University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark M. Banaszak HollBiophysical, Surface, and Organometallic Chemistry1986 Gregory Lee Hillhouse (research assistant)
Roy Clarkex-ray physics, materials research, magnetic and ferroelectric nanostructures Physics1980 Sidney R. Nagel (post-doc)
Clyde H. CoombsMathematical psychology19371940 Louis Leon Thurstone (grad student)
Billy J. EvansSolid State Chemistry1968 Stefan S. Hafner (grad student)
Theodore G. Goodsonoptical properties and applications of novel organic macromolecular materials1997 Luping Yu (post-doc)
William Albert Hiltnerspectrophotometry
Kenneth E. JochimAutonomic pharmacology, cardiovascular physiology1941 Louis N. Katz (grad student)
Stephen LeeSolid State Chemistry19821986 Jeremy K. Burdett (grad student)
Norman Maier Karl Spencer Lashley (post-doc)
Maurice H. SeeversPharmacology, drug and alcohol abuse1928 Arthur Lawrie Tatum (grad student)
Natela M ShanidzeVestibular System, Eye movements