University of California, Davis

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Garry RodriguePhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics
Shu-Hua ChenAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Kyaw T. Paw UAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Engineering
Walter C. OechelEcology Biology, Atmospheric Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Thomas A. CahillAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences
Bryan C. WeareAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography
Terrence R. NathanAtmospheric Science Physics
Andrew J. McElroneGeneral Agriculture, Atmospheric Sciences
Liukang Xu Ted Hsiao (grad student)
Annaliese Hettingerclimate change, biomechanics, larval biology, ocean acidification Tessa M. Hill (post-doc)
Shuaiqi Wu2019 Erwan Monier (grad student)
Roger H. ShawAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Rosemary Uyeda2019 Erwan Monier (grad student)
Sonya Rauschenbach2021 Erwan Monier (grad student)
Sara Ludwick2021 Erwan Monier (grad student)
Elise S. GornishRestoration Ecology, Plant Demography, Climate Change
Sui L. KuoMarine ecology, climate change Ecology2012 Eric Sanford (grad student)
Cascade J. B. SorteMarine ecology, climate change, invasions Ecology2010 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Brian S. Chengclimate change, invasive species, ecophysiology, estuaries, predation2008 Edwin Grosholz (grad student)
Charles Jones Department of Land, Air and Water Resources19901994 Bryan C. Weare (grad student)
Marc B. ParlangeEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Eric SanfordMarine ecology, climate change1999 Jane Lubchenco (grad student)
R. D. PylesAtmospheric Science Physics, Applied Mechanics2000 Kyaw T. Paw U (grad student)
Li FitzmauriceAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Engineering2002 Roger H. Shaw (grad student)
Richard A. VanCurenPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences2002 Thomas A. Cahill (grad student)
Daniel H. HodyssAtmospheric Science Physics2003 Terrence R. Nathan (grad student)
Bai YangAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2003 Roger H. Shaw (grad student)
William I. GustafsonAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography2003 Bryan C. Weare (grad student)
Aaron R. HerrnsteinPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Mathematics2005 Garry Rodrigue (grad student)
Young-San ParkAtmospheric Science Physics2006 Kyaw T. Paw U (grad student)
Erwan MonierClimate change and variability, climate modeling, climate impacts, integrated assessment modeling, coupled human-Earth system Atmospheric Science20032009 Bryan C. Weare (grad student)
Donatella ZonaEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Remote Sensing, Climate Change2009 Walter C. Oechel (grad student)
Zhan ZhaoAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Climate Change Atmospheric Science2009 Shu-Hua Chen (grad student)
Walter A. HamEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering2010 Michael J. Kleeman (grad student)
Abdullah A. MahmudEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Health2010 Michael J. Kleeman (grad student)
Cheryl A. LaskowskiEcology Biology, Atmospheric Sciences, Biogeochemistry Ecology2010 Walter C. Oechel (grad student)
Wayne W. LeightyTransportation, Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Management Transportation Technology and Policy2010 Joan M. Ogden (grad student)
Stephen A. ConleyAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Science2010 Ian C. Faloona (grad student)
Angadh SinghChemical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Climate Change Chemical Engineering2011 Ahmet Palazoglu (grad student)
David L. McCollumEnergy, Transportation, Climate Change Transportation Technology and Policy2011 Joan M. Ogden (grad student)
Liyi XuAtmospheric Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology Atmospheric Science2012 Kyaw T. Paw U (grad student)
John R. AlbersAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2012 Terrence R. Nathan (grad student)
Thomas M. ShaplandGeneral Agriculture, Atmospheric Sciences Horticulture and Agronomy2012 Andrew J. McElrone (grad student)
Peter H. HowardEnvironmental Economics, Climate Change, Agricultural Economics Agricultural and Resource Economics2012 Rachael E. Goodhue (grad student)
Karen M. ThorneGeography, Climate Change, Ecology Biology Geography2012 Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk (grad student)
Raven GarveyArchaeology Anthropology, Paleoclimate Science, Climate Change Anthropology2012 Robert L. Bettinger (grad student)
Katherine S. PopeHorticulture Agriculture, Climate Change Horticulture and Agronomy2013 Theodore M. DeJong (grad student)
Cloe GarnacheEnvironmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Agricultural and Resource Economics2013 Richard E. Howitt (grad student)
Rommel C. ZuluetaAtmospheric Sciences, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Cove S. SturtevantEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Climate Change Ecology2013 Walter C. Oechel (grad student)