Pennsylvania State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michael E. Mann
Thomas P. Ackerman
Hampton N. Shirer Meteorology1978 John A. Dutton (grad student)
John A. Dutton
Richard Allen Anthes
Chalmers Franklin Sechrist1959 John R. Mentzer (grad student)
Daniel Keyser1981 Richard Allen Anthes (grad student)
Hans Neuberger
Alfred K. Blackadar
Ronald L. Lavoie Meteorology1968 Alfred K. Blackadar (grad student)
Charles L. Hosler Meteorology1951 Hans Neuberger (grad student)
James B. SimpasAtmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2012 William Henry Brune (grad student)
Hans Arnold Albert Panofskyatmospheric science
Thomas A. KovacsAtmospheric Science Physics2000 William Henry Brune (grad student)
Peter J. SousounisAtmospheric Science Physics Meteorology1990 Hampton N. Shirer (grad student)
Ann P. BarrosAtmospheric Science Physics
Benjamin A. CashAtmospheric Science Physics2000 Sukyoung Lee (grad student)
Natasha L. MilesAtmospheric Science Physics2002 Johannes Verlinde (grad student)
Martin J. OtteAtmospheric Science Physics2005 John C. Wyngaard (grad student)
Robert J. KuligowskiAtmospheric Science Physics2000 Ann P. Barros (grad student)
Eric James BarronAtmospheric Science Physics, Applied Mechanics
Jan F. DuttonAtmospheric Science Physics, Applied Mechanics2000 Eric James Barron (grad student)
Timothy J. KaneAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Jeffrey M. ChagnonAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2003 Peter R. Bannon (grad student)
Peter R. BannonAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
William R. CottonAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics Meteorology Meteorology1970 Charles L. Hosler (grad student), Ronald L. Lavoie (grad student)
Andrew J. GerrardAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2002 Timothy J. Kane (grad student)
Peter J. WebsterAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Brian J. EthertonAtmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics, Statistics2002 Craig Bishop (grad student)
Craig BishopAtmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
Daniel J. LeathersAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Geography, Hydrology Geography1988 Brent M. Yarnal (grad student), Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Christopher F. BasAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography2002 C R. Philbrick (grad student)
Adam R. EdsonAtmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics2008 James Kasting (grad student)
Arthur C. AikinAtmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics1960 John Joseph Gibbons (grad student), Arthur Henry Waynick (grad student)
Eunha KangAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry2007 William Henry Brune (grad student)
William Henry BruneAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry
Roger A. Pielke, SrAtmospheric Sciences, Biogeochemistry Meteorology1973 Hans Arnold Albert Panofsky (grad student)
John H. E. ClarkAtmospheric Sciences, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Jeremy A. RioussetAtmospheric Sciences, Fluid and Plasma Physics, Geophysics Electrical Engineering20042010 Victor P. Pasko (grad student)
Changhyun YooAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2011 Sukyoung Lee (grad student)
Alexander E. AvramovAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2009 Jerry Y. Harrington (grad student)
Sanjiv RamachandranAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2010 John C. Wyngaard (grad student)
John C. WyngaardAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology1967 John L. Lumley (grad student)
Jerry Y. HarringtonAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Geophysics
Chengzhu ZhangAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Geophysics2012 Jerry Y. Harrington (grad student)
Nathaniel C. JohnsonAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Physical Oceanography2009 Johannes Verlinde (grad student)
Manajit SenguptaBiomedical Computing2002 Thomas P. Ackerman (grad student)
Laura M. HinkelmanBiomedical Computing2003 Thomas P. Ackerman (grad student)
Robert W. Carvercirrus, cloud physics, mesoscale meteorology, numerical weather prediction Meteorology20012009 Jerry Y. Harrington (grad student)
