change, Paleontology, Ecology Biology, Evolution and Development Biology Botany2013 Linda K. E. Graham (grad student)
Kai-Yuan Cheng Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences2016 Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Mihai Chiruta Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Ming-Hsin ChiuLibrary Science2007 Louise S. Robbins (grad student)
Grant L. Darkow Meteorology1963 Verner Edward Suomi (grad student)
Gijs de BoerAtmospheric Sciences2009 Gregory J. Tripoli (grad student)
Ankur DesaiEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics
John A. Dutton1962 Reid A. Bryson (grad student)
Amato T. EvanPhysical Geography, Physical Oceanography2009 Ralf Bennartz (grad student)
Jordan J. GerthAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences2013 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Jacquelyn Lee Gillpaleoecology, climate change, biogeography Geography20052012 John W. (Jack) Williams (grad student)
Monica K. HarkeyAtmospheric Sciences2009 Matthew H. Hitchman (grad student)
John HarteGlobal change, ecosystem ecology, biodiversity1965 Raymond F. Sawyer (grad student)
Tempei HashinoAtmospheric Sciences2007 Gregory J. Tripoli (grad student)
Anthony Churchill Hirst1986 John A. Young (grad student)
Matthew H. HitchmanAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry
Tracey HollowayAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Robert E. HolzAtmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing2005 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
David Drew HoughtonAtmospheric and climate dynamics, coupled ocean-atmosphere system, seasonal cycle dynamics, snyoptic and mesoscale weather systems, numerical modeling
Allen H. HuangAtmospheric Sciences
Philip Benjamin JamesAstronomy and Astrophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics1966 Marvin Emerson Ebel (grad student)
Daniel E. Johnson Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Donald Ray Johnson
Matt JohnstonEnvironmental Sciences, Alternative Energy2010 Tracey Holloway (grad student)
Amy M. KamarainenLimnology Biology, Ecology Biology, Climate Change2009 Stephen Russell Carpenter (grad student)
Marie E. KelseyLibrary Science, Secondary Education2004 Louise S. Robbins (grad student)
Yunkeum KimLibrary Science2003 Louise S. Robbins (grad student)
Chieko Kittaka Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
James P. KossinAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Alexander Kubicek Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Mark S. KulieAtmospheric Science Physics2010 Ralf Bennartz (grad student)
Matthew A. LazzaraAtmospheric Sciences2008 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Heinz H. LettauMeteorology
Zhenglong LiAtmospheric Sciences2009 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Sook LimLibrary Science, Management Business Administration2004 Louise S. Robbins (grad student)
Zhili Gerry Liu Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Chian-Yi LiuAtmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing2010 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Larry Joe Mahrt1972 John A. Young (grad student)
Shane D. Mayorlidar, meteorology, turbulence, aerosol, gravity waves2001 John A. Young (grad student)
Paul J. MeierEnvironmental Sciences, Energy, Environmental Engineering2002 Gerald L. Kulcinski (grad student)
Matthew J. MenneAtmospheric Science Physics, Geography2005 Waltraud A. R. Brinkmann (grad student)
Shaima L. NasiriAtmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing2004 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Doron NofPhysical Oceanography, Geophysics1976 John A. Young (grad student)
Giulia PanegrossiAtmospheric Science Physics2004 Gregory J. Tripoli (grad student)
Michael J. PavolonisAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Geology, Remote Sensing Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences2014 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Padma PriyadarshiniPublic and Social Welfare, Public Health, South Asian Studies, Climate Change, Environmental Studies2012 Gay W. Seidman (grad student)
Waltraud A. R. BrinkmannAtmospheric Science Physics, Geography
John D. RauschAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences2014 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Sara A. RauscherPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Waltraud A. R. Brinkmann (grad student)
Louise S. RobbinsInformation Science, Library Science, Atmospheric Sciences
Marek J. RogalAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry2009 Matthew H. Hitchman (grad student)
Stig Arvid Rossby1962 Verner Edward Suomi (grad student)
Andrew P. RutterEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Analytical Chemistry2007 James J. Schauer (grad student)
Perry J. SamsonAtmospheric science1979 Charles Richard Stearns (grad student)
David A. SantekAtmospheric Sciences2007 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
Matthew SitkowskiAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences2012 James P. Kossin (grad student)
Scott N. SpakAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2009 Tracey Holloway (grad student)
Charles Richard StearnsMeteorology1967 Heinz H. Lettau (grad student)
Jerry M. StrakaAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics1989 Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Shih-Hao SuAtmospheric Science Physics2010 Pao-Kuan Wang (grad student)
Benjamin N. SulmanBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Climate Change Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences2012 Ankur Desai (grad student)
Verner Edward SuomiSatellite meteorology
Dennis W. ThomsonElectromagnetic and acoustical signal propagation, boundary layer structure and turbulence, atmospheric effects on ecosystems, culture and history, and national science policy and ethics1964 Stig Arvid Rossby (grad student)
Gregory J. TripoliAtmospheric Science Physics
Pao-Kuan WangGeophysics, Meteorology
Xuanji WangAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Energy2003 Steven A. Ackerman (grad student)
John W. (Jack) WilliamsPaleoecology, Paleoclimatology, Vegetation Dynamics, Global Climate Change, Quaternary Environments.
Eun-Young YooInformation Science, Library Science, Health Education2004 Louise S. Robbins (grad student)
John A. Younglarge-scale atmospheric wind dynamics and turbulence near the earth's surface
David P. ZaksEnvironmental Sciences, Climate Change2010 Christopher J. Kucharik (grad student)