Georgia Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Farhan H. AkhtarAtmospheric Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning, Sustainability2009 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Elena M. BergerAlternative Energy, Public and Social Welfare, Climate Change2010 Susan Cozzens (grad student)
Anne T. Case HanksAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Chemistry2008 Greg Huey (grad student)
Vincent CombesPhysical Oceanography2010 Emanuele D. Lorenzo (grad student)
Imme Ruth Ebert-UphoffCausal discovery, Climate Informatics, Bayesian networks and other graphical models
Jason C. FurtadoAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Climate Change2010 Emanuele D. Lorenzo (grad student)
Arsineh N. HecobianAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2010 Rodney J. Weber (grad student)
Carlos D. HoyosAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Meteorology
Greg HueyAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Chemistry
L Gregory HueyAtmospheric Science Physics, Analytical Chemistry
Jun JianAtmospheric Sciences, Hydrology2007 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Oleksandr KarabanovAtmospheric Sciences, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences2007 Robert G. Roper (grad student)
Sae W. KimAtmospheric Sciences2007 L Gregory Huey (grad student)
Frederick M. KimaiteCivil Engineering, Water Resource Management, Environmental Economics, Climate Change2011 Aris P. Georgakakos (grad student)
Jin LiaoAtmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Inorganic Chemistry Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2011 L Gregory Huey (grad student)
Shaw C. LiuAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences
Emanuele D. LorenzoAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Climate Change
Alberto Mendoza DominguezEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2001 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Feifei Panhydrology, water resources, environmental modeling, remote sensing and GIS Civil and Environmental Engineering19972002 Christa Dianne Peters-Lidard (grad student)
Christa Dianne Peters-Lidardhydrology, hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, remote sensing, land data assimilation
Robert G. RoperAtmospheric Sciences, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences
Armistead G. RussellEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences
Steven J. SjostedtAtmospheric Science Physics2006 L Gregory Huey (grad student)
Darlene L. SlusherAtmospheric Science Physics, Analytical Chemistry2003 L Gregory Huey (grad student)
Allison L. SteinerAtmospheric Science Physics2003 William L. Chameides (grad student)
Asuka Suzuki-ParkerAtmospheric Sciences2011 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Amy C. TidwellCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Atmospheric Sciences2006 Aris P. Georgakakos (grad student)
Violeta E. TomaAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography2008 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Sara C. Vieira AgudeloAtmospheric Sciences2010 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Peter J. WebsterAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Matthew WidlanskyMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2010 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Hongbin YuAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2000 Shaw C. Liu (grad student)
Manuel D. Zuluaga-AriasAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Meteorology2011 Carlos D. Hoyos (grad student)