Gopal BhattCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Environmental Engineering, Climate Change, Water Resource Management2012 Christopher J. Duffy (grad student)
Warren Morton Washingtonclimatology and atmospheric research1964 Hans Arnold Albert Panofsky (grad student)
Brent M. YarnalClimatology, Human Dimensions of Global Change, Natural Hazards, Land Science
Cory Francis BaggettDynamics Meteorology20112016 Sukyoung Lee (grad student)
Sean E. DaisleyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2002 Kultegin Aydin (grad student)
Benjamin L. LampteyEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 Eric James Barron (grad student)
Raymond A. ShawFluid and Plasma Physics, Atmospheric Science Physics, Mechanical Engineering Meteorology1998 Dennis Lamb (grad student)
Atsuko NonoguchiGender Studies, Climate Change, Social Structure and Development2012 Carolyn E. Sachs (grad student)
Hiroshi OhmotoGeochemistry, Atmospheric Science Physics
Shuhei OnoGeochemistry, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Hiroshi Ohmoto (grad student)
Yumiko WatanabeGeochemistry, Paleoecology2002 Hiroshi Ohmoto (grad student)
Mark R. ReadGeography, Climate Change, General, Military Studies2014 William E. Easterling (grad student)
Seth D. BaumGeography, General Economics, Climate Change, Environmental Economics2012 William E. Easterling (grad student)
Christopher J. PoulsenGeology, Atmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography Eric James Barron (grad student)
Matthew T. BoehmGeophysics2001 Johannes Verlinde (grad student)
Johannes VerlindeGeophysics
Guo YuMeteorology2013 Johannes Verlinde (grad student)
Jenni-Louise EvansMeteorology
Walter C. KolczynskiMeteorology2011 Sue E. Haupt (grad student)
Andrew AnnunzioMeteorology2011 Sue E. Haupt (grad student)
Yvette RichardsonMeteorology
David R. StaufferMeteorology
Sue E. HauptMeteorology
Lili LeiMeteorology2011 David R. Stauffer (grad student)
James MarquisMeteorology2010 Yvette Richardson (grad student)
Ryan M. HastingsMeteorology2013 Yvette Richardson (grad student)
Christopher J NowotarskiMeteorology Meteorology20092013 Paul M. Markowski (grad student)
Maria d. Cazorla AndradeMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2010 William Henry Brune (grad student)
Mahlon P. RambukkangeMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2012 Johannes Verlinde (grad student)
Luna M. RodriguezMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, Aeronomy2012 Sue E. Haupt (grad student)
Sukyoung LeeMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Jacob Haqq-MisraMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics2010 Sukyoung Lee (grad student)
Jonathan L. PettersMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change2009 Eugene E. Clothiaux (grad student)
Fangxing FanMeteorology, Climate Change2011 Michael E. Mann (grad student)
Robert CraneMeteorology, Climate Change, Atmospheric Sciences
Liang NingMeteorology, Climate Change, Atmospheric Sciences2012 Robert Crane (grad student)
Daniel J. Brouillettemeteorology, climatology, geoscience Meteorology20122015 Michael E. Mann (grad student)
Dagistan SahinNuclear Engineering, Climate Change2012 Kenan Ünlü (grad student)
Jason M. AllardPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics2002 Andrew M. Carleton (grad student)
William E. EasterlingPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Climate Change
Christopher KarmoskyPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences Geography2013 Derrick Lampkin (grad student)
Derrick LampkinPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences
Raul E. Jaramillo-VelasteguiPlant Culture Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Climate Change2011 Jonathan Paul Lynch (grad student)
Michael P. SulzerRadat
Yinghui LuRemote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2013 Eugene E. Clothiaux (grad student)
Kultegin AydinRemote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Xianzeng NiuSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture, Remote Sensing2004 William E. Easterling (grad student)
Peter Morgan BanksSpace Physics, Earth Systems, Remote Sensing, Earth Climate Change, Technology Development1965 Marcel Nicolet (grad student)
Robert Edward HartTropical/Synoptic Meteorology2001 Jenni-Louise Evans (grad student)
Mary B. Badayos-JoverWomen's Studies, General, Climate Change, Environmental Studies2012 Carolyn E. Sachs (grad student)