University of Kentucky

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sue E. NokesAgricultural Engineering, Microbiology Biology
F A. PayneAgricultural Engineering, Microbiology Biology
Sefa TarhanAgricultural Engineering, Microbiology Biology2001 Sue E. Nokes (grad student)
Mari S. ChinnAgricultural Engineering, Microbiology Biology2003 Sue E. Nokes (grad student)
Czarena L. CrofcheckAgricultural Engineering2001 F A. Payne (grad student)
Kenneth R. LibertyEnvironmental Engineering2002 F A. Payne (grad student)
Mary-Grace C. DanaoAgricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering2005 F A. Payne (grad student)
Barbara L. KnutsonChemical Engineering, Microbiology Biology
Eleanor A. HawesMechanical Engineering2007 Czarena L. Crofcheck (grad student)
Xinyi EEnergy, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Engineering2013 Czarena L. Crofcheck (grad student)
Marazban SarkariChemical Engineering2000 Barbara L. Knutson (grad student)
Jason A. BerberichChemical Engineering, Microbiology Biology2001 Barbara L. Knutson (grad student)
Yeh W. KhoChemical Engineering2003 Barbara L. Knutson (grad student)
Hsin-Fen LiChemical Engineering2012 Barbara L. Knutson (grad student)
Jiayou ZhangMicrobiology Biology
Mingdong LiuVirology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2006 Jiayou Zhang (grad student)
Salvatore J. TurcoBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology
Carol PickettMicrobiology Biology
Michael L. GoodsonMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Salvatore J. Turco (grad student)
Anuradha Guha-NiyogiBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology2002 Salvatore J. Turco (grad student)
Deborah R. Sullivan-DavisBiochemistry2003 Salvatore J. Turco (grad student)
Duane C. HassaneMicrobiology Biology2002 Carol Pickett (grad student)
Bruce WebbEntomology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Roland S. HilgarthEntomology Biology2001 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Matthew W. TurnbullEntomology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2002 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Walaikorn RattanadechakulEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology2004 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Jeremy A. KroemerEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Virology Biology2006 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Torrence A. GillEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology2007 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Tyasning NusawardaniMolecular Biology, Virology Biology, Parasitology Biology2009 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Tonja W. FisherVirology Biology, Entomology Biology2009 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Juliane DeacutisParasitology Biology, Virology Biology, Molecular Biology2012 Bruce Webb (grad student)
Yousef A. KwaikMicrobiology Biology
Karl A. DawsonAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Lisa L. PedersenMicrobiology Biology2000 Yousef A. Kwaik (grad student)
Steven D. ZinkMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Yousef A. Kwaik (grad student)
Kenneth W. BlankEntomology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Public Health2000 Karl A. Dawson (grad student)
Juan M. TricaricoAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Microbiology Biology2001 Karl A. Dawson (grad student)
Robert J. HarmonAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Roger W. ScalettiAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Microbiology Biology2003 Robert J. Harmon (grad student)
Wesley J. BirgeEcology Biology, Microbiology Biology
Charles J. WaechterCell Biology, Microbiology Biology
Melissa C. NewmanFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Thomas R. Hamilton-KempFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Mark L. FarmanPlant Pathology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Hesham A. ElgaaliFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology2005 Melissa C. Newman (grad student)
Susana M. Scheuren-PortocarreroFood Science and Technology Agriculture2006 Melissa C. Newman (grad student)
Erica A. PetteyMicrobiology Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Genetics2008 Melissa C. Newman (grad student)
Cathryn J. RehmeyerPlant Pathology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology2005 Mark L. Farman (grad student)
Joseph R. ShawToxicology2001 Wesley J. Birge (grad student)
Julann A. SprombergToxicology, Ecology Biology2002 Wesley J. Birge (grad student)
Agus SofyanEcology Biology, Microbiology Biology2004 Wesley J. Birge (grad student)
Sivappiragasam L. PakkiriCell Biology, Microbiology Biology2004 Charles J. Waechter (grad student)
Keshun YuFood Science and Technology Agriculture2001 Thomas R. Hamilton-Kemp (grad student)
Kyung MyungPlant Physiology, Food Science and Technology Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture2005 Thomas R. Hamilton-Kemp (grad student)
Stephen L. DobsonEntomology Biology, Microbiology Biology
John F. TimoneyVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Pathology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Joseph P. McGillisMicrobiology Biology
Chongsuk RyouVirology Biology, Neurobiology Biology, Microbiology Biology
Charles E. MaysVirology Biology, Neurobiology Biology, Microbiology Biology2010 Chongsuk Ryou (grad student)
Brian StevensonMicrobiology Biology
Udeni B. R. BalasuryiaVeterinary Science Biology, Virology Biology, Microbiology Biology
Shawn R. BrowningMolecular Biology, Animal Pathology Agriculture2005 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Karah E. NazorMolecular Biology, General Biophysics2005 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Kristi M. GreenMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2007 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Bei DongMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2008 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Rachel C. AngersMicrobiology Biology, Animal Pathology Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology2009 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Rachel D. BurnsideMolecular Biology2006 Martha L. Peterson (grad student)
