University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jill B. Beckeraddiction19761980 Victor Domingo Ramirez (grad student)
Minor J. Cooncytochrome P45019431946 William C. Rose (grad student)
Eugene E. Dekkermammalian and bacterial studies on the chemistry, metabolism, and enzymology of amino acids, the characterization of new enzymes, and establishing enzyme structure/function/regulation interrelations1954 William C. Rose (grad student)
Patricia J. DeldinERP, depression, schizophrenia, emotion19871993 Gregory A. Miller (grad student)
William J. GehringERPs - Cognition19851992 Emanuel Donchin (grad student), Michael G. H. Coles (grad student)
Paul Alfred HunsickerPhysical Education1949 Thomas Kirk Cureton (grad student)
Raymond Nevoy Kellercoordination chemistry and radiochemistry1940 John Christian Bailar (grad student)
George R. LarueParasitology Henry Baldwin Ward (grad student)
Myron Levine Salvador E. Luria (post-doc)
Yili Liu Christopher Wickens (grad student)
Daniel T. Longoneorganic chemistry Carl Shipp Marvel (post-doc)
Megan M. MahoneySex, surges, and circadian rhythms
Stephen MarenNeurobiology of learning and memory Psychology19871989 Michael Gabriel (research assistant)
Brandon C. McKinneyschizophrenia, aging, epigenetic, DNA methylation20012002 William T. Greenough (grad student)
Jeffrey Scott Mooresynthesis and study of macromolecules1989 Samuel Isaac Stupp (grad student)
Charles Gilbert OverbergerPolymer Research Chemistry1944 Carl Shipp Marvel (grad student)
Robert W. Parryinorganic chemistry1946 John Christian Bailar (grad student)
Nathaniel K. Szymczaksynthetic transition-metal based inorganic chemistry targeted toward the development of new catalytic transformations for energy recycling and delivery with minimal energy input2002 Thomas B. Rauchfuss (research assistant)
Daniel H. WeissmanAttention19931999 Marie T. Banich (grad student)
Paul Smith Welchlimnology1913 Frank Smith (grad student)
Omar M. Yaghiinorganic1990 Walter George Klemperer (grad student)