University of Washington, Seattle

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Daniel A. JaffeAtmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences
Thomas P. Ackerman1976 Conway B. Leovy (grad student)
Brian C. AncellAtmospheric Sciences2006 Clifford F. Mass (grad student)
Kyle C. ArmourPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Physics2012 LuAnne Thompson (grad student)
Larissa BackAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography2007 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Neil J. BaconAtmospheric Science Physics, Condensed Matter Physics Physics2001 Marcia B. Baker (grad student), Brian Swanson (grad student)
Hannah C BarnesAtmospheric science Atmospheric science20102016 Robert A. Houze (grad student)
David Stephen BattistiAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics1988 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student), Edward Stuart Sarachik (grad student)
Enrica BelloneStatistics, Atmospheric Science Physics2000 James P. Hughes (grad student)
Andrew BernerAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2014 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Cecilia M. BitzIce and Climate Interactions, Polar Climate, Sea Ice1997 David Stephen Battisti (grad student)
Tami C. BondEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences Civil Engineering Timothy V. Larson (grad student)
Christopher S. BrethertonApplied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change
Bonnie R. BrownAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology Atmospheric Sciences2014 Gregory J. Hakim (grad student)
Tania M. Busch IsaksenPublic Health, Environmental Health, Climate Change Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences2014 Michael G. Yost (grad student)
Konrad J. K. BüttnerMeteorology
Matthew T. CarrAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Douglas B. Carter1957 Marion E. Marts (grad student)
Steven M. CavalloAtmospheric Sciences2009 Gregory J. Hakim (grad student)
Robert J. CharlsonAtmospheric Science Physics1964 Konrad J. K. Büttner (grad student)
Kimberly K. ComstockAtmospheric Science Physics2006 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Kathleen CrahanAtmospheric Sciences2006 Dean A. Hegg (grad student)
Jean M. DanielsForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Wood Technology Agriculture2007 John Perez-Garcia (grad student)
Barnali DasStatistics, Atmospheric Science Physics2000 Peter Guttorp (grad student)
Simon P. de SzoekeAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2004 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Kerry A. DeutschGeophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics2000 Gonzalo Hernandez (grad student)
Tra P. Dinh Atmospheric Sciences2012 Thomas P. Ackerman (grad student), Dale R. Durran (grad student)
Frederick A. EckelAtmospheric Science Physics2003 Clifford F. Mass (grad student)
Scott J. EichelbergerAtmospheric Science Physics2005 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Robert A. EllemanAtmospheric Sciences2007 David S. Covert (grad student)
Stuart Evans Atmospheric Sciences2014 Thomas P. Ackerman (grad student)
Nicole FeldlAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 Gerard Roe (grad student)
Emily V. FischerAtmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2010 Daniel A. Jaffe (grad student)
Robert Guthrie FleagleAtmospheric Sciences
Jennifer FletcherAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Tyler J. FudgeGeophysics, Paleoclimate Science, Climate Change Earth and Space Sciences2013 Edwin D. Waddington (grad student)
Chaim I. GarfinkelAtmospheric Sciences2010 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Thomas Cameron GrenfellSolar and Infrared Radiation Processes in Snow, Clouds and Sea Ice. Arctic and Antarctic climate. Radiative Transfer Modeling of Visible and Infrared Radiation in Snow and Sea Ice. Microwave Properties of Snow and Ice. Instrumentation design and construc1972 Karl-Heinz Böhm (grad student)
Gregory J. HakimGeophysics
George J. HakimAtmospheric Sciences
R G. Hamish RobertsonNuclear Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Atmospheric Sciences
Lucas M. HarrisAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Applied Mathematics2010 Dale R. Durran (grad student)
Dennis L. HartmannGeophysics
Dean A. HeggEnvironmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Atmospheric Science Physics
Gonzalo HernandezGeophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics
Paul J. HezelAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences2012 Cecilia M. Bitz (grad student)
Anthony Churchill Hirst
Joanne HoForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Statistics, Meteorology2009 John Perez-Garcia (grad student)
David Drew HoughtonAtmospheric and climate dynamics, coupled ocean-atmosphere system, seasonal cycle dynamics, snyoptic and mesoscale weather systems, numerical modeling1963 Robert Guthrie Fleagle (grad student)
Robert A. HouzeAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Regina A. HusetAnalytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Atmospheric Sciences2007 Richard H. Gammon (grad student)
Kathleen HuybersGeophysics, Climate Change Earth and Space Sciences2014 Howard B. Conway (grad student)
Yen-Ting HwangAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 Dargan M. W. Frierson (grad student)
Julia C. JarvisAtmospheric Sciences, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry2008 Eric J. Steig (grad student)
Richard H. Johnson
Elizabeth A. Barnes KeysAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences2012 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Clark H. KirkmanClimate Change, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences2011 Cecilia M. Bitz (grad student)
