Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shivanthi AnandanMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Xiao BaohuaEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science Agriculture2004 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Patricia A. BorrussoMicrobiology Biology, Public Health Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)2014 Jennifer Quinlan (grad student)
Sanhita DattaEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology2001 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Brian P. DirksGeneral Biology, Microbiology Biology, General Agriculture, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2012 Jennifer Quinlan (grad student)
Adrienne A. DolberryGenetics, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2006 Shivanthi Anandan (grad student)
Shauna C. HenleyMicrobiology Biology, Nutrition, Public Health Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)2013 Jennifer Quinlan (grad student)
Jeffrey Paul Holt2012 Jennifer Quinlan (grad student)
Meshagae E. Hunte-BrownEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology2006 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Sebastian J. InterlandiLimnology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Paleoecology2001 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Susan S. KilhamEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology Biology
Kyewon ParkCell Biology, Microbiology Biology, Immunology2010 Elisabeth S. Papazoglou (grad student)
Simara T. PriceMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)2013 Shivanthi Anandan (grad student)
Nicholas A. ProcopioPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, Agricultural Engineering, General Agriculture2006 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Jennifer QuinlanMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Elizabeth L. RichEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2004 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Lynnette L. SaundersEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology Biology2009 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)
Irwin Henry (Mel) SuffetEnvironmental Sciences, Public Health, Toxicology, Microbiology Biology
Eugenia ZandonaEcology Biology2010 Susan S. Kilham (grad student)