University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jonathan Paul Dilworth AbbattAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Ferdinand BaerApplied Mathematics, Computer Science, Atmospheric Sciences Meteorology1961 George W. Platzman (grad student)
Ray BallAccounting Business Administration, Atmospheric Science Physics
Timothy M. BarzykPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics2006 John E. Frederick (grad student)
George S. Benton1947 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Erwin R. Biel1944 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (research scientist)
Reid A. Bryson1948 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student), Erwin R. Biel (grad student)
Horace Robert ByersMeteorology
Charles C. Colby Geography1916 Rollin D. Salisbury (grad student)
Christine T. CunyAccounting Business Administration Business2013 Ray Ball (grad student)
John E. FrederickPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics
Dave Fultzlaboratory models of the general circulation of the atmosphere1947 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
William M. Graymeteorology Geophysical Sciences1964 Herbert Riehl (grad student)
Anne HeinrichsAccounting Business Administration, Finance, General Economics Business2014 Ray Ball (grad student)
Gilles HilaryAccounting Business Administration, Finance, Labor Economics2002 Ray Ball (grad student)
G. Donald Hudson Geography1933 Charles C. Colby (grad student)
Pepa KraftAccounting Business Administration Business2010 Ray Ball (grad student)
Tiruvalum N. KrishnamurtiAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics Meteorology1959 Herbert Riehl (grad student)
Hsiao-Lan Kuo1948 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Noel E. LaSeur meteorology1953 Herbert Riehl (grad student)
Ningzhong LiAccounting Business Administration, Banking Business Administration2009 Ray Ball (grad student)
Yixiang LiaoAtmospheric Science Physics2004 John E. Frederick (grad student)
Robert Radcliffe LongFluid Mechanics Meteorology1950 Dave Fultz (grad student)
Morris Neiburger1945 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Steven F. OrpurtAccounting Business Administration, Finance2004 Ray Ball (grad student)
Norman A. Phillipstheoretical meteorology1951 George W. Platzman (grad student), Carl-Gustaf Rossby (research assistant)
George W. Platzmanstorm-surge forecasting1948 Victor P. Starr (grad student)
Matthew PritchardGeophysics, Geology, Remote Sensing Department of Physics19931997 Rene A. Ong (research assistant)
Herbert RiehlTropical Meteorology Meteorology1947 Horace Robert Byers (grad student)
Carl-Gustaf RossbyMeteorology
Gil SadkaAccounting Business Administration, General Economics, Finance2005 Ray Ball (grad student)
Zdeněk Sekeraatmospheric science19461949 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (research scientist)
John J. ShonAccounting Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics2005 Ray Ball (grad student)
Joanne Gerould Starr Malkus Simpson1949 Herbert Riehl (grad student), Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Abraham L. SolomonAtmospheric Sciences Geophysical Sciences2011 Noboru Nakamura (grad student)
Thomas W. Spence Meteorology1973 Dave Fultz (grad student)
Victor P. Starratmospheric general circulation1946 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Verner Edward SuomiSatellite meteorology Meteorology1953 Carl-Gustaf Rossby (grad student)
Ian N. WilliamsClimate Change, Atmospheric Sciences Geophysical Sciences2012 Raymond T. Pierrehumbert (grad student)
Shelby WinieckiAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics, Environmental Engineering2004 John E. Frederick (grad student)
Regina Wittenberg MoermanAccounting Business Administration2006 Ray Ball (grad student)