University of California, Los Angeles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lawrence Hugh Allerplanetary nebulae, stellar atmospheres, and the chemical composition of stars and nebulae
Richard B. Bernsteinmolecular beam studies of molecular forces and chemical reactivity
Daniel P. FerrisNeural Control and Biomechanics of Human Locomotion19982000 Susan Jill Harkema (post-doc)
Robert Ellsworth Irelandorganic synthesis19541956 William Gould Young (post-doc)
Stephen MarenNeurobiology of learning and memory19931996 Michael Fanselow (post-doc)
Naomi Nagaya Diane M. Papazian (post-doc)
Marianne Olds Ted H. Bullock (grad student)
Vincent L. PecoraroSynthetic Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry1977 Willard Frank Libby (research assistant)
William R. RoushMedicinal Chemistry1974 Julius Rebek, Jr. (research assistant)
Lois Weisman William Wickner (post-doc)
Omar M. Yaghiinorganic