Robert A. KotchenrutherAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry2000 Daniel A. Jaffe (grad student)
Ian KraucunasPublic Health, Occupational Health and Safety2005 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Terence L. KubarAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing2008 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Shelley A. KunasekAtmospheric Chemistry, Paleoclimate Science, Geochemistry2009 Eric J. Steig (grad student)
Marysa Laguë Department of Atmospheric Sciences20132019 Abigail L.S. Swann (grad student)
Kristin A. LarsonGeophysics2002 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Taedong LeeGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, International Relations, Climate Change2010 Aseem Prakash (grad student)
Conway B. Leovy
Bonnie LightAtmospheric Science Physics, Optics Physics, Physical Oceanography2000 Gary A. Maykut (grad student)
Zheng Liu2012 Thomas P. Ackerman (grad student)
Ben LivnehHydrology, Civil Engineering, Climate Change Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Dennis Patrick Lettenmaier (grad student)
Rahul B. MahajanAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2011 Gregory J. Hakim (grad student)
Eric D. MaloneyAtmospheric Science Physics, Applied Mechanics2000 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)
Brian MapesMeteorology1992 Robert A. Houze (grad student)
Marion E. Marts
Sarah J. MasonisAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Robert J. Charlson (grad student)
Clifford F. MassAtmospheric Science Physics, Statistics
Gary A. MaykutAtmospheric Science Physics, Optics Physics, Physical Oceanography
James R. McCaaAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Kelly E. McCuskerAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 David Stephen Battisti (grad student), Cecilia M. Bitz (grad student)
Michael J. McPhadenPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics
Gerald A. Nichols-PagelMechanical Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Sungsu Park2002 Conway B. Leovy (grad student)
Jerome PatouxAtmospheric Sciences
Sandra PennyAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 David Stephen Battisti (grad student)
John Perez-GarciaForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Statistics, Meteorology
Donald K. PerovichGeological Engineering, Geophysics1983 Thomas Cameron Grenfell (grad student)
Matthew E. PetersAtmospheric Science Physics2005 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Stanislav PetrasekNatural Resource Management, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Agricultural Economics2010 John Perez-Garcia (grad student)
Michele T. PoffMass Communications, Climate Change2010 David S. Domke (grad student)
Gregory Quetin Department of Atmospheric Sciences20122017 Abigail L.S. Swann (grad student)
Kristen L. RasmussenAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Studies, Hydrology Atmospheric Sciences2014 Robert A. Houze (grad student)
David R. ReidmillerAtmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2010 Daniel A. Jaffe (grad student)
Alicia S. RobbinsEnvironmental Economics, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2011 John Perez-Garcia (grad student)
Gerard RoeGeophysics, Geology, Atmospheric Science Physics
Mark J. RoodEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering1985 David S. Covert (grad student), Timothy V. Larson (grad student)
Karen H RosenlofStratospheric dynamics Atmospheric Sciences19891994 James R. Holton (grad student)
Summer B. RupperGeophysics, Geology, Atmospheric Science Physics2007 Eric J. Steig (grad student)
Jacob ScheffAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Hydrology Atmospheric Sciences2014 Dargan M. W. Frierson (grad student)
Elizabeth Scott-KolarovaMarketing Business Administration, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2008 John Perez-Garcia (grad student)
Xiaogang ShiHydrology, Climate Change Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Dennis Patrick Lettenmaier (grad student)
Eric J. SteigAtmospheric Sciences, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry Geological Sciences1996 Minze Stuiver (grad student), Alan R. Gillespie (grad student), Stephen C. Porter (grad student)
Ken TakahashiAtmospheric Sciences, Geophysics2006 David Stephen Battisti (grad student)
Christopher R. TeraiAtmospheric Sciences, Geophysics, Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences2014 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student), Robert Wood (grad student)
LuAnne ThompsonPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change
Ryan TornAtmospheric Sciences2007 George J. Hakim (grad student)
Junya UchidaApplied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2010 Christopher S. Bretherton (grad student)
Dawn VaughnInvertebrate Biology, Climate Change, Larval Ecology Friday Harbor Labs Emily Carrington (post-doc)
Daniel J. VimontAtmospheric Science Physics2002 David Stephen Battisti (grad student)
Nathalie VoisinHydrology, Meteorology, Environmental Engineering2010 Dennis Patrick Lettenmaier (grad student)
Dargan M. W. FriersonAtmospheric Sciences
Halvor Holt WestbergEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics1969 Hyp J. Dauben (grad student), George Hubert Stout (grad student)
Nicole L. WigderAtmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2014 Daniel A. Jaffe (grad student)
Jeffrey H. YinAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography2002 David Stephen Battisti (grad student)
Sandra YuterAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Remote Sensing Robert A. Houze (grad student)
Mark D. ZelinkaAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change2010 Dennis L. Hartmann (grad student)