University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Courtney L. AngeloBotany Biology, Ecology Biology, Climate Change2012 Curtis Daehler (grad student)
Gary M. BarnesAtmospheric Sciences
Michael BevisGeophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing
Steven BusingerMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences
Chueh-hsin ChangAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Physical Oceanography2009 Shang-Ping Xie (grad student)
Yi-Leng ChenMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences
Y.-L ChenAtmospheric Science Physics
Yi-Leng ChengAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences
Antony D. ClarkeAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry
Laura K. CorlewGeneral Psychology, Climate Change2012 Clifford O'Donnell (grad student)
Klaus P. DollingAtmospheric Sciences2010 Gary M. Barnes (grad student)
Jacqueline A. HeathEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Hydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Barry J. Huebert (grad student)
Sarah E. Henly-ShepardNatural Resource Management, Theory and Methods, Sustainability, Climate Change Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources2013 Linda J. Cox (grad student)
Barry J. HuebertEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Hydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics
Fei-Fei JinAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography
Eric C. KendrickGeophysics, Geology, Geodesy2004 Michael Bevis (grad student)
Hiep V. NguyenMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2011 Yi-Leng Chen (grad student)
Hideki OkajimaAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography, Physical Geography2006 Shang-Ping Xie (grad student)
Yuko OkumuraGeophysics, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 Shang-Ping Xie (grad student)
Linlin PanAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography2003 Fei-Fei Jin (grad student)
Antti PessiAtmospheric Sciences2008 Steven Businger (grad student)
Bunmei TaguchiPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 Shang-Ping Xie (grad student)
Chuan-Chi TuMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2013 Yi-Leng Chen (grad student)
Shang-Ping XieAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Physical Oceanography
Mingxi YangGeochemistry, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics2010 Barry J. Huebert (grad student)