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Rudolf K. Thauer (Info) Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, physiology and ecology of anaerobic bacteria and archaea jandh 2011‑11‑02 Sim(0.45)
C. Dale Poulter (Info) University of Utah (Chemistry Tree) bio-organic chemistry jandh 2011‑09‑07 Sim(0.63)
Asoke Banerji (Info) Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Chemistry Tree) Biotechnology, bioorganic chemistry, phytochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑02‑03 Sim(0.64)
Robert C. Fahey (Info) UCSD (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2012‑06‑07 Sim(0.65)
Donald J. Ferguson (Info) Ohio State Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑14 Sim(0.69)
David E. Cane (Info) Brown (Chemistry Tree) Chemistry, Enzymology and Molecular Genetics of Natural Products Biosynthesis jandh 2011‑11‑05 Sim(0.73)
Roger A Laine (Info) Louisiana State (Chemistry Tree) Glycobiology, Insecticides, Cancer, Virology, Microbiology rogerlaine 2021‑07‑07 Sim(0.73)
Roger A. Laine (Info) Louisiana State (Chemistry Tree) Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑05 Sim(0.74)
Dilip Kumar Banerjee (Info) Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (Chemistry Tree) Organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑02 Sim(0.74)
Stephanie E. Sen (Info) Purdue (Chemistry Tree) Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑30 Sim(0.76)
Hou-min Chang (Info) NCSU (Chemistry Tree) Wood Technology Agriculture, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑11 Sim(0.76)
Leon A. Heppel (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) nucleic acids, periplasmic enzymes, active transport jandh 2014‑03‑14 Sim(0.76)
Virinder S. Parmar (Info) University of Delhi (Chemistry Tree) Green/Sustainable Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Organic Synthesis, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Advanced Materials, Medicinal Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Natural Products Vigyaanik 2021‑04‑18 Sim(0.76)
Rodney B. Croteau (Info) WSU (Chemistry Tree) Plant Physiology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.78)
Bernard L. Horecker (Info) Albert Einstein (Chemistry Tree) cytochrome c jandh 2014‑01‑22 Sim(0.79)
William Duncan Paterson Stewart (Info) University of Dundee (Marine Ecology Tree) Plant Physiology sdudgeon 2009‑11‑08 Sim(0.8)
James G. Ferry (Info) Penn State Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑01‑27 Sim(0.8)
Bernhard Witkop (Info) NIH (Chemistry Tree) Protein chemistry jandh 2014‑02‑05 Sim(0.83)
Jan Koolman (Info) Universität Marburg (Chemistry Tree) kcmei 2019‑09‑13 Sim(0.83)
Jesse C. Rabinowitz (Info) UC Berkeley (Chemistry Tree) biochemistry of folic acid jandh 2012‑07‑06 Sim(0.83)
Diederik J Opperman (Info) University of the Free State (Chemistry Tree) opperdj 2020‑09‑09 Sim(0.84)
Hans Rudolf Grisebach (Info) Universität Freiburg (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry jandh 2019‑02‑11 Sim(0.84)
Herbert Weissbach (Info) Florida Atlantic University (Chemistry Tree) protection against oxidative damage and specifically the role of the methionine sulfoxide reductase system in this process jandh 2014‑04‑08 Sim(0.84)
Sayaka Masuko (Info) RPI (Chemistry Tree) Heparin pq 2015‑11‑29 Sim(0.84)
Luying Xun (Info) WSU (Chemistry Tree) Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑19 Sim(0.85)
Osvaldo Cori (Info) Universidad de Chile (Chemistry Tree) RivasPardo 2015‑02‑23 Sim(0.86)
Barry Fox (Info) University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia (Neurotree) Ecology Matt 2015‑09‑01 Sim(0.86)
Fritz Albert Lipmann (Info) Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry hayden 2005‑01‑26 Sim(0.87)
Georg Fuchs (Info) University of Freiburg, Germany (Chemistry Tree) tobierb 2018‑03‑20 Sim(0.87)
Fujio Egami (Info) Mitsubishi Kasei Institute (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, enzymology tarselli 2015‑08‑22 Sim(0.87)
Thomas C. Tallant (Info) Ohio State Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑14 Sim(0.87)
Kurt Wallenfels (Info) University of Freiburg (Chemistry Tree) carbohydrate metabolism jandh 2013‑07‑14 Sim(0.87)
Yijia Pan (Info) UCSD (Neurotree) Panyijia 2013‑10‑22 Sim(0.88)
Scott A. Ensign (Info) Utah State University Biochemistry, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑02‑01 Sim(0.88)
Watson James Lees (Info) Florida International (Chemistry Tree) protein folding jandh 2015‑09‑23 Sim(0.88)
Caroline M. Thompson (Info) Princeton (Econometree) International Economics pq 2016‑01‑13 Sim(0.88)
Kirpal S. Bisht (Info) University of South Florida (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑04‑05 Sim(0.88)
Lowell P. Hager (Info) UIUC (Chemistry Tree) Oxidative enzyme mechanisms and protein chemistry jandh 2012‑06‑23 Sim(0.88)
Horace Albert Barker (Info) UC Berkeley (Chemistry Tree) anaerobic fermentation by bacteria jandh 2014‑01‑26 Sim(0.89)
Noël Arpin (Info) Universite Lyon 1 (Mycotree) doc_fr 2017‑01‑26 Sim(0.89)
Roger K. Bretthauer (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) glycoproteins jandh 2013‑03‑04 Sim(0.89)
Frank H. Johnson (Info) Princeton (Chemistry Tree) bioluminescence jandh 2011‑07‑19 Sim(0.89)
Robert J. Linhardt (Info) University of Iowa (Chemistry Tree) Heparin jandh 2015‑10‑05 Sim(0.9)
Daniel A. Kunz (Info) University of North Texas Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.9)
W. David Ollis (Info) University of Bristol (Chemistry Tree) Organic Chemistry jandh 2015‑04‑18 Sim(0.9)
Henning J Jessen (Info) University of Freiburg, Germany (Chemistry Tree) Chemical Biology hjj 2018‑02‑21 Sim(0.9)
Jacob Mager (Info) Hebrew University (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑18 Sim(0.9)
Shui-Tien Chen (Info) University of Nevada, Reno (Chemistry Tree) Emerson 2015‑08‑18 Sim(0.9)
Lindsay D. Eltis (Info) UBC Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.91)
Cintyu Wong (Info) Rochester (Chemistry Tree) tarselli 2015‑07‑19 Sim(0.91)
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