University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Put O. AngMicrobiology Biology Botany1991 Robert E. DeWreede (grad student)
Nikoo ArastehFood Science and Technology Agriculture2000 Timothy D. Durance (grad student)
C AstellMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Yossef Av-GayMicrobiology Biology Microbiology19941996 Julian E. Davies (post-doc)
Horacio Bach Medicine20042008 Yossef Av-Gay (post-doc)
Laura A. BannisterMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Rosemary Redfield (grad student)
Tom BeattyMicrobiology Biology
Jaime A. BellatinMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology, Public Health2000 W R. McMaster (grad student)
Elizabeth S. BentMicrobiology Biology, Plant Physiology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2001 Christopher Chanway (grad student)
Martin J. BoulangerBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology2002 Michael E. P. Murphy (grad student)
Colette BreuilGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Wood Technology Agriculture
Renata BuraWood Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering2005 J N. Saddler (grad student)
Christopher ChanwayMicrobiology Biology, Plant Physiology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Bill ChapmanMicrobiology Biology, Plant Physiology, Soil Science Agriculture
Paul K. CheungMicrobiology Biology2004 Decheng Yang (grad student)
Cheryl-Emiliane T. ChowOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology, Microbiology Biology20122015 Curtis A. Suttle (post-doc)
Kevin T. ChowMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Julian E. Davies (grad student)
Karen K. ChuMicrobiology Biology2004 David P. Speert (grad student)
Jacqueline W. ChungMicrobiology Biology2004 David P. Speert (grad student)
Julian E. Daviesantibiotics and vaccines
Cesar de la Fuente-NunezPeptide design and engineering, synthetic biology, microbiology, computational biology Microbiology and Immunology20092014 Robert E. W. Hancock (grad student)
Patrick P. Dennis
Laurie G. DixonMicrobiology Biology2000 George B. Spiegelman (grad student)
Steven J. DrewsMicrobiology Biology19982003 Yossef Av-Gay (grad student)
Timothy D. DuranceFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology
Angela P. DyerMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology2000 Frank Tufaro (grad student)
Rebecca M. EagenMolecular Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2000 Colette Breuil (grad student)
Lindsay D. EltisMicrobiology Biology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology A. Grant Mauk (grad student)
Scott EnebakMicrobiology Biology, Plant Physiology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Jacqueline D. FelbergImmunology2001 Pauline Johnson (grad student)
Carol L. Friedrich FongMicrobiology Biology2001 R E. W. Hancock (grad student)
Yong GeMicrobiology Biology2003 Lindsay D. Eltis (grad student)
Shirley GillamGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Philip HieterMolecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology Biology
Bradford G. HoffmanMicrobiology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Wood Technology Agriculture2003 Colette Breuil (grad student)
R A. J. WarrenMicrobiology Biology
Zahara M. JafferMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Gerald Weeks (grad student)
Pauline JohnsonMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology
Naga K. KakaniMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2005 D'Ann Rochon (grad student)
Richard Y. KaoMolecular Biology2000 Julian E. Davies (grad student)
J W. KronstadMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Avery J Lamimmunology, regulatory T cells, cell therapy
Dennis C. LefebvreMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology2003 Pauline Johnson (grad student)
Carlos G. LeonMicrobiology Biology2004 Neil Reiner (grad student)
Ruihong LiImmunology, Molecular Biology2001 Pauline Johnson (grad student)
Yuying LiangGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2000 Shirley Gillam (grad student)
Chinten J. LimCell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 George B. Spiegelman (grad student)
Arpita MaitiImmunology, Molecular Biology2000 Pauline Johnson (grad student)
Emma R. MasterMicrobiology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2002 William W. Mohn (grad student)
A. Grant Mauk
Lori L. McCoyMicrobiology Biology2005 Mark D. Scott (grad student)
Bradley W. McLeanMicrobiology Biology2001 R A. J. Warren (grad student)
W R. McMasterMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology, Public Health
Chris Miller Medicine20002004 Yossef Av-Gay (grad student)
William W. MohnMicrobiology Biology
Annette F. MuttrayMicrobiology Biology2001 William W. Mohn (grad student)
Arina D. OmerMolecular Biology2002 Patrick P. Dennis (grad student)
Michael E. P. MurphyBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology
Aleksander PatrzykatMicrobiology Biology2002 R E. W. Hancock (grad student)
Leslie R. PaulMicrobiology Biology, Plant Physiology, Soil Science Agriculture2002 Bill Chapman (grad student)
Zhou Peifu Medicine20102012 Yossef Av-Gay (grad student)
Valerie Poirier Medicine20092014 Yossef Av-Gay (grad student)
Rosemary RedfieldMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Manfred Eliezer Reichmannplant viruses
Neil ReinerMicrobiology Biology
Jeremy RoadMicrobiology Biology
Marjorie A. RobbinsPlant Pathology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Agronomy Agriculture2000 D'Ann Rochon (grad student)
D'Ann RochonMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
J N. SaddlerMicrobiology Biology, Wood Technology Agriculture
Mark D. ScottMicrobiology Biology
Monisha G. ScottImmunology, Microbiology Biology2002 R E. W. Hancock (grad student)
David M. SeckoMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2004 George B. Spiegelman (grad student)
Flavia Sorrentino20142016 Yossef Av-Gay (post-doc)
David P. SpeertMicrobiology Biology
George B. SpiegelmanMicrobiology Biology
Barbara R. SteenMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology2000 David P. Speert (grad student)
Brent W. SutherlandCell Biology, Molecular Biology2001 Gerald Weeks (grad student)
Vera TaiMicrobiology Biology, Evolution and Development Biology, Oceanography Biology Botany20102015 Curtis A. Suttle (grad student), Steve Perlman (post-doc), Patrick J. Keeling (post-doc)
Ali TehraniMicrobiology Biology2004 Tom Beatty (grad student)
Frank TufaroMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology
Frederic H. VaillancourtBiochemistry, Environmental Engineering2002 Lindsay D. Eltis (grad student)
J. David Van DykenEvolution2011 Michael C. Whitlock (post-doc)
R E. W. HancockMicrobiology Biology
Robert E. W. HancockMicrobiology Biology
Honlong WangGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Wood Technology Agriculture2002 Colette Breuil (grad student)
Gerald WeeksMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Gerry WeeksMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Warren P. WilliamsMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2003 C Astell (grad student)
Kendy K. WongMicrobiology Biology2001 R E. W. Hancock (grad student)
Parastoo YaghmaeeFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology2004 Timothy D. Durance (grad student)
Decheng YangMicrobiology Biology
Sonia N. YeungMicrobiology Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Oncology2001 Frank Tufaro (grad student)