Kate von LackumMicrobiology Biology, Parasitology Biology2006 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Logan H. BurnsMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2011 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Brandon L. JutrasMicrobiology Biology2013 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Yasemin H. Kaya CongletonMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology2006 Susan C. Straley (grad student)
Tracey SchneemanMolecular Biology, Immunology2004 Charlotte Kaetzel (grad student)
Eric W. RogierImmunology2012 Charlotte Kaetzel (grad student)
Stefan FernandezNeuroscience Biology2001 Joseph P. McGillis (grad student)
Radu-Tudor CiorneiMicrobiology Biology2007 Joseph P. McGillis (grad student)
Eric J. MarslandEntomology Biology2003 Stephen L. Dobson (grad student)
Zhiyong XiEntomology Biology, Microbiology Biology2005 Stephen L. Dobson (grad student)
Corey L. BrelsfoardMicrobiology Biology, Parasitology Biology2009 Stephen L. Dobson (grad student)
James W. MainsGeneral Biology, Parasitology Biology, Public Health2012 Stephen L. Dobson (grad student)
Philip R. CrainEcology Biology, Entomology Biology2013 Stephen L. Dobson (grad student)
Jarlath E. NallyMicrobiology Biology, Immunology2001 John F. Timoney (grad student)
Sureshkumar MuthupalaniVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Pathology Agriculture2005 John F. Timoney (grad student)
Raksha TiwariVeterinary Science Biology2007 John F. Timoney (grad student)
Fred W. KnappEntomology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Public Health
Thomas M. ChambersMicrobiology Biology, Veterinary Science Biology
Chengbin LinMicrobiology Biology, Veterinary Science Biology2000 Thomas M. Chambers (grad student)
Vivek M. RangnekarMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Nadia M. El-GuendyMolecular Biology2002 Vivek M. Rangnekar (grad student)
Krishna M. VasudevanMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2005 Vivek M. Rangnekar (grad student)
Elisa M. D'AngeloSoil Science Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Environmental Sciences
Jerold WoodwardMicrobiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Immunology
Wai K. LohImmunology2002 Jerold Woodward (grad student)
Rahul G. MatnaniImmunology, Cell Biology2010 Jerold Woodward (grad student)
Jeffrey L. EbersoleMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Dentistry
Anthony P. SinaiMicrobiology Biology, Parasitology Biology
Gary L. CromwellMicrobiology Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Genetics
Octavio A. Gonzalez D.Microbiology Biology, Immunology, Dentistry2010 Jeffrey L. Ebersole (grad student)
John C. CarmenMolecular Biology2007 Anthony P. Sinai (grad student)
Angela M. MartinMicrobiology Biology, Parasitology Biology2009 Anthony P. Sinai (grad student)
Eduardo G. XavierAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2003 Gary L. Cromwell (grad student)
Lee A. PetteyAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology2004 Gary L. Cromwell (grad student)
Subbarao BondadaImmunology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology
Francesc MartiCell Biology, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Mary C. ReneerCell Biology, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2012 Francesc Marti (grad student)
Hsin-Jung WuImmunology2002 Subbarao Bondada (grad student)
Murali GururajanToxicology2006 Subbarao Bondada (grad student)
Trivikram DasuImmunology, Cell Biology2006 Subbarao Bondada (grad student)
Vishal J. SindhavaImmunology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology2010 Subbarao Bondada (grad student)
Mosoka P. FallahImmunology2011 Subbarao Bondada (grad student)
Kelly Babb2001 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Jennifer C. Miller2003 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Sean P. Riley2007 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Michael E. Woodman2009 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Tomasz Bykowski2007 Brian Stevenson (post-doc)
Catherine A. BrissetteMicrobiology2010 Brian Stevenson (post-doc)
Ashutosh Verma2012 Brian Stevenson (post-doc)
William K. Arnold Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Christina R. Savage Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Kathryn G. Lethbridge Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Bless AdoteyChemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Systematic Biology Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering2011 Sue E. Nokes (grad student)
Alicia A. ModenbachAgricultural Engineering, Alternative Energy Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering2013 Sue E. Nokes (grad student)
Marienne A. AnandappaFood Science and Technology Agriculture, System Science Engineering, Management Business Administration Food Science2013 Melissa C. Newman (grad student)
Glenn C. TellingMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Susan C. StraleyMicrobiology Biology
Vadim KhaychukMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology Microbiology2012 Glenn C. Telling (grad student)
Zhan YeMicrobiology Biology Microbiology2010 Susan C. Straley (grad student)
Charlotte KaetzelImmunology, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Martha L. PetersonGenetics, Molecular Biology
Lilia M. TurciosGenetics, Molecular Biology Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics2011 Martha L. Peterson (grad student)
Aubrey L. FrantzImmunology, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics2012 Charlotte Kaetzel (grad student)
Tim Saylor MIMG2018 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Andrew Krusenstjerna MIMG2020 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Olivia Husted MIMG2020 Brian Stevenson (grad student)
Sandra H. BarnardPharmacology, Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Science2013 Steven V. Lanen (grad student)
Steven V. LanenPharmacy, Biochemistry, Microbiology Biology
Xiuling ChiPharmacy, Biochemistry, Microbiology Biology Pharmacy2013 Steven V. Lanen (grad student)
Shawn T. LucasAgronomy Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture, Horticulture Agriculture Plant and Soil Science2013 Elisa M. D'Angelo (grad student)
Lisa J. VaillancourtPlant Culture Agriculture, Botany Biology, Microbiology Biology
Sladana BecPlant Culture Agriculture, Botany Biology, Microbiology Biology Plant Pathology2012 Lisa J. Vaillancourt (grad student)
Richard M. BostockPlant Pathology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Plant Pathology19761981 Joseph Kuć (grad student)